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4.2 out of 5 stars164
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
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on 25 March 2013
Dead Space 3 is only a disappointment in the light of its illustrious predecessors.

Dead Space 1 and 2 represent two of the best horror titles on the xbox and with 3 stepping further away from horror via larger more open environments and plentiful ammo, its become merely a good game not a great one.

Graphically and play wise its still cracking, its just completely forgotten what made the series great in the pursuit of a shallow cover shooter dollar.

The campaign (with extra bits) is fairly generous at about 8-10 hours and sometimes the game shines (mostly in the space or cramped ship sections), but the planet set bits are are let down.

A decent play at £20 but not worth the full asking price IMO.
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on 27 March 2014
I would like to start this review off by saying that I haven't completed the game yet, but only a couple of hours in and already I think it is one of the best games I have ever played. I'm going to try and keep it brief. The gameplay is amazing, and the pranks you can play with this are comedy gold.There is a real reason for the title though...

I normally hate horror games, but this is more than just a horror game. It combines the best elements of freeplay games, third-person shooters, and of course, horror. There are parts in the game where you will walk through a corridor and.. WHAM! There's a Necromorph (that's the bad guys by the way) leaping out at you with no head. There are parts where you will jump out of your skin, parts that will make you cry with frustration, and parts that will leave you wondering 'what the hell am I supposed to do now?', but it deserves a place in the video-gaming hall of fame as much as any other game I have ever played.
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on 7 February 2014
I have heard people moaning about this that it has moved from the horror franchise to straightforward third person shooter. It could have been worse: it could have been Aliens Colonial Marines which was an insult to some people that a lawsuit is now in process!

If you have played the first two games you know what to expect: that you play Isaac Clarke and are immersed into to this environment where necromorphs (reanimated bodies of the dead) are coming out of every air duct and the proverbial woodwork to inflict a horrendous death to you as you proceed during the story. If you haven't played these games before, think of the film Event Horizon meets Resident Evil and you are nearly there. There are the single campaign and Co-Op modes available so someone can team up as you investigate.

There are some nice touches with the upgrade benches and with enough of the relevant components (which you pick up) you can create some really good weapon combinations to dismember and slice up the necromorphs. Some of my favourites was the Seeker Rifle/rocket launcher and the shotgun/flamethrower. All weapons use the same ammunition which simplifies things for the better.

I like that there are optional missions available but it would make the game way too short if not completed. The story is good though it goes to much about Isaac shouting "Ellie!" too often which detracts the eerie feel of the story somewhat.

The visuals are sharp with some nice rendering but I was getting a bit bored of the last series of environments - it is much creepier if set on a space ship or arctic base than some generic alien catacombs.

I can understand why a lot of gamers didn't like the transition of a horror-based game to a more action based game,maybe the publishers were trying not to repeat the same style as the first two games.

Currently I am now doing the Classic game mode I unlocked where you can only create the weapons from DS 1 and 2 which is a real challenge!

Really enjoyable game and it's so much better than Colonial Marines.
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2014
Dead Space 3 is the third game in the series that debuted in 2008. The third outing has received criticism for heading into an action oriented theme, as much of the genre. This criticism is justified, but Dead Space 3 manages to retain some scares and a change of environments sets it out from its predecessors.

One of the first things to notice is the dropping of multiplayer functionality that was found in Dead Space 2. An interesting decision although in truth, multiplayer in Dead Space always felt tacked on. However, all is not lost as a co-op mode has been introduced. This in itself is a negative though from a survival horror standpoint because it decreases tension and difficulty. For that reason Dead Space 3 is best played alone by the player.

As already mentioned Dead Space 3 does feature a change in environments and you will find Issac Clarke battles the elements themselves in his latest outing. As far as enemies go, there are some new types but it's mostly necromorphs as you've seen before. The story is average and does feature characters such as Ellie who has carried over from the second game which is effectively where the game starts with an Issac Clarke that seems distant and despondent. What definitely doesn't work in Dead Space 3 is combat against soldiers which resembles Call of Duty far more than a traditional survival horror game. Puzzles are largely exempt but do feature and aren't particularly challenging.

Another change that detracts from the game is the loss of credits and a store as such. Virtually everything other than rig components are crafted at benches. This gives the player more freedom in order to customise their own load out but is also rather tawdry and just adds another layer of complexity which is forced on the player. Now the player must rely on scavenging for parts themselves as opposed to buying and selling items which worked perfectly well in the first two games. EA's problem with this title in particular as in other titles are paywalls on a number of in-game items and this design decision in Dead Space 3 helps EA rather than the player.

