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on 24 July 2013
I'm currently on my THIRD Creative Soundblaster Recon3d Omega Wireless Gaming Headset. The first one proved faulty - the USB receiver/transmitter failed to power-up after limited use (apparently a problem encountered by a significant number of others). It was well within the warranty period and replaced it for me. The second one proved faulty in that the left ear cushion came away for no apparent reason and they are impossible to replace. Returned it to Creative and they have sent me a replacement product. Now, the 3rd set of headphones has the same problem as the first set - the complete loss of power.

I thought I would have to return this to Creative - and it is not cheap to do so! However, thank goodness have agreed to take it back and issue a full refund. At least my faith in Amazon remains unshaken!

I really regret purchasing these headphones and I will probably never buy a Creative product again. The problem with these headphones is the same as with many products now - 'Made in China' often equals shoddy, cheap manufacturing which leads to problem after problem.

I've contacted Creative and have challenged them to restore my faith in their products. I'll let you know if I receive any worthwhile response.

In the meantime, take my advice - DON'T BUY IT!

UPDATE: Creative offered me a 10% discount off the headphones if I purchase from their website. They are charging more than Amazon, so 10% equals £8.98 discount. Considering I told them that I had to spend nearly £12.00 posting the second set of headphones back to them by Royal Mail, I'm not impressed. I'll still be out-of-pocket and have no faith in Creative products. I'm really not impressed with this and still remain very disappointed with the product. I'll have to try something else . . . . sigh!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These headphones are practically faultless.

I was interested in seeing how they would work in my machine, especially as this is a new product and I am still plugging away on my old faithful XP Pro machine with SP3.

To be short, it plug and played with ease. The drivers were recognised, the audio settings configured themselves (which, to be fair, might have been annoying if I had any kind of surround sound setup installed). However, the control software that comes with these headphones does not work with XP. It can only be installed on Vista or above. Which is a smidge annoying.

That aside, the quality of the sound on these headphones is immensely good. I tested it listening to Hybrid, Beethoven, having a quick run around on Quake (yes, a machine with that on still) and Morrowind.

The range is also more than adequate - I managed to wander around 10 metres away before they finally packed in. Easily sufficient for purpose, unless you intend on playing your Xbox on a cinema screen. But then why on earth would you want a headset :)

The only con I can muster is the price.

Whilst the aesthetic of the set is fantastic - cool matte black, lightweight for all their size, and cool blue LEDs - the sound quality is still on a par with the Sennheiser X320 Gaming Headset for XBox 360 and these are, at time of writing, less than half of the price. Fair enough these are wireless, but more than twice the price is a high premium to pay for a relatively small perk if you are simply going to game in the comfort of your own room.

Definitely get them - but perhaps wait for the price to drop below £200.
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on 15 March 2014
Lets cut to the pros and cons as that's all that you guys need to hear:


Sounds great, the 50mm drivers that emulate the full 3d sound are perfect (yes it emulates 3d, but the sound processor box that comes with the headset is powerful enough to do it amazingly well)
Feels comfortable and hugs your head when you first get them.
Works on PC perfectly (never tried xbox or ps3 but I assume works great too)
Mic picks up just perfect and sounds good.
THX mode makes movies and music sound great!


Most importantly build quality:
SB claims its "Built like a tank", yes it has a metal band within the plastic of the headband, but it dosent act any different to the cheap plastic and still becomes lose, Within a week you will notice the creaking (even while your wearing it) of the ear cups, if you move your head or tilt it they make a creaking sound, so even with music playing you move your head and you will still hear the cheap plastic creaking. and so will any one your speaking to on say skype/teamspeak.

Lack of stand:
What I mean is the recon3d omega dosent come with the headset stand like the tactical3d does, so features such as a stand is rather a sad thing to see missing, for the price your paying. ...why creative? why does the higher tier headset not come with the basics a lower tier does?

Scout Button:
The so called Scout button, in theory its great and in practice sometimes, yes it works, you can hear "footsteps" but most the time it will just pick up ANY lowish noise and drown out any footsteps, thus being the opposite of what it was ment to be good for.

CrystalVoice in the software:
OH god just turn it off before you even attempt anything, its broken, its broken, oh my god is it broken! crystal voice? more like distorted hell of a voice! bad bad software! (and no i dont have any FX selected to change my voice) it just is bad!

