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4.6 out of 5 stars27
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2011
A MASTERPIECE, this is the second book Delores wrote it follows from The Keepers of the Garden, and here Dolores expands on her research into beings from out there through her work into hypnotic regression on people who have had "experiences". Delores is a first class writer in this genre and i wish i had gone to her before i read some of the others, for it covers more deeply the reasons why we are visited. Delores compassionate nature is brought to the fore, her writings are unbiased and she tells it beautifully, taking you into a journey of wonder and amazement as she expands her knowledge on the aliens who are here to help us ascend, and the message is we have to change our ways as humans before we expel ourselves, The worlds population must also wake up to the fact that Groups of aliens have been here thousands of years, and that we are "in part" their property....
Delores also is ahead in this field because she took the time to understand the implications of what was trying to be achieved by the ETs, without promoting the fear factor, she also covers a lot of concepts other researchers failed to do, for instance,"condensed time" where something of importance has taken place which in our time took seconds but in reality it was much longer, the ETs are adept at bending and manipulating time. This book covers more in one chapter than i can read in 10 books, its a MUST READ...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 September 2010
This is yet another extremely informative, fascinating and mind-expanding book by Dolores Cannon, one of my favourite authors. I greatly admire this author for her tremendous service to mankind in communicating all this information to us and also in leaving us in no doubt whatsoever as to the existence of the extra-terrestrials.

This book is so packed with new information that on completing it I have difficulty in remembering the details it contains, since I haven't been able to digest all this information in just one reading.

As indicated in the sub-title, Dolores doesn't just enlighten us about the nature of alien abductions, though she does that too, but through her regressed subjects gets to talk directly to highly advanced "aliens" (I put the word in inverted commas, because I feel a kinship to them), who can give us information about their advanced technology, the true purpose/s of the abductions and much more.

The book is entitled "The custodians" in view of the fact that we are rapidly destroying our planet, and the extra-terrestrials have felt themselves obliged to take on a custodial role here on Earth. Radical earth changes are widely prophesied to occur at the end of 2012 (and many have already taken place) and when severe things like these happen to Earth, this will affect, perhaps drastically, all other planets, the whole universe, and probably many other universes. So these beings cannot just sit quietly and leave us to our own devices - though they are not allowed to "interfere" in our development, they feel they must do what they can to alleviate any coming drastic effects.

The material presented in this book is too comprehensive for me to do more than provide an inkling as to the information contained therein. But I can say that the author begins by exploring cases of "missing time", which is one of the first signs that something untoward has happened, and that the persons concerned may have been abducted. Regression provides access to what has taken place in the missing time.

Detailed descriptions of the various alien types are given. The advanced forms of aliens have a great admiration of Dolores Cannon because of her work to get information out to us Earthlings about them, and therefore she gets to communicate with and interview many of their "top people", those with knowledge of the most advanced concepts.

It turns out that one of Dolores' most valuable subjects, Janice, is herself a highly advanced being who is also held in high respect by the aliens. Towards the end of the book we experience a very emotional and touching meeting between Janice and her "real" space-father.

In the penultimate chapter, Dolores regresses one of her colleagues working in the same field, Bonnie, and obtains valuable information from this regression. Bonnie had been abducted from the highway late at night, and her abductors regarded her as a wonderful "catch", because of all the information they could copy from her mind, mostly about how human beings are being affected by the alien visits. The aliens partly want to communicate with us, and enlighten us about themselves, partly they desire as much information as possible about us.

We are told that another planet is being prepared for us in the event that we render the Earth uninhabitable. They have produced "genetic duplicates" of us so we are not allowed to perish.