A new inclusion to Dead Space 3 are side missions. These side missions for some reason don't have save points though, so if you decide to stop playing the game whilst in a side mission you'll lose all your progress on that side mission which is needlessly annoying. The side missions are watered down from the main missions and usually aren't very interesting and may involve collecting components for example but with a limited narrative to drive you along.

Graphics 9 Dead Space 3 is a great looking game with detailed environments and one of the nicest looking user interfaces in gaming.
Sound 9 Does the job well with good voice acting and solid sound generally.
Gameplay 9 Not much has changed on this front but it works well.
Lifespan 6 Main campaign is 10-15 hours with no online play as such.

Dead Space 3 could be the final outing with reported disappointing sales initially. That would be unfortunate but the Dead Space franchise may do well with some time away to perhaps reinvigorate the franchise. It's not on the same level as the original which still stands as the best of the three. However, for under £10, Dead Space 3 is worth playing and is enjoyable if ultimately slightly unsatisfying in the story. 8/10.
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on 25 June 2013
Minor spoilers.

If you didn't play the last two games, go play those. You'll appreciate this one more.

That said, even if you did play the last two, the story is still hard to follow. I played DS2 ages ago, and have since forgotten the story. We do get a recap with DS3, but it's highly glossed-over and very short. However, you can still enjoy the game if you can grasp the broad strokes.

Many things that made the last games great are here - atmospheric sound design and environments, great music, awesome graphics and combat (albeit a little repetitive) and responsive controls. There are some new things too - the ability to craft weapons is great, and when your experiments allow you to find that one weapon combination that just decimates the enemy it's very gratifying.

Couple of things wrong though - the side missions are largely the same in terms of structure and location adding unnecessary bloat to proceedings; if you haven't got a friend to play co-op with you're missing out on some missions and a different perspective; this is where the series should end in my opinion - three is enough - and once you've finished the game you think "well, that was a good ending", but no - DLC is available that continues the story, and you can't help but wonder if you haven't bought the complete package. Also the series has lost its scare factor a bit.

A good game though, worth playing.
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on 6 July 2014
Dead Space 3 ,not as good or intense as the other two games in the trilogy however it is still a great game thanks to its co-op mode and length, however compared to its predecessors this games story and game play will throw you off guard if you are a hardcore lover of one and two. its story is quite all over the place if you have a good knowledge of the franchise .The game play has changed from its intense enclosed hallways and outer spaced adventures to a more open cover shooter, with the introduction of human enemy's to fight along with the necromorph ones. Sounds like a good idea ,however it kinda drives away the terror in your encounters with the necros, also the necromorphs have changed there look this dead space as most of the game(mini spoiler*) takes place on a frozen world where the previous inhabitants have came under the markers control.The story will confuse first time players to the series and you will have to play through 2-3 times to get the full picture however if you played the previous installments you will notice some plot holes and ties that don't quite connect i wont give any encase i spoil the story but the writers seem to have completely forgot somethings. but this dosn't mean the game is bad it has quite a lengthy playtime and you will definitely want to play through the chapters again. Also the game play is different and more like a 3rd person shooter but it still has a good interface for example how the HUD and inventory is used as hologram projections from your suit/rig.

Basically this game is good but not as scary or story driven as dead space 1/2 but you will definitely enjoy it.
Pros: Co-op
Lengthy playtime
Challenging on harder levels
Overall it is a fun experience

Cons: Not as scary as 1/2
Story is all over the place
cover system + human enemy's are annoying
will annoy fans of the series

Rating 4/5
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on 22 May 2014
For the benefit of those trying to make a decision on whether to buy, here are the relevant points:

Good: 1) The graphic and action aspects are intact 2) The game is quite long for single player standards these days 3) Some of the new gameplay aspects work very well (weapon crafting for one) 4) Annoying monetary system is gone, replaced with a far more sensible raw materials angle 5) Clever (albeit confusing) game settings, which makes the game accessible to newbies, but gives seasoned veterans what they crave! 6) Co-Op

Bad: 1) The "Core" principle of Dead Space, the survival horror has been lessened by setting on Terra Firma, but to be honest they had to try something else, or be accused of never doing anything new! 2) Some of the stages are a little too "safe" with the obligatory "go-to-area, meet, go back for parts, rinse & repeat", but that is maybe the genre's fault, not E.A's 3) There are benches literally EVERYWHERE, gone are the days of the original Resi Evil, with it's single solitary crate...meaning having to creep past deadly hunters with ZERO HEALTH, crapping yourself! 4) The soundtrack doesn't sound as good as previous instalments, gets a bit monotonous 5) Too much emphasis on DLC to tide over difficulty levels (first creeping into the 2nd title) 6) Co-Op.

