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4.4 out of 5 stars196
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Price:£19.99 - £63.00
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on 11 February 2013
Crocs are great. I wear them almost all the time. In winter I use good Merino wool socks and they're just fine in all but really rainy weather. I wouldn't use them for climbing rocky mountains, or for walking in really wet, muddy fields, but for everyday use at work or play they are great.

BUT. Buying mail order like this is a lottery. You would think they would be identical no matter where in the world they are made, and indeed that must be the intention, but it turns out that is not the case. (Other buyers online say the same thing too.) The pair I've been using over the last year-and-a-half I bought in a local shop. They were black and said 'Made in Italy' on the sole. The size M9/W11 fitted me just right. This time I bought two pairs - a black pair and a 'chocolate' pair. The 'chocolate' pair were 'Made in Italy' and are a perfect fit. They feel just about the same as my existing pair, although slightly tighter due to being new. The black pair on the other hand say 'Made in Mexico' and are smaller. Not measureably shorter or narrower exactly but much tighter over the instep. Just felt wrong. I checked the picture on the Amazon listing for the black ones and the picture actually says, 'Made in China' so I guess it's a bit random which ones you will receive.

I somehow doubt that anyone at Amazon will be able to tell me where the various styles and colours are actually made, so I'm not sure I would buy them from Amazon again. They do offer FREE RETURNS, but I'm in the process of returning these and it is a bit of a pain. You have to pay the postage first and then they (hopefully) will refund that eventually. It is a little unclear from the system whether they will actually refund. (I've been getting different messages about that at different stages of the process. Amazon have usually been quite good in this regard in the past.)

(Update: Amazon refunded the postage without a problem.)

Unless Amazon can discriminate and tell us where the shoes are made (people with narrower feet may actually prefer the Mexican ones) then I'm going to be buying in future from smaller suppliers whom I can phone and ask what is written on the soles.

(Update: I just ordered some of these elsewhere. A bit more expensive from a smaller company of course but they were able to check that they had the ones I wanted in the 'Made in Italy' version and ensured that I was sent those. Not the super-cheap Amazon price but I'm happy to pay £5 more and actually know what I'm getting.)

Oh, and the 'chocolate' colour is not the colour of any chocolate I've ever seen. In fact, if you are ever offered chocolate this colour you should not eat it under any circumstances. The colour is more like khaki green/grey, or an olive colour perhaps. It's an OK colour. In fact I quite like the colour. I'm just puzzled that they chose to call it 'chocolate'.
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on 9 April 2009
I love Crocs and I especially love the way they look. No, I'm not the inventor of these ingenious bits of footwear - I'm actually a middle-aged man who wears a suit to work, so I guess I'm the exact target audience you would expect to be poo-pooing Crocs as a gimmick, ugly, expensive and so on.

But I'm not. I love them. If I thought I could get away with wearing them to work I would. I have all the typical ailments - fallen arches, tendency to get corns from new shoes, distinctly average posture and a job that has me slumped in front of a computer most of the day. Wearing these little beauties seems to undo all that bad stuff. They're so light and comfortable and effortless to wear. I wear them as slippers, beach flip flops, driving shoes and pretty well anything I can get away with. I don't think they are expensive, I think they are genius and shame on the other shoddy copyists who bang out substandard fakes for a fiver - they may look the same, but they don't cushion your feet and improve your posture in the same way.

Every other pair of slippers, flip flops, trainers and pretty much any other footwear I have ever owned has always rubbed at first and needed breaking in. Blimey - I've got a pair of shoes I'm still slowly breaking in 2 years after I bought them. Not Crocs - put them on and away you go.

And yes, I really do love the way they look and I love the way people slyly eye them up. Secretly, I think everyone likes them, but the famous British whinging temperament means that anything universally successful has to be knocked.

I've gradually moved from black to lighter colours and I think this Summer will find me gracing the beaches in some bright yellow ones. Brilliant on the beach - rinse your feet in them in the sea as you leave the beach and you take no sand home at all. If you get them dirty, pop them in the washing machine...

Need I go on?
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on 23 October 2008
Tried these on in a shoeshop just for fun. Now I've bought five pairs and I never wear anything else. Like other reviewers I too have plantar fascitis and also have arthritis in one foot. These shoes help tremendously with both. It's like walking on jelly. Not made up jelly but jelly that is still in cubes before you melt it.

I'm giving all my other shoes to the charity shop; I never want to wear anything else. I know they look silly, but what the hell? To be able to walk miles without pain is the most important thing.
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on 24 July 2008
I bought my cayman crocs around 2 months ago now, and they literally have not come off my feet. I really did not like them when they first came out when I thought they were a fashion blip, but after reading reviews I couldn't resist trying them and my ultimate reason for trying them was because my mother has plantar fasciitis and they are recommended for that condition, so I was ordering her a pair and threw in a pair for myself! I have the black ones, and I wear them with everything, not brave enough for the bright colours!!

