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3.8 out of 5 stars279
3.8 out of 5 stars
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The film has a promising opening sequence............
The film really starts with C.I.A. Agent 'Ethan Renner'(Kevin Costner)being told he has just a few months to live.
He decides he wants to make up for lost time by living in 'Paris' where estranged wife 'Christine' (Connie Nielsen)
and daughter 'Zooey' (Hailee Steinfeld) who he'd been away from for the past five years, absent husband absent
He is approached by Agent 'Vivi Delay' (Amber Heard) who offers him a life-saving experimental drug in exchange
for his services, of course there is a large wad of cash involved, which 'Ethan' see's as some security for his
daughter, though initially reluctant, the carrot offered is just too good to pass up.
'Ethan' is a very efficient operator, he's good at what he does for the Agency, he kills.
The prime targets for 'Ethan' is the 'Albino' (Tomas Lemarquis) who he'd encountered on an earlier mission and 'The
Wolf' (Richard Sammel)
The drug that has been given to 'Ethan' has it's side-effects, 'Vivi' tells him that the effects will level out by drinking vodka.
'Vivi' tells 'Ethan' that the job now has to be completed in just three days.
In between 'Ethan' try's to understand and get to know his daughter 'Zooey' whilst 'Christine' is away for a few days, and
when he's not, he's trying to extract the information that will lead him to the targets.
'Ethan' does have concerns that his daughter may be used to get to him which leads to him being very protective of her.
As the temperature and pace rises the body-count begins to stack up as he closes in on the terrorist targets 'The Albino'
and 'The Wolf.
(The extended version adding just 5 minutes to the run-time)
Must admit because of both critics and reviewers not really rating the film, my expectations despite having already bought
it, was indeed pretty low.
'Ethan' does have a way of getting attention i must say.....
The film tells the story of 'Ethan' getting to know his estranged daughter whilst trying to fulfil the task he's being paid to do.
The film does have several good action sequences as well as a good measure of humour along the way, perhaps a little
disjointed at times in the effort to follow the two story lines.
However, because my expectations weren't high, the film was a whole lot better than expected.
Special Features -
* Covert Operation
* The Making of Three Days to Kill
* Theatrical Trailer
* McG's Method
* Extended Edition Feature
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Ethan (Kevin Costner) has sacrificed his relationship with his family to be a super spy for the CIA. On his most recent assignment he was to kill "The Albino" (Tomas Lemarquis) while Vivi (Amber Heard) was to kill the Wolf (Richard Sammel). Ethan breaks down as his brain cancer has entered his lungs. He is given 3-5 months to live.

Ethan returns to his Parisian apartment only to discover a poor family of squatters from Africa living there with the police unwilling to evict them. He attempts to reestablish his relationship with his estranged wife playing the death card and that of his daughter, by not telling her.

Vivi shows up with an experimental drug that may work, but in doing so he must renege on his promise to his wife and kill "The Wolf" as he is the only man who has seen him. Ethan now attempts to re-establish his estranged relationship with his moody teen daughter while trying to kill the world's most wanted man...and on occasion using parenting advice from people he is attempting to extract information.

I love a film that shows originality and good dialogue. Amber Heard played a great, even if unrealistic, femme fatale noir. The film breaks from the formula of utilizing the daughter as an asset. It is a funny heartwarming action film. Something for everyone.

Parental Guide: 1 written f-bomb, 1 in background music lyrics. No sex. Brief rear nudity
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A CIA agent (Kevin Costner) is forced to retire after acquiring an exotic illness. Now with the short time left on this mortal coil he turns to the family that he neglected. But wait there's an experimental drug that may change the situation. The cost to him is to get back into the game. Oh did I mention they're hallucinatory side effects which may gum up the works.

There is a wide range of opinion from people viewing this movie. Yes it is formula; some people like the formula and some people don't. It's predictable; some people like predictability and some people don't.

The fun in the movie is not the story but the interaction between the characters in the story. Instead of the simple shoot-em-up, we learned a little about parenting skills. Both shoot them up and parenting skills can be fun. This film is well worth the watching. Do not let naysayers sway you from what might be an entertaining presentation.

FYI I only saw this in Blu-ray and the filming was well done. The music was a tad loud and overdone in some places.
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on 22 October 2014
If your a fan of Luc Besson films like, Leon, Taken, Transporter etc. Then I think there is a fair chance you will enjoy this film.

The film seems to have polarised its audience, it is likely, that the reason for this is the way the film, for me, mixes genres. If, for example, you combined the film "Leon" with "About a boy"(except make it a girl) but much dryer, then you're maybe closer to what to expect from the film.

The review scores seem to reflect the polarised audience, and for this reason half the audience may miss out on, what is in my opinion, a very good film. I think the director McG deserves credit for having the skill to mix these genres, and for rolling with the subtle comedy element. Perhaps, if you go into watching this film with some knowledge of what to expect, there is a chance, you may be less likely to be disappointed. I guess that those would be the people who are expecting an all out action film.

