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4.5 out of 5 stars581
4.5 out of 5 stars
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This box set contains all six episodes of the first season of the Walking Dead. Spread across two dvds.

Just in case you haven't read the comic from which this is adapted:

The central character is Rick Grimes. A sheriff's deputy in Georgia, who is left in a coma following a shooting. He wakes up to find the world has changed in the meantime. Civilisation has collapsed. There are zombies everywhere. And survivors of this apocalypse face a battle to survive. Setting out to find his wife and son he witnesses the way the world has changed. And the hard decisions people need to make if they want to carry on living.

Many tough choices await him.

There are four episodes on the first dvd, and two on the second. The first, being the pilot episode for the series, runs for just over an hour. The others are forty four minutes each [approx].

This is a production into which a lot of effort has gone. Which is obvious from the off, thanks to some very impressive visuals. The first episode throws you into the middle of this new world as it introduces you to it via Rick's experiences after awakening. Judicious use of incidental music really helps, as does the fact that some scenes are deathly silent.

Some are downright scary as well.

You will eventually meet more characters, who are an electic bunch, but well drawn in that they represent ordinary people from all walks of life being thrown together, and starting out as total strangers, then having to work with each other to survive.

This, in addition to being zombie horror, is also a character drama. All about the effect that life changes and tough moral decisions have on people, and how they change as a result, plus asking the viewer what they might do in such situation.

Each episode does tend to take a very different approach to the story. The first two are fast paced with a fair amount of action. The third slows down slightly to introduce characters. The fourth has a central dilemma with some good plot developments. The fifth deals with the aftermath of an incident and the choices it forces on people. The sixth shows what certain other people have been up to. And reiterates one of the show's main themes.

British actor Andrew Lincoln makes for an excellent Rick, doing an American accent very well, making his character a commanding presence. There are some excellent supporting performances also. Those characters don't always get proper introductions so you may take a short while to get used to them, but they are all strong creations.

Some of the Georgia accents can be a little tricky for international viewers to get used to, but that's only a minor complaint. Because you will.

If you have read the comics, then you'll find this season of the show does bring a lot of the set pieces from the first volume of collected issues The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye: Days Gone Bye v. 1, but does include a lot of extra stories. And a few characters that may be new on you. A lot of the actors do look uncannily like their characters as shown on the printed page, which is appealing.

If you haven't read the comics and want to get into them after seeing this, then that's the volume to start with.

There are some very minor cuts to one episode from it's transmitted edition [I base that comment on a thread in the product forum, not having seen this on tv first time around] for reasons of gore, so those not happy with that fact will possibly want to look for other editions of this. But if you want to get into a good throught provoking post apocalyptic character drama, then you shouldn't mind.

The dvd's have the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

There's a decent amount of extras on disc two.

The making of the Walking Dead is a thirty minute long [approx] making of documentary. Which is a very good watch.

Inside the Walking Dead episodes one to six are six five minute long features about each individual episode, discussing the story of each. They are all run together so there's no option to watch them individually, but they are all also very good and work a look.

A sneak peek with Robert Kirkman is a four minute long promotional feature for the season, seeing the creator of the comic introducing a few clips.

Convention panel with producers runs for eleven minutes and shows some of the cast and crew being interviewed at comic-con.

Zombie make up tips last for roughly five minutes and shows you how they do the zombie make up. And how you can do it yourself if you wish. It's good viewing for any aspiring make up artists.

Extra footage is a section of short features:

Zombie school. This last two minutes and shows how the extras playing the zombies were put through their paces.
On set with Robert Kirkman last three minutes and sees him watching a scene being filmed.
Hanging with Steven Yeun is a three minute feature with various short clips of one of the cast on set, introducing you to a few things.
Inside Dale's rv is of similar length and looks around the inside of one key prop.
On set with Andrew Lincoln is a short feature with him talking directly to camera about the show. You don't see anything much of the set, but it's a good chat.