Yes we are here again im afraid, first pair, ear cup fell off ,not the padding but the entire left ear cup, ie only a cable kept it attached, yes Cheap plastic hinges, remember the creaking i mentioned, its riddled with it. 3 months in on the "new" headset, the band is getting lose and the cups feel very loose and wobble, ie CHEAP PLASTIC (I think your getting the idea now, this isnt no "Tank" build quality, if it was god help all the soldiers in the world)

Stupidly high price for such cheap plastic, if they had just spent more in the build quality (yes i know it would of added extra weight to a already extremely heavy headset but least it would of lasted longer)

Battery Life:
When you first get it, the battery is good, lasts for like 8 hours a charge, but soon your start noticing the BEEP after 6 hours, and even if you plug your headset in, it may not charge and continue to beep until you turn it off (seems very finicky at times)

SoundBlaster Return Policy:
only 1 return allowed....well thats great as the "new" replacement they sent, well the battery is definitely a bit iffy so im guessing its a refurb that had battery dying issues that wasnt fully resolved, and its starting to feel loose to the point it prob fall apart again, so yeah its not a long term investment buying soundblaster headsets.

So all in all this is the best and worst headset ive owned, i love it and hate it at the same time, would i suggest others buy it... for sound and just how good it is yes, would i feel bad for suggesting it, yes it will probably brake and leave you pennyless in the process. (did i mention its expensive?)
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on 3 December 2014
I bought this to use between my XBox 360, PS3 and Windows Vista/7 PCs, all work fine and it's fairly easy to unplug.

XBox 360 (E) - The soundcard interfaces with the XBox 360 via Optical Audio, but since mine is the XBox 360 E model I'm using the Optical Output from my TV instead, and also using one of the USB ports to power the soundcard. With the 360 Slim model, it can be plugged straight into the back of the console via the optical out, but it works just fine through the one on my TV. The chat function is through a supplied chat cable which plugs into the gamepad, the microphone can also be a little directional, and sometimes I have to speak at slightly higher than normal volume for the console to pick up my voice, okay in normal conditions, but not so good when there are people sleeping in the next room. However, this may be down to the XBox 360 itself not being able to turn up the sensitivity. When it does pick up that chat, I'm told it's fairly clear.

PS3 Slim - The PS3 needs the soundcard to be plugged into the USB (not sure if other models of PS3 have USB ports in the back, but the Slim doesn't, so the USB cable goes in the front) on the console itself for the microphone to work, but this means the headset becomes truely wireless. Mic sensitivities can also be turned up on the console, so voice is usually picked up without having to be raised.

PC - the accompanied software works on the PC (shame that it doesn't work on XBox 360 or PS3) and can be used to alter the user's voice. There are many presets from old lady to robot which can be amusing.

Sound quality is good, the (built-in) battery life is okay for me, but if I forget to charge it up after every medium-length use then it can run out in the middle of a session. I have a portable external battery for USB devices so it's not a deal breaker, but it'd be nice if there is some way to see how much charge there is left before I start a session. Currently it only tells you of a low battery with a fairly quiet beeping sound from the earcups, which I often miss in the middle of a firefight.

Having tried out a set of powered noise-cancelling headphone from another famous brand (it's not wireless and doesn't have a mic), these are certainly not noise cancelling (and they don't claim to be), which would have made them better.

The earcups can also be about 50% larger, this is so they go over and cup my ears rather than sitting on them, especially when I have glasses on the arms tend to dig in after an hour or so.

Overall I'm pretty happy with these, but I'll be looking out for a better gaming headset when they are more reasonably priced.
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on 31 May 2013
When i first received this product, I thought it was great. The sound quality was by far the best i had heard with all the additional features allowing u to change the sound to your preference (Sound Blaster Recon3D Control Panel).

The Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D External Sound Card word as expected and I had no issues with.

Now to the cons -
The headphone padding seems a little thin in length so my ears would touch the speaker part and would slowly start to ache to the point i had to take them off.

Build quality in my opinion isn't as great as they make it out to be - especially being a £180 headset, my first headset broke at the point where it allows the headphone to swivel, turns out that part is made out of a thin piece of plastic... poor quality picture but helps understand where it broke. Also the mic decided to stop working all together and being a gaming headset you would think it wouldnt be so easy to do and you would be able to find a spare one on the soundblaster website which you can't. An additional note: I took care of this headset like i had no other - previous headsets which I had I dropped on the floor etc and there wasn't a problem.