Approach with caution. :)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 May 2014
I guess there were a handful of similar scripts bouncing around the industry at the same time, this shares a fair bit with the likes of Taken and The Expatriate but as I liked them and thought the trailer looked good, I felt on fairly steady ground with their latest incarnation. I find Costner very likeable and he didn't disappoint. The screenplay is a little offbeat, quirky even, in that it deals with the well-worn path of CIA guy routing out the bad guys in Europe but it touches on Costner’s relationship with his ex and their daughter. The story isn't anything new but Costner plays an engaging character, a hardman who has reason to be more weary than most. The Parisian locations are a treat and the humorous tone compliments the slick, outlandish action; there's a great explosion right at the start and the final action segment is really well handled due to some decent production values. Some bits didn't work so well for me, Amber Heard spruces the place up but her confused character might as well be in a different movie altogether. Connie Nielsen is comfortable as Costner's ex and although the family segments slow things down a bit, they have reason to be in the movie and I didn't feel as though the scenes got in the way of the overall story. I particularly like how Costner's secret work is interupted from time to time and how his nature changes so much that when he bundles some schmo into a car boot for the third time, he's concerned enough to make sure the guy is comfortable.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 September 2015
I bought this due to making an order up...and although the movie was ok it was nothing special...My Opinion.!!!...but I'm not going to review the movie but the disc itself,sound and picture quality...The picture was ok but nothing outstanding...I would say a lower greade Blu Ray...but the worst of all was the sound...This was echoey throughout the movie ( playing the extended version ) as if the actors where in a chamber ..thats the best way of describing it..AND was not my system...I couldn't even stop it with any adjustment...Playing the Theatrical version helped a little, but it was still noticeable..puzzling that because I've never encountered this before with any other Blu Rays..However...If you just watch this via a TV you'll not notice but run it through a 5.1 and it will be very noticeable...Cheers
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on 19 April 2016
This film - possibly - could have been goodl. Ruined for me by the completely, stupidly, ridiculously over the top action sequences. Suspending disbelief does NOT for me mean allowing stupidity. Any stupid Hollywood film that has the most ridiculous shoot outs which would make the world news - and which goes without comment - is rubbish. How about a little subtlety, drama and tension? No - it's got to be over the top shoot outs and carnage in full view of the public - with no police interference or concern. Yup - that's so believable. I agree with someone else about the creepy dancing with his daughter scene - not quite right. Quite often - less is more. Unless you're a stupid over paid talentless director who only seems to think more guns, explosions and shooting are a "good thing". Aaaaagh.
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on 26 June 2014
Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) is a CIA agent on the job. His mission is to kill the Albino (Tómas Lemarquis), a trader in weaponry. Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), another CIA agent, is after the Wolf, the Albino's terrorist boss. Then, in the middle of it all, Renner gets a message. It's his daughter, Zooey's (Hailey Steinfeld), birthday. Renner has not seen his daughter or her mother, Christine (Connie Nielsen) for a long time. They've given up on him. Then Renner comes down with a terminal illness. He agrees to give up his work to be closer to Christine and Zooey, then receives an offer he cannot refuse. An experimental drug that might save his life in return for continuing the unfinished mission.

3 Days to Kill (2014) has received a fair amount of flack due to the plot and the script. I agree, there are a number of plot-holes, implausibilities, impossibilities, and absurdities in this action movie but, nevertheless, it is entertaining. Aren't the scenes from the ever popular Mission Impossible movies often just as ridiculous? There's plenty of humour, generally dark, very dark. Some scenes have had the viewers/reviewers getting their undies in a twist over the violence (not particularly graphic for these days) and the same viewers/reviewers going on the attack at those who enjoyed the film. As for the so-called 'torture' scenes, in one scene Renner adhered sticky tape under a man's hairy armpit and ripped it off. Torture? Come on! Maybe for a man ( :D ) but some women pay a fortune to have that done. I don't remember all this fuss over Kill Bill movies! Obviously the scriptwriters and director intended 3 Days to Kill to be tongue-in-cheek entertainment but some are determined to take it seriously. I just couldn't.

Kevin Costner is as charismatic as he always was and still looks pretty good despite it being 27 years since he made it big in The Untouchables. I loved his character's interaction with his daughter, Zooey - father and daughter getting to know one another and, moreover, getting to totally understand one another--as if that could ever happen!

VJ - Movies and Books World
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on 9 July 2014
Oddly enough, I'm not a big Kevin Costner fan. That didn't matter much though. From the start, this movie was filled with action, espionage, and killings. The top three things I look for in an action movie. The excitement level was through the roof at times. The parts involving his daughter were comical at times, but other times sad too.
Still, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I definitely recommend it to action fans, but I also think contemporary fans will dig it too because of the father-daughter dynamic. It will surely get to them as it did me.
Seriously, this is the only action movie I would highly suggest the ladies bring tissues for.
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on 23 July 2015
Partly original story (CIA hitman with fatal illness given opportunity to have life saving drug in turn for last mission), partly seen it all before story, (hitman with a past which involves estranged wife and daughter and his need to reconnect with them). Liam Neeson could so easily have done this right down to the Paris location, but Cosner is quite good in the role. High body count, some inventive killings and a couple of rip roaring sequences that moves the film along at a brisk pace. A little twist towards the end that was not anticipated but got cancelled out by mawkish happy ending at Christmas time - what else for a reformed hitman !
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