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DC Universe Online subscription fee!!!!

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Initial post: 21 Aug 2010 14:52:53 BDT
Bizarro says:
This game is due out in November 2010 and the U.S has to pay $14.99 per month to pay DC Universe Online, however we have still not been told what the subscription cost is in the U.K.

I cannot imagine they will let us play for free!!

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Aug 2010 23:41:37 BDT
If it is $14.99 that would mean it would be about 9 for us, as much like with the prices in america and japan for DLC, etc it's pretty much the same around the world but time will tell.

Posted on 13 Sep 2010 07:11:29 BDT
David Wigg says:
As long as you get the normal months free trial with the disk i'm not bothered. Although i hope there will be some real visible differences between the PS3 and PC version!

Posted on 14 Nov 2010 13:34:25 GMT
J. Jones says:
i heard if you have ps plus you get 12 months free in january

Posted on 21 Dec 2010 09:55:11 GMT
Nick. says:
it is 13 euro's a month - not sure about pounds. But you can buy a lifetime subscription for 180 euro's but the game does come with a free 30 day trial

Posted on 22 Dec 2010 11:56:19 GMT
M. Meadows says:
Pretty standard really, all the MMORPG's that haven't switched to microtransactions are still charging the 15 bucks a month fee. Works out at about 9 as Mr Dobson said.

Posted on 23 Dec 2010 14:38:49 GMT
I was really looking forward to this game, but had no idea there would be monthly subscriptions to be able to play it! My gaming hours have seriously diminished with my new job, so I would only be able to play this for a few hours at the weekend, if that. If I'm paying a premium for those few hours on top of the cost of the game, I think I'll pass... Real shame.

Posted on 24 Dec 2010 11:46:21 GMT
Last edited by the author on 24 Dec 2010 11:55:13 GMT
metalazo says:
I have Station Access for 18.99, and play Vanguard, EQ2, SWG anyway at the moment. So in a way this will be free for me and those who are on Station Access! Hopefully the price of Station Access won't increase, as it has been missing a game, and has not been such as good value, since Matrix shut down last year

SOE games cost 9.49 or 9.99 individually, but could be different for this, can't say for sure until it is live

EDIT: may be different for PS3, forgot this was not the PC version, as could not find it, but Everquest Online Adventures for PS2 is still applicable (only in US, the EU servers closed ages ago) through Staton Access. If the PS3 version needs fees, and is not valid with Station Access, then I will definatly just stick to the PC version.

Posted on 24 Dec 2010 14:57:45 GMT
AndyBSG says:
I'm wondering how this will work on the PS3? Will you have to make sure you have funds to cover subs in your wallet, will it automatically take funds out or will you set up a sub separately?

Not sure how I feel about paying subs on a console game TBH.

Posted on 25 Dec 2010 17:49:09 GMT
Zogue says:
the subscription fee is staple of MMO's. Just because this game is on a console does not mean it should not have a sub fee. It is still an MMO that has hours and hours of content and new content will be added all the time. If anything this game is worth paying for.

I think console players need to understand the concept of an MMO.

Posted on 26 Dec 2010 09:45:43 GMT
Matt Dark says:
9 sounds about right to bo honest, I doubt they would charge more then other companies.

I'll be curious to see how much they charge for the life-times membership, if they do actually offer it.

Posted on 26 Dec 2010 15:53:18 GMT
metalazo says:
Don't forget the VAT increase.

All SOE games at the moment cost 9.49 at a set UK rate, but to begin with I was charged in USD, and it varied depending on the exchange rate, but was mainly charged 10+.

After 4th Jan, this price may get increased from 9.49 to 9.99

LOTRO (codemasters) have said that new accounts after 4th Jan, will have to pay an inreased fee due to VAT, whereas accounts subbing at the moment, will keep paying the same fee and the VAT will be absorbed by Codemasters. Obviously a ploy to entice people to (re)sub earlier than later, but I bet that price will increase later, as doubt Codemasters will "absorb" the VAT increase forever

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 19:31:54 GMT
metalazo says:
I queried with customer service to see if the PS3 was able to be part of Station Access, and unfortunately it is not, although they said that may change in the future. So unless my PC can handle this I will not be playing it at all for a while, as not paying extra fees on PS3 - seems silly I can in a way play it for free with Station Access on PC but have to pay extra to play it on PS3.

