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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2005
Well i wouldn't say i was a huge fan of Natalie Imbruglia, however, i do have all of her albums, so maybe i'm lying to myself. The third album to come from this ex-soap beauty, and what a long way she's come since Ramsey Street.
Counting Down The Days is an excellent return to form. I wasn't a huge fan of her previous offering finding it a bit weak. However, i was still quite excited when i heard about this album, as i was hoping she could recapture the energy of her debut, Left Of The Middle. Well...i was wrong it's totally different to LOTM, however its different in a good way. Its a very mature album, by mature i don't mean for old people, i just mean more character defined, and you can get a sense of what type of person Natalie is on this album, which sounds like a fresh debut from a young talented singer/song writer.
This album finds Natalie pushing sweet melodic pop. Gone is the angst of Torn, Wishing You Were There, and That Day, replaced with confident and beautiful songs. Im wracking my brains trying to compare her with someone, possibly Lene Marlin or maybe Jewel, but i don't think its entirely possible to compare her with anybody contempory.
Stand out tracks are Satisfied, a slightly chirpy number, Shiver, her new single, and Perfectly. However, this albums gels together and is an excellent listen if you want to relax. An excellent return to form, anybody who is a fan of deep but not too instense radio friendly adult pop will love this as much as i do.
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on 29 March 2005
The half star is deducted for the unnecessary addition of the extra instruments in the title track. The hawaiian guitar in particular is annoying.
Otherwise this is a cracker of a CD with a bit of a personality. On first listen the first half dozen tracks can sound a bit similar and a bit bland (maybe because I'm really not a fan of slower tracks) before the CD leaps to life with Sanctuary. But several listens later I must admit they're growers and I'm even starting to forgive the tubular bells on the title track.
The real talent for me on this CD however is in the second half dozen tracks. On The Run is a superb showcase for Ms.Imbruglia's vocals, one of those tracks where you have to stop whatever you were doing so you can listen properly. And while Honeycomb Child sounds similar to the work of several other singers and groups you just can't help but like it.
I think its safe to say this is a CD I'll be putting on my 'in constant use' CD shelf.
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This Album is even better than Left Of The Middle - I thought it was good on first hearing and it just gets better and better with every playing. Natalie's vocals are really soulful at times and pitched perfectly for the mood of each song. There is some really good contrasting styles here - the pop-friendly 'Shiver' and 'Counting Down The Days' to the haunting and touching 'On The Run'and 'When You're Sleeping'. I just hope we get a tour now!!
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on 29 April 2005
Natalie Imbruglia returns with her 3rd offering. Counting Down The Days is a well crafted accoustic pop album, her songs are radio friendly yet not dull. Lyrically they are great and she manages to avoid the simple rythming of words.
This album hit no 1 in the UK and it's not hard to see why, Natalie has a hauntingly beautiful voice that is not really comparible to any one else out there at the moment.
This album manages to bridge the gap between White Lilies Island and Left Of The Middle perfectly. Natalie seems to have found her own style on this album.
Stand out tracks
Counting Down The Days
I wont Be Lost
On The Run
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on 10 April 2005
I think that the 'Shiver' song is blinkin' brilliant; especially the video (the video track is only playable on a PC, and the video track is on one of the two singles).
I am so glad the Natalie hasn't fallen for the idea that an artist has to issue a recording reasonably regularly.
Although I don't think some of the tracks are that memorable, most of them are. Well done.
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on 9 April 2005
Reviewers in the press are calling this album Natalies 'comeback', which I think is slightly unfair, as her previous album 'White Lillies Island' was superb possibly a better album, which is not to say this isn't a good listen. It's only a comeback in as much as the previous album didn't sell well.
The album starts really well, the upbeat and inspiring 'Starting Today', followed by the beautiful first single 'Shiver' and the one of two very poppy tracks on the cd, 'Satisfied' which has got be a single. The title track is slow and melancholic, and also a good track but not the strongest, as her vocal is slightly weak on the chorus. I'm not going to review each track separately, but my highlights are: 'Slow down' (which reminds me of the Carpenters), 'Come on home', which is a stunning, painful, though simple ballad, which I have listened to over and over - the use of the guitar and mandolin together is amazing. If this were the only track worth listening to on the album, the money would not have been wasted, the 2 poppier tracks, 'Satisfied' and 'Sanctuary' (upbeat guitar pop track let down slightly by a lazy chorus), and the gorgeous 1st single and track 1 are all worthy of mention.