My second headset - when I received the product it wouldn't charge so I had to leave the charging cable in to use it which was fine because I had a usb near by but it defeats the object of buying a wireless headset, I thought it would be fine to just use without a working battery then the mic on this one decided to go as well.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone purely because of the fact the build quality and ergonomics of the ear padding isn't great. no where near worth the price at which the product is being sold for.
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on 27 February 2014
I sent it back and got a refund as the sound quality was pretty shocking and the damn controller was broken anyway. Best thing I ever did as for the same price I was able to pick up an audiophile quality sound card and some high-end headphones instead.

I've also come to realise that Creative Soundblaster products are usually cheap gimmicky stuff anyway now. No doubt the die-hard Creative fans will disagree, but when you've had a taste of the finer things you can tell the difference quite clearly.
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on 12 January 2013
This item is a good one, there is good quality and they are very light weight. We have had a couple of problems wi these. We have had to send back two lots of these already as the wiring in the twisting earphones becomes loose and stops the sound from working in one of earphones. Amazon have been great and replaced these with a new product twice. We will be keeping an eye on these one and I guess if it happens again then go with another make. Well worth still giving them a go as they are good quality.
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on 7 May 2014
First off I'm going to point out that the newer model which is retailing for £200+ is far too expensive for this product. The overall quality is superb and deserves a reasonably high price tag, the £150-160 mark is probably as high as you want to shell out for these; sadly the great sound does come at a price (not just on your wallet) but to comfort.

Personally I wouldn't say my ears are large and flappy like an elephant but they are a reasonable size, the earcups sit on my ears and not around them like other headphone types. After a couple of hours they cause my ears to ache not to a level where I need to stop using them but there is a slight discomfort. Some headphones begin to hurt the top of your head and so far I have not felt any discomfort there. They are extremely light and apart from the ear issue, they are a comfortable pair to wear.

Sound quality is amazing and it really does excel in both gaming, movies and music. The software provided is great and has some useful tools. Set up is easy and it only takes a few minutes to get everything up and running.

The microphone attachment is good and the voice quality is of an extremely high quality.

I did find it slightly off putting when watching a film in the dark as the pulsating lights from the headset could be seen in the corner of my eye, it didn't take long to get used to it but might want to consider that as I do not think it can be switched off.

I noticed in other reviews people saying about the low battery situations and not being able to use them whilst charging. This in my opinion is dependent on where your pc is situated and/or available usb ports. My keyboard has usb slots and I can plug the headset in and use it in a wired configuration. It does last between charges and I continuously use it.

If you can get these for around the £140-£160 mark you have done well, paying £200 is not a rip off but I would definately consider what else is in the market before shelling out, you won't have made a bad choice in any case but you never know.


+ Light weight
+ Great sound quality in all aspects
+ Great Battery Life


- Price
- Slight discomfort during prolonged use


After only 4 months the left earcup has snapped off. I am very gentle with them and the damage only occured when placing them on my head. My previous review still stands but I have dropped the rating from 4* to 2* as the build quality should be better for the price! 5* to Amazon for immediately offering a full refund for the defective item.
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on 21 April 2013
This product is really worth the money and I am still using it now, Really great sound and I have it both plugged into my PC and Xbox so I can talk to friends on Xbox and game on PC ore vice verse.
But in my opinion because it uses its own sound card (perfect if you don't have a good sound card on PC anyway) it is limited in the sense you cant improve it whereas you can get better sound cards for PC in the first place.
Secondly I find with rechargeable things after being charge over a long period of have these pair the charge slowly begins to degrade like that of rechargeable battrys.
Overall great product and really worth the money but don't expect them to last longer than 2-4 years.
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The headphones were perfect for my husband as his Christmas present was the new Call of Duty game for Xbox and he was really pleased when I gave him these to play with too. Now my husband is one of those blokes who doesn't do instructions, but will instead, open the box and want to get going straight away. He did, on this occasion, however decide to read the instructions for this headset to set it up correctly but he found the instructions very difficult to follow and set up took a long time to get connected to the X Box, which of course wasted valuable game time!

Once the headset had been set up, my husband was very impressed with the product. They look great, fit well and are comfortable to wear. The sound quality is excellent and are great to use with the modern warfare style games.

This headset is rather expensive at over £200 but is a top product which my husband will recommend to all his gaming friends.
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