I would highly recommend them in terms of comfort, they are also non slip, and I have walked through rough terrain with them and felt they gave me a bit of 'bounce'.

Remember they have to fit loose to fit right, if you are inbetween sizes, choose big rather than small.
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on 1 March 2010
I developed painful Plantar Fasciitis after pregnancy and could barely walk without pain. My life was an absolute misery. My foot pain was so bad that it travelled up my leg and even affected my back! I was going to the physiotherapist regularly to get treatment. Then I read that Crocs helped people with plantar fasciitis. Boy were they right!! Ever since I bought my Crocs to wear at home, my pain has disappeared. I didn't even have to go back to the physiotherapist again!
I don't know what it is about the Crocs that helps...but they just do. They might not look great, but they are absolute miracle workers as far as plantar fasciitis and foot pain are concerned. As soon as I started wearing these at home all day, I could walk without pain and I started to lead a normal life again. I cannot praise these shoes enough:)
I also bought Brooks trainers (with support for dropped/flat arch) to wear when out and about. The combination of wearing the Crocs trainers at home and the Brooks trainers outside has chased away all my foot pain and enabled me to walk normally again.
Crocs are light and it feels like ur "walking on air". The holes in the design ensure that your feet don't overheat.The strap at the back makes your feel feel more "secure" in them.
I would have paid a lot more to heal my feet! Well worth the money. I highly recommend getting Crocs, especially if you suffer form any kind of foot pain or are on your feel all day. Probably great to wear during pregnancy too.Once you get a pair, you will never want to be without them!
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on 16 April 2008
Have to say I agree with all the positive reviews here for Crocs. I bought my first pair after a transatlantic flight where my (normally) comfy shoes were killing me. I wore them for the second leg of the 24 hr flight and for the rest of the holiday. They are brilliant for walking - like walking on air! So comfy! I was really pleasantly surprised about the lack of sweating etc which I was worried about given them being plastic - but the claims about sweat and odour free are spot on.

Since returning I have bought another pair - my only regret? Not buying them in the US as they're MUCH cheaper there!

Really they are just great!!
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on 2 January 2013
Bought these crocs about 2 months ago to wear in the house as slippers. Already they are beginning to crack underneath. The cheap ones I bought abroad for a quarter of the price lasted much longer.
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on 30 December 2015
For correct Sizing, use a tape measure to know your foot in inches, then use size chart in the Amazon ad or on a crocs websites & match the inches to a size. These two (made in Italy) CROCS I got look flatter & they dont feel as thick & cushioning as my last Crocs, these are much thinner than my green (made in mexico) ones I'd bought a year ago, which are gorgeous and help my crippling foot pain. This month I bought these x2 black pairs of crocs cause they were on sale £13.99/ unisex roomy. I chose a size uk10 & uk11 from (the size select bit in the amazon ad), they arrived earlier than expected & the uk10 has 11 on the sole of the croc which is the US size, it fitted my foot loosely but was ok, bit flatter than I'd like, but i knew the size down might be abit too snug as I can wear a size 9, but my big toe is tall, so a size 10 stops my toes feeling squashed, ok when have on thick socks, also with the strap sling around my ankle it stays on ok, but without sling it is looser with bare feet or thin socks, but not un wearable, my foot is 11inches & the uk10 feels ok for me, so even with a small gap behind my heal which could fit my fingertip, but I'd rather it be a little big, than too small. I had got two sizes jus incase I hadnt worked the size in inches out right, but I had with the uk10, so I did send back the uk11 for a refund as it was far too big, but the Amazon instructions for return & refund were easy, So to avoid getting the wrong size, use a tape measure to know your foot in inches first, then go to the size chart in the amazon ad or on a crocs websites & match the inches to a size, thats the best bet to avoid having to return or refund things.
review image review image review image
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on 30 July 2009
I am size 5.5 so bought a size 6. My toes are hitting the end of the shoe.
The shape seems to be aimed at feet with a long big toe. If your feet are any other shape, you need a bigger size.
Despite this, I have kept them because of the high return cost and they are probably OK for occasional use.
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on 14 August 2009
I bought my first pair of Crocs at the Boat Show in London about 7 years ago and hardly wore them. When they suddenly became fashionable I dug them out to try again - truly fabulous. I hae worn nothing else for months now, so decided to get some new ones to wear with jeans as autumn comes on (the original ones are white). My old ones were supposed to be size 8-9W, 6-7M (according to the marks on the sole) So I ordered 3 pairs - 2 pairs of Cayman and one pair of Endeavour (no holes -good for gardening)in size 7. The order was divided between 3 suppliers -all arrived quickly, and all labelled Size 7. Of the three pairs only one is the same size as the pair I wish to replace (one of the Caymans) This pair was made in Italy, the others were made in China and will have to be returned. So for those who have written reviews about sizing -this might be the reason.
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