Great show. Excellent dvd.
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on 25 May 2011
I was very disappointed to learn that this DVD differs slightly to what was shown on TV.
Some scenes of violence have been cut (NOT by the BBFC I hasten to add) which is a great shame and
a let-down for many of the fans of this excellent series.
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I resisted this series when I first heard about it last year mostly because zombies are as overplayed as story/characters these days as vampires are - I was just jaded to hear about more zombies. Also, a guy waking in a hospital after an injury to see the world has changed - "28 Days Later" anyone? That said, a slow weekend made me pick up the box set and give it a go. I was wary for the first 45 mins of the pilot, thinking that if it didn't get better soon I'd put the set on eBay and try something else but oh boy did things get better quick!

The final 30 mins of the pilot is outstanding, gut busting action as Deputy Grimes enters Atlanta on a horse with a gun slung across his back and a bag of guns behind him only to find the city infested and riddled with zombies. What follows is one of the best chase sequences I've ever seen. Grimes is repeatedly just making it out of reach of the "walkers" (as they're known in this series rather than "zombies") and he's forced into smaller and smaller spaces, making it out just in time! By the end of the pilot, I was hooked. I had to know how he got out of the way he ends up.

From there on in it's a mixture of that tremendous action and the introduction of a motley crew of survivors. Standouts for me were Grimes and his partner (who share an awkward and untold secret) and the belligerent redneck brothers who come to blows more often than not even as they evade the hordes.

The series constantly turns conceptions around in the episodes. A group of renegade Latino gangbangers? Think again. A kindly professor offering safe haven? Think again. While a couple of episodes are kind of slow, focusing instead on developing the characters' backgrounds more and including flashbacks to before the world "turned", the majority of episodes here are excellent and the zombie action is among the best the genre has produced. You never know who's going to make it and who's going to get bitten and that makes for some great twists and turns along the way as the survivors run from one location to the next, hoping for respite somewhere.

The series ends with a literal bang and I was left thinking that it deservedly was given the title of "best series of 2010". Fantastic action, great acting, among the most gross and realistic zombie makeup you'll ever see - can't wait for Season 2 out later this year!
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on 22 May 2011
The Walking dead is a marvellous 5-star show for any fan of the zombie genre.

But! Zombie-fans like their gore, and much or it has been removed from this DVD release.

If you want to see this show the way it should be seen, buy a Region 1 release, not this one.
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on 15 February 2014
Please note that this review is for the special uncut German Blu ray. Since I wrote this review Amazon have lumped all the reviews together so this is showing up in the cut UK Blu ray section lost. Please note that the uncut German Blu ray is further down the list and the cover has Special Uncut Version in black and white letters along the top and a red German 18 rating in the bottom corner. Just thought I would clear that up and now onto the review. Its taken awhile but finally distributors Entertainment One have released a belated uncut version of season 1 of the wonderful TV show The Walking Dead. Sadly this release is only available as a German import which is abit of a suprise as it was the German censors who demanded the show to be trimmed of footage in the first place with all subsequent home video versions including the UK Blu ray and DVD featuring the same cut print. The cuts that were made are all gore scenes from episodes 2,3,4 & 5 and although they are only seconds from a scene here or a scene there it is nice to be able to see them as the American region A release was the way before now. This added uncut footage is no more violent in tone than the later seasons but does include an incredibly grisly zombie throat bite that wouldnt look out of place in a Lucio Fulci movie.
Everything else about this German special edition remains the same as the UK version albeit with German text on the cover and menu screens. The picture transfer is the same good quality AVC MPEG-4 encoded version as before capturing the rough and intentionally gritty 16mm visuals perfectly. Some have complained that this looks overly grainy but this is how the show was supposed to be viewed. Detail is for the most part very good with only occasional softness and black levels are nice and deep.
On the audio front you get both English and German audio options both in either 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround. The codec used for all the sound mixes is DTS HD Master and the 5.1 is particularly strong with clear well centred dialogue and crisp foley effects. Gunshots ring out with incredible accuracy from the crack of pistols through to the heavy shotgun blasts and the explosion in the final episode features room shaking LFE. The surrounds chime in from time to time mostly for ambience but also for spot effects and the music score sounds deep, rich and textured.
The extras are the same as previous releases but unfortunatly have non removable German subs(thank god the main feature didnt have those!!) and this release comes with a card slip cover with Special Uncut Version proudly printed across the top.
As of writing this is the only UK friendly release of this available with no news of E One giving it the same treatment here in Blighty meaning we are still stuck with the same 15 certificate version for ever more. If you dont mind missing the snippits of gore then the cut version may surfice but if like me your a massive fan of The Walking Dead this German special edition was well worth the extra few quid. Recommended.
review image review image review image
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on 29 April 2011
Fantastic is not too strong a word for this drama. It has special effects worthy of Tom Savini at his best, and evokes emotions in the viewer that they don't get to feel during zombie movies outside of George A Romero's ground-breaking works. This is classic character-driven entertainment, and is not merely a gratuitous gore-fest. It's a story about people in adversity, both living, and re-animated. The scene where the main character takes the time to go and find a rotting, half-woman that had previously tried to eat his face, just to put her out of her misery, tells us more about him as a man than 1000 lines of dialogue ever could. The whole series is full of little moments like this, in addition to all of the scares and graphic violence that anyone could wish for. I personally cannot wait for season two, and will now be buying the early comics also. In conclusion, this is Zombies for Grown-ups. Grab some beer and popcorn, and watch the whole thing in one session. You won't regret it.
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on 8 January 2015
I put off watching The Walking Dead because I really don't care for zombies of any description, never have. I don't like the way they walk, make stupid groaning noises and eat human flesh..oh and look disgusting.

