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Its basically a canister of air, it comes out as a loud spray noise and stops/interrupts the animal during unwanted behaviour. You dont spray it directly at the animal though. I have found it very useful for when my dog jumps up at people. Just to see the can in my hand is now the deterrent for her. Use it along with a command, i.e 'down' and they learn pretty quick. Its also good for 'leave/drop it' commands. My dog behaviourist also recommended it. =:o)
26 days ago by SSP-AmazonMad!
Not on my dog, he actually thinks it is a game!!!!! It has worked with my mother's two though.
6 May 2014 by P. G. Baker
Difficult to say to be honest but I think it would certainly be worth a try. It's just remembering to keep it close by so you can use it each time the kitten is biting and be consistent. Good luck
13 Jun 2014 by Mrs. Beverley J. Daniel
doesn't work at all . my dog completely ignored it. waste of money
10 May 2014 by Eve Sussex
I suppose it could but I used Grannicks Bitter Apple spray which states "The powerful taste deterrent invented by a pharmacist in 1960 discourages fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots". The pet corrector is good for stopping our Jack Russell terrier from jumping on the furniture. I hope this helps. Good luck.
8 Apr 2014 by Bongo,Herts
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