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on 19 January 2015
I received a copy of Dark Prince, book 3 of Dragon Lords, in exchange for my review.

Space Pirate Olena has crashed and needs to get away from the bounty hunters following her. Choosing the Galaxy Brides ship to get away, she plans on marrying someone and laying low for a while, before finding her crew and her ship. Yusef knows as soon as he sees Olena that she needs to be his, and that she’ll be a handful to deal with. But Yusef likes to play with fire, and the firey red-head counts as that…

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I love this series. This is the third book in the series, though the first four all happen in tandem, so it is possible to read them out of order. However, I think that each book adds something to the overall story and that they are best appreciated in order (even if that means I’m still in the dark about Pia! But then again she’s next!)

I also loved Olena and Yusef together, ultimately the pair of them were both playful characters, and the banter often bounced between them easily and created several particularly funny moments. Though there was also a lot of passion between them, and it was believable that that banter turned into more physical actions.

Interestingly, I also thought that Olena was quicker to realise that she truly loved and cared for Yusef than Nadja and Rigan were about their husbands in the previous books, though she also didn’t like the fact that she did. In fact both of them cared a lot and the bond between them seemed to form early on, letting them know when the other was in trouble.

There were a few moments where I found myself worried about what was going to happen, despite the fact that I knew what was going to happen because of the previous books. That sounds really silly, but I just felt swept up in Olena and Yusef and didn’t think!

Dark Prince also answered a lot of questions, like what chastisement was (which was nowhere near as bad as I expected) and why exactly Olena decided to take a knife to the part of Yusef where a knife should never be. (Though it’s still left me with questions about Pia!!)

This also provided me with a rare case of not being annoyed by a virgin. Mainly because Olena never worked the ‘oh little innocent me’ routine, even when she could have done. It also led to poor Yusef really messing up, and I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for him (under the circumstances I doubt he would have been thinking properly!)

I think Dragon Lords is just getting better and better, and I’m definitely intrigued and excited to find out what is coming next!

Dark Prince counts towards Winter COYER
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on 3 March 2015
Olena, space pirate, is runnign for her life. She and her crew have spread to the winds and she has crashed and needs to get away from bounty hunters following her. The Galaxy Brides ship is the closest to hand to use for her getaway. She decides marrying someone for a few months whilst she lies low and searches for her crew is the best plam she can come up with.

Yusef is one of the princes taking part in the bride selection process. He knows as soon as he sees Olena that she is his, and that with that fiery red hair she is going to be a handful.

I love this series. Although all are seperate stories, the action overlaps at different points in each book, so you can read them out of order. I also loved Olena and Yusef together. They are quite playful, funny characters and the banter was easy between them. There is plenty of passion and Olena is not shy on acting on it.

Olena was quicker to catch on that the princes are shifters, maybe because she was used to dealing with shifters on her crew. The book answered what the chastisement was from earlier books, which had been driving me mad!!! Olena never worked the ‘oh poor me’ routine, even when she could have done.

Another fabulous read by Michelle!!!
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on 23 February 2015
Olena I think is the most misunderstood Princess. For Olena life has been hard since she is young. Born into abuse and having to protect herself is all she knows. Having multiple identities is her protection from her true self. I thought Olena's character is great, I loved her. She is running from bounty hunters and catches a ride on the Bride Ship. She spends the next month enjoying her solitude and silently observes the other women. She knows and understands the marriage mission she is on. She has other plans which include some pilfering of expensive items. Yusef is an honorable strong Prince. He cannot wait to meet his bride. He chooses to live away from all of the pomp and circumstance. He enjoys the company of quiet. When these two collide it is a fated match. However Olena has other plans for this Prince. The Mating Ceremony is great she chooses Yusef and Olena wants him badly. At what cost will she have him. Olena's inexperience with the inhabitants of this planet get her sent to the infirmary more times than she would like. Her strong will and determination are trigger points for Yusef. He loves her fighting spirit. Can Olena let her guard/wall down to let Yusef in? Read the Dark Prince and find out.
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on 7 June 2015
Dark Prince is the third book in The Dragon Lords series by Michelle M. Pillow. It tells us the story of Yusef and Olena. Yusef is a dark but tender hearted Prince. Olena is a space pirate that comes from a tragic past. She gets on board the Galaxy Brides spaceship while running away from a bounty hunter. Once Yusef lays eyes on Olena he knows she is his mate and that she wont make claiming her easy for him.

I enjoyed this book. It well written and the characters are strong and multi layered. The book is full of romance, hot sexy Princes, danger, action, secrets and even some light humor. I love how each of the books in the series are about different couples yet are taken place at the same point in time. I think that is a unique story plot that I'm sure not all authors could pull off and so well. Good job Ms. Pillow.

I highly recommend this series. It's a really good read.

Dragon Lords Series (in reading order)......
1. Barbarian Prince
2. Perfect Prince
3. Dark Prince
4. Warrior Prince
5. His Highness the Duke
6. The Stubborn Lord
7. The Reluctant Lord
8. The Impatient Lord
9. The Dragon's Queen

Received ARC copy
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on 11 June 2015
I loved this story the first time I read it and the new expanded anniversary version just took my breath away. It was fabulous to revisit Olena and Yusef and remind myself just how loving these dragon shifters are.
Olena is a space pirate running for her life and her choice is to hide out amongst the infamous Galaxy Brides. She fully intends to get a husband but has no intention of getting a Draig Prince. So imagine the conundrum of a fierce pirate hiding out with the sexiest male she's ever met. Oh yes a fast paced reveal but more importantly secrets will be shockingly exposed as this couple learn each others secrets.
O what can I say? I so enjoyed this story previously but this expanded version just adds to the fun. Sexy, romantic and totally amazing, I love the dragon Lord's and happily devour every book
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review
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