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Needless to say there is no colour with the night vision and it is a lot grainier than in daylight. I found that my initial recording seemed to only go out a few metres. However, when using the supplier's video player you can change the Gamma setting so that you can see a lot further - my garden is 30feet long and I could see myself at the end using this adjustment. Personally, I am quite happy with this camera for day and night use.
27 days ago by TheDoc
Yes is the answer - depending on the frame size of the window, I had a glass storage jar with a cork top. So simply secured it to the top of the jar. Depending on which computer you have you wiil software to convert the recordings from Micro SD card which you have to purchase. 32 gig will give you 14 days recording. Then the camera records over the previous recording. Good bit of tech. I have publish hits at what soft you will need, under comments.
14 Jul 2014 by SFGR RANGER
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