Posted on 2 Jan 2011 10:16:16 GMT
P. sims says:
i dont see how you can call 9 a month reasonable, other games have equally as much content with updates over time and do not try to rip you off in this manner, i do not think its reasonable to pay 148 for a years gaming on a single game (9x12+ 40 for game)

they will more likely close the euro servers after a year anyway

Posted on 2 Jan 2011 15:06:47 GMT
T. Smith says:
9 a month IS reasonable.
Sure other games cost less, but those aren't/won't be updated as frequently as DCUO will be able to be. For example, let's take RuneScape. Yes, it's a very successful game but it doesn't have regular updates, they only really update the game every couple of months.

If Sony do it right and this game is great, then it is worth it. If it's not that great, then don't pay. Simples(:

Posted on 3 Jan 2011 19:34:10 GMT
as long as the popularity of the game is still there the server will stay open for a long time, eye of judgemwnt closed its servers due to wizards of the cost no longer producing the cards and thus very few ppl were playing online. 9 to 10 a month is reasonable as long as you dont have to pay for add ons like new senarios ect

Posted on 4 Jan 2011 16:16:10 GMT
metalazo says:
Another downer is that the PS3 version is not being offered a Lifetime sub unlike the PC version - Not being in Station Access or able to get a lifetime sub, will mean that people will be more attracted to the PC version, as I will be.

If you are already playing SOE games, and paying for Station Access, then playing the PC version will cost no more each month.

All online games are full of pontential with updates and everything, but they do usually wear off, or the game gets updated to a state you don't like, and SOE are quite fond of doing this than any other. SWG mostly, but even EQ2 has gone through horrible changes

The missing payment options for PS3, is getting the PS3 version off to a bad start.

Posted on 10 Jan 2011 06:21:37 GMT
TheKingpin says:
The reason there isnt a lifetime sub for ps3 is due to the playstation stores wallet being unable to exceed 100. this is currently being sorted by sony so shouldn't be a problem for long

Posted on 11 Jan 2011 13:53:17 GMT
P. Marck says:
Online gaming on PS3 is meant to be free, but it's reasonable for those who want it.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jan 2011 18:07:37 GMT
TWS says:
If you have ps plus you get 12 months free (dc universe) in january? It is not 'free' as you have had to pay for ps plus.

Playstation or Microsoft or both should simply create a unique MMO for each console and have the subscription fee that you pay for the year (in the Xbox360's case 30 for 1 year) as the incentive to buy the game.

A one off payment MMO is what we want and is what people are playing on the PC with free to play MMO's instead of WOW. I used to play City of Heroes (very similar concept to this 'new' game). However the community is all but dead and people don't want to pay 12 a month. When you can pay 30 a year (not to mention your actual internet payments per month) and play with their friends.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jan 2011 18:10:11 GMT
TWS says:
The concept of MMO is not to pay a subscription fee. You would get far more people playing MMO's if they were free instead of 25+ nerds who have no life.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Jan 2011 18:12:22 GMT
TWS says:
How often are MMO's updated. Every couple of months, I'm talking major updates not silly things. 150 for a years gaming is ridiculous. I can buy 4 games for that price of 3 games and 1 years subscription on a console and play with friends.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Jan 2011 09:18:48 GMT
Any good MMO has content that far outweighs that of other games. My first City of Heroes character to hit level 50 took 400 hours. There tends to be a wealth of things to do, but I understand if people don't 'get' them and want new shiny things all of the time. I would rather pay 9 per month and get the occasional pre owned game than spend a fortune on new games.

I do however find it disappointing , as an EQ2 player , that DCUO won't be part of station access in PS3 form. Means I definitely won't be buying it.

Posted on 12 Jan 2011 13:35:49 GMT
Leo20 says:
LOL at people here who dont own PS3 and complain about the subscription cost. Why do you care if your fav console is X360 or Wii? PS3 has a free online anyway and 1 month of DCUO will be free too.

Posted on 12 Jan 2011 19:13:57 GMT
C. C. Brown says:
Well the sub packages are up on the PSN now, and I certainly will not be taking part.
35 for a game, then a monthly fee is not what I bought a PS3 for.
I can accept one time fees for DLC as you can choose whether to download or not, but being forced to pay a monthly fee just to play a game is ridiculous, especially when there is no single player game included.
This format may work on the PC, but I really dont see the Sony faithful taking this onboard, especially as it will cost 100-120 per year if you continually renew the subscription.
As its stands, its 9.99 for 30 days, 27.99 for 90 days and 49.99 for 180 days.

I know this isnt going to be on the 360, but with the fact they have to pay for X-Box Live already, I dont see that a sub based game like this would sell on there either.

I was really looking forward to this when it was announced years ago, being that I am and old school DC fan, but as soon as I started to hear rumblings of subscription fees, I quickly lost interest.

Simple fact is, too many people already complain that DLC is too expensive, so those people are certainly not going to accept a monthly fee.
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