This bit for everyone who has already played, so skip if you haven't!

I found the game to be very good, not on a par with the rest of the trilogy in many respects, but you can see a learning curve for visceral games. I cannot fault the action set pieces that the series is synonymous with, they have been left mercifully intact; what does bother me about it is the all too familiar reliance on DLC packs to add weapons/suits/materials. I mean they do have the ability to use it's own in game credit system that costs nothing, but the first option is usually to use monies, the free option found in an alternative sub-menu. The annoying thing is how sparse the free system is; I had to get through almost 7 chapters before I could purchase anything for free, having already had to get through one or two hair raising sections in particular. Obviously if you pay money, you get them immediately. On the harder settings (Pure Survival/Impossible) it would pretty much be "Impossible" WITHOUT paying money for weapons/upgrades/resources, unless you play 3-4 times over, which I perceive to be completely "on purpose".

Those points considered; I would still recommend this game whole-heartedly. Myself and a very close friend have played through 3 times apiece, still not got all achievements (hardest still to go ;) ) Another slightly irritating aspect is the Co-op mode, as although it is nice to have this included for SOME multiplayer aspect (sorely lacking in previous instalments), you cannot gain all the achievements WITHOUT undertaking the "optional" multiplayer chapter side-missions.

As my summary states "strangely stands on it's own although being part of a trilogy", I stand by that remark. It contains enough familiar territory to satisfy series stalwarts, enough difficulty options to make it accessible to all players (new & old), has enough new aspects to keep veterans reasonably happy with proceedings, but alas is not "Dead Space" or even "Dead Space 2".

Hope this helps; vote up if you agree with my opinions.
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on 16 October 2013
Dead space 3. What can I say about Dead Space 3? Well, it was incredible. I amazing installment in the fantastic Dead Space trilogy. The story was heart felt, adrenaline pumping and really captivating. Several scenes had me grinning like an idiot, because they were that enjoyable. The Landing on Tau Volantis, which you control, not just a cutscene, you fly the ship!

The voice acting, man the voice acting was downright incredible! Several of Isaac's scenes were really brought to life with Gunner Wright's impeccable voicing. The Rosetta cutscene when he thinks aloud and pieces it all together, just amazing, along with the stunningly smooth and realistic facial animations.

And there are also many jump scare moments, like the other Dead Space games, which was superb.going through dark halls in dead ships and buildings adds to the fear. the return of Necromorph monsters and new ones will add to the fear factor, especially with the return of the Stalkers, and their scary habit of leaning out behind objects before screaming and charging at you. With the brilliant bot technology, these creatures find a way to truly flank and outsmart you every time, often killing you.

Many have batted Dead Space 3 aside because it is different to the others. That it has left the horror genre. Dead Space is a genre of it's own. A discover and mystery, uncovered in a horrifying infected ship called the Ishimura in Dead Space 1, moving on to a larger, story revolving sequel on the "Sprawl" in Dead Space 2. Then the desperation and adventure of Dead Space 3, beautifully ending a fantastic series, for now. Download and play the DLC "Awakening", to experience what is the set up for Dead Space 4.

What can I say about Dead Space 3. Perfect. Underrated. Over hated. Beautiful game. Buy it if you are a Dead Space fan, or buy the trilogy and play through a incredible series!
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on 16 February 2013
Ah, how I love trilogies. I also love sci-fi. Thats why from now until the end of time, even with Disney holding the reins, I'll have my fingers crossed for a Knights of the Old Republic 3. Its also why I love Dead Space 3. As with all trilogies, the truly great game developers find something new to glue you to the screen each and every time, even when you've seen it all before. Dead Space 3 does this, and does it well.

No beating around the bush, the original Dead Space was an epically horrifying gaming experience. The atmosphere, the claustrophobia, the sound effects, the environment, the hopeless sense of isolation - they all combined sublimely to produce a survival horror that must surely go down as one of the gaming greats. With this in mind, recreating it was never really an option with Dead Space 3. At no point was I in any great state of nail biting suspense or at all worried about what might be around the next bend. But damn was I excited to get around that bend!

This is down to the excellent co-op integration. I've played through the game with a buddy on the hard difficulty, and its an absolute blast. With a huge campaign (about 20 hours or so for two thorough players) which includes co-op exclusive side missions and optional missions to pick up extra resources and tech, there is plenty here to work with. Add to that the stunning graphical beauty of the environments, from the haunting space faring missions to the slogs though the icy tundra planet-side, there's a lot to be admired throughout.

