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unable to help my car is a Vauxhall astra not quite the same as a Mercedes but I do think the connections of dock may be at fault as an alternative cable system works ok
10 Mar 2014 by George Davies
No afraid not. Ford make and sell a special lead as you have 2 points to connect to in your CMax.They cost approx 28.00.
30 Jan 2014 by R.H.Francis
The plastic has come apart for the Lightning Jack, but I just sello taped it back together and carry on using it!
14 hours ago by Raymond Liu
No Jane, it doesn't charge it, only plays it.
13 days ago by birdcloud
I am sorry but I cannot really help you. I did use it to charge my iPhone whilst playing downloaded music on my iphone. So,The best I can say, having now changed my car, and have now got a completely integrated system within my new car. If it charged my iPhone, I can see no reason why it can't charge your iPod, but I never actually did it,,,, and, as I say, I cannot help now, because of changing cars. Sorry. Although, I would just say, I think that when I bought it, I was not sure, and I just bought it to find out. If it hadn't have done what I wanted I'd have sent it back. Sorry.
21 Jun 2014 by Mr. K. Mccourt
It is NOT a lightning connector -it will fit normal ipods and ipads - but not an iphone5 for example.
13 Jun 2014 by andy17
if ipod nano is in the list of the description, then i should work - but i don't have an ipod nano so no expierence
28 May 2014 by Benjamin VL
I'm sorry, I can't answer this question. It works in our Mercedes 200, it enables us to use / play our iPod using the in-car audio system. Why do you need this item and what can't you do without it?
1 May 2014 by Des Clarke
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