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on 24 April 2011
This is a really clear read, and doesn't take too long to get through!

It details how the body reacts, and how the reactions are necessary. It holds with the sensible idea that vaccinations are both unnecessary and dangerous. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants a basic understanding of the immune system, and it is essential for parents to make an informed decision as to the vaccination of their offspring. I have a heavily vaccinated child, as well as an unvaccinated one, and the difference in general health and vitality is astounding.

I believe that every parent should become "informed" and should they choose not to fall for the fear factor thrown at them then they should get a good homeopath and enjoy the journey, watching how a healthy body can actually benefit from an immune response.

I hope you read this and choose to create a healthy child and get a good homeopath.

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on 19 May 2010
This short 50 page booklet by homeopath and biochemist, Trevor Gunn, is very challenging to our assumptions about health, sickness and vaccination. The main question that is asked is 'Do germs cause disease?' This is one of the myths of modern medicine which has lead to the widespread use and abuse of antibiotics and ultimately the lowering of vitality and immunity as a result.

Trevor explains how the action of micro-organisms in disease is often wrongly credited to Louis Pasteur. Several years before Pasteur championed the cause of blaming disease on germs, Antoine Bechamp had already proved in his experiments that germs are all around us, both in the air and in our bodies. Rather than causing disease, they come afterwards when the conditions are right. First we become dis-eased and the integrity of the tissues reflects this, for example the tonsils might become swollen after a period of stress. The germs did not cause the tonsils to become swollen. For example, the flies around a cowpat are like the germs, they did not cause the cowpat, the flies and other micro-organisms come because they like the conditions and this is nutrition for them - they come to clean up. If you give a plant poor conditions - poor soil, too much water, too little sunlight, it will tend to get sick and the greenfly will come. The greenfly are all around, yet a healthy plant will not get greenfly. Is it any wonder that a swab of the throat for a person with tonsillitis will find a proliferation of certain germs?

Healthy people already have within their bodies the micro-organisms (such as Polio viruses, Hib, E.Coli, Streptococcus) that are often associated with serious infectious illnesses, yet they produce no symptoms at all. Only when natural immunity (vitality) is lowered through stress, poor nutrition and chronic disease does the body naturally produce symptoms as feedback to allow the owner to change what they are doing. In the West we spend huge amounts of time, energy and money `fighting' these symptoms. This is just `shadow boxing' and is really an insanity unless you are a drug company!.

Ironically, antibiotics whilst wiping out the micro-organisms (the let's nuke them all approach!), deplete the vitality further and create the very environment which germs thrive in. So starts the cycle of repeated infections and prescriptions of antibiotics. I've been there and got the t-shirt!

This booklet examines the false assumptions on which vaccination is based. It looks at what vaccines are made from and how they are used. "Basically you introduce a foreign cocktail into the blood and leave it there" (Trevor Gunn). Vaccines are usually injected as this avoids most of the bodies protective responses. If taken orally most people would get sick and have vomiting and diarrhoea to expel this toxic mixture.

Of great interest (to me at least) is the government evidence showing a huge decline in common diseases such as tetanus, whooping cough and polio long before vaccines were introduced. This was due to improvements in nutrition and hygeine.

Other topics include illness and susceptibility and how toxicity builds up within the body if it not allowed to discharge. Also examined are the consequences of acute disease and chronic disease and susceptibility. The booklet ends with a focus on polio, tetanus and travel vaccines and what the alternatives are. The author notes that the removal of the tonsils and the appendix and excessive use of sugar seem to be contributing factors in susceptibility to illnesses such as polio.

This is a potentially life changing booklet that I warmly recommend all parents to read.
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on 2 February 2009
Trevor Gunn gave this speech and it makes sober reading - using UK Office National Stats info he tracks the progressions of childhood diseases to show that vaccines have little or no impact in the decline of the diseases in fact most outbreaks are actually vaccine induced. he also makes the point that vaccines are not properly clinically tested.

What he does not tell you is how UK drs are paid by the govt to get compliance - up to a cool £3k not to ask questions and vaccinate ever younger babies
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on 16 March 2012
Most of the books I buy are as a result of watching the Edge Channel on SKY 200. If anyone is interested in the real truth about what is going on around us , they can listen to the authors' story and learn about available books so they can read in more depth.
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on 24 August 2014
very interesting book.
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on 4 February 2015
Useful easy read, informative
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on 27 March 2015
Excellent thankyou
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on 29 April 2013
I discovered this horrific little book in a physiotherapy waiting room and just had to read it.

The price is just £4.99, but it may end up costing the life of a loved one, so please avoid following the central message, which is that vaccination does not work and should be avoided.

The book is full of half explained and poorly constructed ideas with allusions to 'evidence', but with nothing real to back it up. It's written in a simplistic style that is easily accessible for the easily taken in.

The author is a self-confessed homeopath, yet asks us to trust his ability to interpret evidence of treatment efficacy. You'll of course recall that homeopathy is no longer available on the NHS due to the fact the there is no reliable evidence that it offers any demonstrable benefits to patients.

Various quacks have 'challenged' the value and safety of vaccines, namely Andrew Wakefield (disgraced medic who has been struck off the GMC register), only to be found wanting. However, people are keen to believe in conspiracies (a flaw Trevor Gunn likes to exploit with his books) and are often taken in. This isn't so bad when they are being sold worthless remedies for feeling generally ill-at-ease (i.e. homeopathy), but becomes highly dangerous when applied to anxious parents trying to make important decisions about vaccinating their children.

The current measles epidemic in the UK is a good example of the problem with this type of book and the author should be ashamed of himself for peddling such piffle.

Please, for the sake of your loved ones, do not buy this book. Instead, go to reputable sources for your health information.

Since writing this review, I've done a little searching for information about the author and found this interesting newspaper article about his imprisonment for fraud. Search for Trevor Gunn and The Argus - dated 1st March 2012.
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