This is a very exciting book, as are all her books. Please read it.
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on 5 August 2007
To a generation brought up on Star Trek, X-Files and the like, much of what is in The Custodians is strangely familiar. What if what we have been brought up to consider as fiction is actually based upon elements of fact (or what might become fact in the fullness of time)? Maybe "the truth is (indeed) out there"... or even walking around amongst us without us knowing. Dolores Cannon brings a new dimension to the subject, with past (& current) life regression providing additional "evidence" of other life-forms being involved in the development of Life on Earth. Highly recommended.
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on 21 June 2012
There are so many things that I could say about this book. Some will find it fantastical, others will scoff at the Ms Cannon's experiences as she studies the phenomenon. All I can say is that when when I started reading The Custodians, I felt that certain parts were a parallel of things I have experienced in my life regarding this subject. Things occurred in the book that I had only ever thought were peculiar to my experiences - this is not the first time it's happened - Ann Andrews' book "Abducted" had things in it that I had never read about except in my own diary entries written years before her book. The same is true with The Custodians.

I highly recommend reading this book. Whether you are a skeptic, a believer, or open-minded or unsure, you will find that the depth of emotion and constant questioning will have you reading it all the way through.
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on 5 May 1999
I find this book fascinating and explains many things. If even a portion of it is true, it is indeed a profound and urgent wake-up call to all of us. I have read all her other books, and this is very intense reading. I am looking forward to the next books, and find it hard to have patience to wait for them to come out in print.
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on 21 February 1999
Dolores Cannon continues to offer food for thought whether a believer in alien life forms or not. This provocative book stimulates the mind into considering just what mankind is doing to the planet and what would help to make a difference. With the growing problems of pollution and violence in society, perhaps an alternative source of help is at hand with the coming of the millenium. The Earth is more valuable than realized by most. The reader may be amazed to discover that some of what is discussed could be happening to them without consciously being aware yet not without their permission. I recommend this book to those with an open mindness for possibilities. There is much to learn...perhaps this is an excellent starting point for the future.
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on 21 April 2016
Another amazing book by Dolores, I've read many books now and want to share the 5 stars with everyone.
Everyone needs to open their mind to these words, we need to live in harmony, not in corruption and greed!
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on 3 October 2008
I bought this book to take on holiday and it is absolutely facinating for the first few chapters, but then it does literally go ''beyond abduction'' So if you really want to find out what happens when people are hypnotised you may be dissapointed as it doesn't typically explain what you would think to be a normal abduction. It goes into what the aliens are saying and why the abductees are chosen and there is alot of phrases such as ''life but not as you know it'' lol. It's really hard to get into and I get the feeling there is alot of religious terms being used.

It gets very confusing and boring as there are alot of words in there which are absolute gobbledegook so cant be proven to be true. The people who are hypnotised also seem to be on ego trips rather than trips to outer space- including the hypnotist. So instead of them explaining what the aliens did to them - they are explaining what the aliens are saying to them, like why they are the chosen ones, how they are so good, stuff about God etc - its so hard to explain it.

I have alot of time for reading books on alien abductions but this book seems to be too much of people living in fantasy land.
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on 25 January 2014
since then I have read Jesus and the Essenes, and They walked with Jesus. I plan on reading every single one of her books as the information presented in the Custodians truly blown me away. If you are on a spiritual path, a quest for truth, want to learn about the secrets of the universe, are E.T.'s here? why are they here? how long have they been here? what is their purpose? what is our purpose?.. .
Dolores investigates Alien Abductions and manages to connect to the higher realms. Earth is a school where spirits come to learn and grow, reality is not as it seems... I am sure that whoever reads this book will be amazed with the information presented in it and it will definitely aid you on your own paths of self discovery.
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on 10 March 2015
This was so fascinating!! It really puts the spotlight on governmental cover ups!! They would like us to believe that any terrestrial being is here to harm us when the reverse is the true. Any one who reads this book will soon realise that the help we need is out there waiting for us once we let go of the lies perpetuated by Hollywood films and governments trying to get one over on each other in the name of greed and power. Dolores Cannon is a wonderful writer and therapist who finds out what we all want to know, and I know she will be helping us from the other side now as well.
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