But the characters and storyline(s) asides from the zombies in Walking Dead are really quite good - suprisingly good. While I was selecting something for me and mine to watch, the first thing he said was "...and I don't want to watch any vampire or zombie crap"...My husband actually watched three epsidodes back to back (only stopped watching because he had work in the morning).

So glad we decided to watch this - okay there is lots of gooey grossness (you can almost smell the rotting zombies through the screen), alot of killing (I know they are zombies, but still), and one or two annoying characters - but asides from that it is very enjoyable to watch.
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on 27 June 2011
I thought I was bored of zombies. I thought I was bored of post-apocolyptic survival series. I thought I'd never see Egg from This Life with an American accent shooting reanimated corpses.

Turns out I was wrong.

The Walking Dead may tread a lot of familiar ground, but it does so with such an expert touch that the familiar story tropes and imagery are given fresh life. The perfect execution alongside the genuinely original moments makes this six part zombie survival series seem very new, exciting and exhilirating, and is an absolute must watch for all horror fans.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend buying this Blu-Ray set, which has segments of gore cut from several of the episodes. It may only add up to a bare few seconds of missing material, but for any horror fan it's precious seconds of fantastic special effect footage which is crucial to the flavour and tone of the series.

Avoid this set for now, but do try and watch the series. Fingers crossed a better release in full Blu-Ray glory will shuffle along soon.
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on 15 December 2011
I told my daughter about this series, so here's her review below:-

I didn't have the sky channel to watch it as soon as it came onto tv, but i watched it on channel 5 with my mum and dad. I absolutely love this series, I think it's the best series that I've seen on tv! EVER! :)

I'd never heard of Andrew Lincoln until I saw him in this series, so his acting was really good. But I have to say my favourite character in this had to be Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)!
I thought his acting was amazing and I thought the way he acted out the character was brilliant.

I can't wait until the second season comes out on DVD and absolutely loving it so far! :)

I have to give this series 5/5 (but it deserves much more than that!) :)
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on 12 June 2012
Having watched this when it premiered on the FX uk channel I had to share it with my boyfriend so buying the DVD was essential (and it was great value for money from Amazon); he enjoyed it so much that we were watching 2 or 3 episodes at a time.

Conceptually it should be ridiculous as there hasn't really ever been a credible zombie movie so why would a tv show work any better? But it does!
Due to its brilliantly written script you really connect with the characters and find yourself thinking about how you would deal with the situations they find themselves in.

I would recommend this series to anyone to watch, not just fans of the zombie/vampire/werewolf type genre do of you are thinking about buying this just do it!
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