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Did you know that Crayola produces nearly 3 billion crayons each year, an average of twelve million daily. That's enough to circle the globe 6 times. Learn More.

Be Creative

At Crayola we never tire of finding new fun ways to inspire children to draw and paint and are constantly creating new exciting products. Just take a look at Colour Explosion, mess-free Colour Wonder and new Doodle Doug, the scribbly scrawly creepy crawly, they are all sure to set every child's imagination spinning. See more Creative Crayola Products.

Crayola Facts

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Crayola ensures every product is of a high quality standard. For example, Crayola Crayons are double wrapped for extra strength and have minimal flaking for less mess, while the Crayola Washable Dry Erase range rinses off painted walls leaving virtually no marks. Learn More.

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Welcome to Crayola at Amazon.co.uk. Keep your child amused for hours on end with this exciting and fun range of colouring products, activity kits and creative toys from Crayola, the No. 1 arts and crafts brand. You'll find all you need here. Shop for Creations, Colouring Books, Creative Toys, My First Crayola and more.

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Here on our Crayola Store front page you can shop for Crayons, Pencils, Pens and Crayola Sets. Find Activity Kits, Colouring Books, Creative Toys, Modelling Material, Paints, Pens and Washable Dry Erase. You'll also find Crayola Beginnings, Mess Free Colour Wonder, Glow Explosion for fun in the dark, Crayola Creations, Crayola Outdoors and of course Classic Crayola. You can also visit our Toys & Games Store to explore everything we have to offer.