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3.9 out of 5 stars35
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2013
I have now played Riptide for approx 40hrs and I really, really enjoy it. It has me hooked to be truthful. The graphics are very good on PC, and since the patch update May 2013 to (or similar) the performance is now equally good (with an i7 and Radeon 2GB RAM dedicated system.)

The playable character moves are very well animated. Sam B is my favourite with his heavy hitting style. Following on from the original Dead Island, weapons are a plenty, with blunt force trauma style, slice 'n' dice style, sharpshooter style or good ol' hand-hand combat.

Weapon choice is extensive and collectable weaponry is graded by 'rareness,' grey for common to purple rare, with orange for ultra rare if you complete a special set task for example.

Rifle, shotgun, pistol, axe, two-handed baseball bat, tesla staff, two-handed wrench, police baton, electrified sickle, hatchet, roman candle shovel, mines, poison meat decoys, sonic stun grenades, hammers, knives and explosive grenades, are a plenty to give you a flavour of the weaponry available.

I am very pleased the game code makes use of a PC gamepad's analogue right stick with a combat circle option. This means you can aim and swipe your two-handed axe left-right to lop the zombie's head off, else down-up to chop a limb off. However, even if you lop both zombie arms off it'll still persevere and try to bite you!

I bought the following gamepad (review to follow shortly) for this very reason as i feel it significantly enhances the gameplay;

Speedlink Xeox Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad - Black (PS3/PC)

Cut-scenes are a little bland but certainly progress the plot. The in-game atmosphere is stunning. The audio especially. Put your headphones in, turn down the main music and max the effects, and when the crazed zombie comes screaming at you out of the silence as you sneak around the island looking for the elusive quest item, it might just make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! Or is that just me?

A very good, atmospheric, darkened-room-best game with lots of replayability. I relish the mad scramble to escape the horde, swiping at the horde with a diamond-sharpened sledge-hammer kicking a few back, trying to escape up a ladder to relative safety for a little re-couperation and an energy drink.

Up to four can play at once, drop in-drop out. (The talk-through is significantly messed up imho, see forums, with multiple NPC volume issues and has to be fixed.) Solo play is best for understanding and and actually hearing the storyline develop.

Of note, I believe Riptide must have Steam activition, but personally I have no issue with anti-piracy measures. I don't believe the current Riptide DLCs necessary if you have a constrained budget, they add very little - thus far. Amazon pricing is below average for the PC version. There are still a few Riptide glitches still to be ironed out, but hey, no games release is ever perfect these days - why spend that extra dosh on testing to the 'n'th degree when joe public will do it for you and you can patch it later...
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on 24 June 2013
dead island riptide. im loving this game if you played the first one youll love it twice as much a must buy
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on 2 December 2014
I could write a list about what is wrong with this game.

No in actual fact I could write a very long list.

The graphics are a cheat which you only notice after several days of playing.

Zombies come back to...err being animated within a few minutes of leaving an area, probably to do with it designed for CO-OP play but Borderlands was not this bad or annoying!

It is very tough unless you are aware of a few things when you start, like you can throw weapons and this works well. In fact I think someone developed this first and then thought 'hey? Zombies are popular?! Why don't we just throw in a few thousand Zombies?!'

Also do not do what I did and run around looking for guns as there are none. You will come across them much later on though and I remember my first co-op play, though I could harldly call anything I have been invlolved with co-operative, someone pulled out a Berrette 9mm that fired like an Uzi sub machine gun?! Someone else pulled out a sniper rifle?!

No, don't! I told you...much later on!

Draw distances terrible.

I lost count of the number of times I was in a massive haorde with a couple of boss like zombies and died and then re-spawned in the exact same spot?! In fact this happened three times on one ocassion meaning I lost a great deal of my money, as what you do when you die. Stupid and incompetent coding I am afraid.

Getting stuck in stupid objects.

Cannot jump over simple low railings?!

Hmm oh yes and a large group of difficult zombies spawning right before your very bloody eyes, as if all the zombies you have already blow the heads of coming back to life was not bad enough! I suggest you 0put the coder of publishers in a locked room with a copy of Skyrim and Borderlands and do not let them out for a whole month!

Oh yeah and you can't swim!! Your on a bloody island which most of it ios covered in flood water and you cannot swim?! Found this one out when I found a boat and then kept getting killed by zombies and crashed into some far rocks, everytime I went back for it I died!

Part 2 of swimming, the above was funny as my first co-op game which was quite unexpected had me follow two other players who ventured all the way to a jetty in a marina and then just stood there motionless for several seconds before I reliased they were wondwering where the ....heck the boat was?! LOL!

Oooh and the boats....just dont! They make it look a big thing in the game that you have to get in a boat to reach another section of the map....err no just bloody well ignore that! In fact ignore the damn boats altogether!! If your on your own your goinmg to die.... A LOT!!