Is fair to say this is a really well written album; filled with guitar driven pop / ballads, often melancholic, beautifully sung and written. Natalie Imbruglia is without a doubt a singer first, and actress second, and should be recognised as such.
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on 23 March 2006
I didn't actually like Natalie that much. It always seemed to me that the first songs she released from an album were the best. Torn and That Day for instance. Whilst flicking through the box one night, I saw that Nat was once again back, and had a new single "Shiver". I thought this would follow suit, and be the best off the album.
I wasn't that impressed with Shiver, but over time it did grow on me somewhat. My flatmate bought the album, Counting Down The Days, and I stole it from her one night when she was out to give it a listen. I was blown away! The rest of the album (ok with the exception of the last song - Honeycomb Child [Natalie WHAT WERE YOU THINKING]) was fantastic. My favourite songs are Starting Today, Perfectly, Satisfied and When You're Sleeping (which at the time I thought was one of the sweetest songs I'd ever heard).
All in all this album is great. Buy it you won't be disappointed! There are a lot of songs on it that should have been singles instead of Shiver!
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on 17 April 2005
High quality pop music. Some real stand out tracks like the quirky Satisfied (a brilliant song that took me by surprise), Counting Down the Days (great drums and soaring chorus), Come on Home, and Sanctuary, as of course Shiver.
Takes a couple of listens to have its full impact, but is definitely worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 12 July 2005
The years that it takes Natalie Imbruglia to complete albums are invariably well worth the wait. Like Kate Bush before her, Imbruglia is a real musical perfectionist, discarding whole albums' worth of material and not releasing a note until it's polished to perfection. "Counting Down the Days" is her third album, and sufficiently different from the first two to be a real breath of fresh air for her long-standing fans, as well as one of the most finely-crafted pieces of pop in years.
On first listening, there's nothing on "Counting Down the Days" to equal the emotional angst of her first two albums. The thought-provoking depth of classic earlier tracks such as "Pigeons and Crumbs" and "Come September" is largely absent. Disappointing at first, perhaps - but a repeat listening makes it clear that this album reflects an older and wiser Natalie, now happily married and able to enjoy the sunshine where perhaps before she would have brooded on the clouds. The result is one of the warmest, most life-affirming albums I've heard in years. The production is a little less complex than on "White Lilies Island", allowing the simpler ballads and the crystal beauty of her voice to shine through unencumbered. Every note has been so finely crafted that each song is more or less instantly hummable - some have a danger of lodging themselves in your subconscious for weeks at a time.
The album opener, "Starting Today", clocks in at less than three minutes yet sets the tone magnificently. A more life-affirming song it's difficult to find. The first single, "Shiver", breaks no new ground in terms of melody and substance, but still manages to be one of the catchiest, most delightful melodies you'll hear all year. From here onwards the territory is mostly easy-listening pop/light rock, but there are a few surprises hidden away, such as the exuberant driving guitars of "Sanctuary" and "Perfectly" (recalling her indie-rock-chick debut in 1997), and the tubular bells (wedding bells?) of the title track. "On the Run" is almost a nod in the direction of Kate Bush and provides one of the few darker moments on the album, while "Honeycomb Child" with its Beth Ortonesque accompaniment and trancey vocals offers a little bit of experimentation and a hint of deeper things yet to come. My personal favourite though has to be "Counting Down the Days" itself; beginning with a sparse, unaccompanied vocal line, the song crescendos to become the most addictive melody I've heard in months, I defy anybody not to be humming this after three or four listens.
In short, while this album may not break any new ground, it cements Natalie's reputation as one of the most talented singer/songwriters of her generation, and is sure to open up her music to a generation who may have missed her the first time around. Definitely one to recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 7 April 2005
After hearing the single 'Shiver' I thought I would invest in this album. I own the 'Left of the Middle' recording but not 'White Lillies Island' so can only comment on the growth between the two.

Obviously this new recording is a few years down the line so you can't expect Imbruglia to be in the same place lyrically. The songs on Counting Down The Days are more musically uplifting as demonstrated in the first single 'Shiver' - infectious melodies with a strong emphasis on the acoustic guitar and/or piano. The other songs on this album are quite similar atmospherically to 'Shiver' without sounding too similar. I was disheartened to read that 'When You're Sleeping' was a B side to the 'Shiver' single as I found this a particularly beautiful inclusion to the album.

If you were impressed by 'Shiver' get this CD - I think this third outing really proves Imbruglia as an artist; I'd be surprised if anyone really remembered how she was once on Neighbours because she's come so far.
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