What I love most is the replacement of credits and stores with resources for building items and weapons. And we're not talking generic weapons here, we're talking fully customisable weapons with everything ranging from acid or electrically coated ammunition right up to rocket launchers and medic/stasis support boosts to help out your partner. There are innumerable ways to craft these things, and you can simply blueprint them (and share them too) so that you can re-live the glory later on should you get nostalgic about an old favourite you foolishly dismantled for spare parts! There is no better feeling than carefully assembling your own brand of necromorph tenderiser, and seeing it purr into life as you emerge from an upgrade bench. Its magic, and it makes for a unique Dead Space experience.

There's also a few new enemies to enjoy dismembering. From skinny little critters that relish trying to pull your head off in insanely large groups, to matrix-esque necromorph soldiers who move at lightning quick speed and hack at you like its going out of fashion, there's some pretty cool battles to be fought from start to finish. The sort of battles that have you mentally high fiving yourself at the end whilst apologising profusely to your abused stasis module.

And of course, there's the usual logs and artifacts and audio recordings to be collected for all you magpies out there - myself included of course.

But, for all its delightful action, DS3 has numerous pitfalls that bring it up shy of five stars. To be honest, the story isn't great. I'm not going to get into spoiler territory here, but let's just say I wasn't really sold on it from the very beginning and little occurred during the game to assuage my growing sense of confusion and incredulity. That said, it's not awful given the circumstances but there's very little within the game that genuinely moves you or compels you to care particularly for any of the characters. Not for me anyway. It was all about the crafting bench for me.

I haven't played as Issac's new partner in crime (Carver) yet, but I'm told theres a distinct absence of a certain objective locator function that proved debilitating at points, particularly in a blizzard. I'll give it a go on the second playthrough and judge for myself.

Another issue others seem to have is with the general run and fetch mission types that were prevalent in the first two games. Unoriginal and uninspiring they may be, but I really don't mind them to be honest. What else am i going to be doing to get myself into some more unfortunate and chaotic shenanigans other than charging around as everything systematically goes wrong, I ask you?!

Theres also the matter of human gunfight encounters which occur sporadically throughout your time on Tau Volantis. The less said about these the better. Suffice to say, I wish they didn't exist.

That said, I do feel that the co-op could have been spiced up a little by a bit of separation. There isn't really a moment where you and your partner aren't joined at the hip, and I felt at points the horror aspect would have benefitted from a bit of lone wolf action, or at the very least a few more instances where one team-mate must rely entirely upon the skills of the other. I digress.

So, to wrap things up. This is a very cool game. No, its not scary. Its not a great story. I wouldn't even say its an improvement on its predecessors. Despite this, it remains an utterly compelling experience and the co-op is truly a joy to behold. But the main thing for me is its re-playability. I really do want to do it again. I want to build new weapons, wear new suits and put down scavenger bots in all new corners of the Dead Space world. That, for me, says it all.
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on 31 August 2013
Forget the criticism that two player detracts from the experience because it really isn't as prominent a feature as the hype suggested. Instead of dark corridors with copy and paste vents for necromorphs to jump out from you have both indoor and outdoor sections at all times of day. To compensate for outdoor day sections blizzards are used which is quite effective. Necromorphs run out of the whiteness and this works quite well.
While the copy and paste vents are not gone I did feel like this instalment did have a modicum of respect for fans and I did find that I did stumble across a couple of jump scares. For instance if you wish to backtrack through a level there is no telling at what point a necromorph starts to follow you. A few times I turned around after backrtacking quite a way to be confronted with a necromorph calmly walking behind me. Also being a fan from dead space 1 I found myself aiming carefully at a spawn vent and edging closer only to have a necromorph come from a completely unexpected direction.
Unfortunately these departures from the norm are rare!
Weapon crafting pretty much breaks the game too!. Once you have created you uber weapon you are unlikely to change through the rest of the game. Stupid idea in my opinion. Though this is easily solved by sticking to the plasma cutter through out.
My main problem is that there is no standout creepy bit. No new addition that I remember. Boring additions in terms of enemies a few new necromorphs (not the ones you have seen in the trailer!!!) but ultimately a little dull.
The story is boring, the ending section does turn things up to 11 in a way but I wasn't interested anymore.
1 felt like survival horror (though everyone just went to the store and stocked up on health packs) 2 was the aliens to dead space's alien with eye surgery, scary new raptor necros and creepy bits such as the nursery and the unitologists church. 3 has well nothing. It is just bland. WELL DONE EA.
I miss the space stations and ships, I miss the creepy unitologists, I miss dead space!
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