Oh and the cars...well you could not really put any bigger a car in this game without calling it a truck....and yet there is just one road...on the first map in the jungle?! It does not go anywhere nor does it intersect with any other roads?! You cannot even go down to the beach in one?! WTF?!

There are many, MANY other things but I can sum it up when I was talking to the son of a local friend who likes to chat to me when I see him. "Oh Riptide?! Oh year that's crap!" and when I asked him how he knew it was crap he said because all his friends have told him so. He plays on an XBox 360...for now!

However I will say that after leaving the game alone for about 4 m,onths and nearly uininstalled it several times I have played it a lot lately. Knowing you can throw things is just ... well good. You also get some rather beautiflu crafted things in it, like a Japanese Katanas for one, but then are encouraged to render it ulgy my modding the crap out of it.

So now a few weeks into playing it again, from the beginning too, I am actually at level 60....60... err something, 69 I think, and have over 300,000 dollars...oh yeah?! Whats with the pricing of weapons?! Its blloy stupid!! I mean REALLY STUPID!!! You can have a flimsy, oh yeah and the stupid names, version of a weapon at a hiugher level and worth more that a much stronger version of the same weapon?! Nnng....hmmmnnnn.....ynnnnngggg.....WHAT?!?!

Also why does it cost several times as much to repair your weapon as it is worth when new?!

Ooh sorry, yeah the list goes on and on.

I was initially not interested in a Dead Island 2 by any means a couple months back but was in FarCry 4. However its turned around but still unsure about both these titles.
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on 16 June 2013
The first Dead Island was a blast to play. Bash in a zombies brain in with a sledge hammer, then stomp it on the head and watch blood gush out of its neck by the gallon, or throw a molotov into a pit of zombies and watch them burn....fabulous entertainment! The combat mechanic in DI is quite unique and really captures the kinetic feel of brutal zombie bashing barbarism.

Riptide really is more of the same, more an expansion pack than sequel. A lot of it is recycled. The 'dead zones' are cookie cutter cut copy and paste rooms, all very similar or even identical in the same map area. Which means I've generally avoided them since once you've done one type of dead zone, you've done them all.

The first DI had more variety in the maps, there was a resort (by far the best part of the whole series), a town, a jungle. This one has the jungle quite similar to the first, and a much smaller town. Thats it, two maps! Add to that a couple of tedious tunnel levels which make you groan.

Combat is much the same, a couple of new zombie bosses, a few extra skill trees, and lots of extra mods which I didn't find rewarding or enhance the gameplay.

Be warned, like in the first DI, it becomes repetitive and boring later on and your focus will be on finishing the game and getting it over and done with. Trust me, busting 1000+ zombie necks and watching them explode gets tedious. Doing fedex courier side quests such as "go pick up my medicine in my zombie infested house on the other side of the map", gets old quick. I gave up on side quests later on, I've lost count of how many inhalers/medicine/note pads/diaries/spare parts/canned food etc I've had to collect and the rewards are nothing better than the loot you pick up as you go around. Plus with the easy crafting system, you are better just upgrading and modding your own weapons than using the rewards.

Do get this if you want more of the same, which is exactly what I expected. This doesn't merit more than 3*s since riptide doesn't innovate or bring anything new, and the levels are arguably more tedious, cookie cutter pasted and visually uninteresting. However, I needed my fix of bashing in zombie brains. Riptide provides it by the bucketload.
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on 25 May 2014
I returned to DEAD Island and wasn't disappointed, I loved the first incarnation and loved this too but was a little sad that the random loot chests are now only one hit- I used to tour the island opening all the chests in the search for the best weapons but could no longer do my loot cruise in Riptide. Still an excellent game though.
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Yes, it looks more like an expansion to Dead Island than a brand new sequel. A new island to explore, a couple of new zombies and the good ol' zombie-head-stomping fun of the original. Oh, and with prettier graphics and less bugs.

If you liked the original, you probably shouldn't miss this one.
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on 9 June 2013
If you loved the original you will love this, it is just more of the same, which isnt always a good thing, many of the problems still persist at the start of the game after the intro I crashed and lost an hour progress, my save was currupt this was really bad... Apart from that, it's a great game.
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on 25 October 2014
More of the same from DI but they have thought through a few changes and the combat side of things is a little more involved.Zombies will now also come at you from different angles and there are a few surprises too. Graphics and atmosphere are good.
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on 12 June 2013
you will love this one.
you can !! continue with the character and all the features (not the mods)
in a higher def world actually slicker than the dead island kickoff prequel
more and "fancier" highend monster to fight etc...
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on 27 August 2014
I've never wrote an review but I've got to with this game. It's so awesome and fun to play, I can play this for hours on end because they is so much to do. I'm looking forward Dead Island 2! I recommend buying this game for this epic price!
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