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3.6 out of 5 stars25
3.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2009
Just a quick note to anybody interested about this film and Amazon's review of the DVD being 'bare bones' - please remember that this UK version is a longer cut of the film than the US release (even on the special edition, which isn't that special to be honest). And even though the film is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio, the R1 'widescreen' release is the same image but cropped at top and bottom and forced into 16:9 - also the picture quality is better on the Region 2 release. The 'Special Edition' has an audio commentary - not about the film but about aliens and is not terribly interesting, as well as some deleted scenes and notes. THIS is the version to get.
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Communion is directed by Phillipe Mora and adapted for the screen by Whitley Strieber from his own book of the same name. It stars Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse and Francis Sternhagen. Theme music is by Eric Clapton, with the musical score by Allan Zavod. Photography is by Louis Irving, with locations for filming at Big Bear Valley and Running Springs in California.

"Based on the true story of one American family"

It continues to be a controversial movie to this very day, its subject matter, that of alien abduction/experiments, one that ensures the most divisive of audiences. Director Mora insists it's a film for those of an open mind, triumphantly proclaiming that he made a deliberately ambiguous and agnostic film against the big studios wishes. The trouble here is not in the subject matter, for it is a fascinating story, true or not, the problem is that the director isn't sure what to do with such material. In his attempt to flip the finger at the big wigs refusing to back his movie, he's made a mess of a picture. At times genuinely creepy, potent even, at others laughable and tacky. Were it not for a powerhouse eccentric performance from Walken, this would not be worthy of further inspection. It also feels like a collage of other sub-genre movies, eschewing the philosophy and scientific theories of Strieber's best selling book, in favour of Walken wielding a shotgun and freaking out under the inevitable hypnosis treatment. Strieber would later claim dissatisfaction with the movie, which while consistent with his own inconsistencies, is quite understandable. Because whether you believe or not, at the core is an intriguing and provocative story, sadly this film, in trying to be smug, loses the plot quite early on. 5/10
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on 29 April 2009
I read the book and was looking forward to the film. I should not have bothered - the relationship between this film and Streiber's book is absolutly coincidental. I cannot believe that he wrote and produced it himself.

Both the script and Walken's off-the-wall performance strip Streiber's account of any credibility whatsoever. The scene with Walken performing an awkward lambada with grooving green goblins in a Nordic sauna-like spaceship had me in stitches... Don't even mention it.
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on 12 December 2015
This is a wonderful film that is incredibly difficult to view in this country so finding a seller in Italy that can send the original version, (no dubbing), just Italian subtitles, is marvellous. The film has a great soundtrack by Eric Clapton and tells the story of a man that has been abducted by aliens. It is a slow burner of a film but the writing makes an incredible story, strange believable! I think it is based on a true story but having never read the book, I cannot say how accurate it is. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase.
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on 9 June 2016
This has got actors and directing and all that sort of thing, it's a film. The plot doesn't do a lot for me (I'm not a believer in ET, abduction and all that) but the major thing that made it difficult for me to sit and watch it is a really thin soundtrack. All the work is wasted by this, it doesn't achieve the atmosphere that it could and should. Fire in the sky is much better. Surprising.

The product itself arrived perfectly and promptly, as (I find) orders from Amazon always do.
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on 25 October 2009
Last week I got hold of a copy of the book 'Communion' by Whitley Strieber. It's one of the scariest books i've read and utterly fascinating. When I finished I discovered they had made a movie of the book. As a film lover I was really excited. More so because it would be good to see a visual representation of some of the things Whitley described.

You can always forgive a movie for changing small aspects of a true story. Sometimes it needs it to move the story along, or to just add a bit of extra tension. To be honest, if they had stuck with the book 100% it would have been perfect as it was. But so much was different from the book. I felt as if some crumby screenwriter was writing an original piece with the book there to lend a few ideas.

I'm a big fan of Christopher Walken. But I found his performance uncomfortable throughout... over-acting, wooden, too serious at times. I started to cringe during the abduction scenes, even turning it off at one point because I'd had enough.

The special effects (the aliens) were truly awful. Every time you saw them you couldn't help but hear the word 'RUBBER' screaming in your head. It distracted me away from the plot. Everytime I just thought about which Sesame Street episode they had stolen the puppets from.

The book is so good that it deserves to made into a film. However, this is not it. It screams 'low budget' (which is not always a bad thing, but in this case it's very bad!). It's just too laughable to be considered a serious film about quite a powerful and disturbing story.
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on 2 August 2015
I have the book so watching the film was a treat. The film is quite old so the special effects are limited, the aliens are a little tongue in cheek which is superseded by Christopher Walkens acting. I am a fan of his anyway. It was a good story line as per the book and very believable.
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on 3 September 2010
I've not read the book that this film is based on but I gather it's a fair bit different in content and style. The movie does a good job of presenting a spooky and very weird tale of one man's experiences with being abducted by aliens and Christopher Walken gives one of the best performances of his career. In fact, at times he often seems more alien and strange than the aliens themselves (who are a very odd bunch, it has to be said). The film has an unnerving, dreamlike feel to it, and the scenes onboard the alien spaceship are bizarre to say the least. But I think the movie succeeds very well in presenting the disorenting and unnerving experiences of alien abduction (which I fully believe is a real phenomena). The film also has a good soundtrack by Eric Clapton, which captures the strange mood.
Overall, Communion is a very underrated film indeed and a highlight of Christopher Walken's career.
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on 1 September 2001
A hokey, overtly serious adaptation of Whitley Strieber's alien abduction reminisces. A typically stone-faced Christopher Walken lifts the proceedings from its B-Grade roots with a suitably bemused and moody portrayl, giving some creedence to the dubious proceedings. If you have seen "Fire In The Sky" you will know what to expect...Lot's of unexplained flashing lights, aliens with ambiguous intentions and lashings of doubting expressions from the supporting cast. Despite this, the film is redeemed by a few genuine chills in the X-Files mould, and worth the wait for the E.T. appearances, only if you are prepared to wade through the swamp of "real-life" intimate family break-down drama.
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on 4 February 2016
Very happy have been after this movie for a while. I saw it many years ago when I was still in school and its always stuck with me. Well worth a watch.

And it had arrived in double quick time was not expeting it so quick
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