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4.3 out of 5 stars232
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2014
No, it's not just one quick scene of an arm being cut off after the shed attack. That was only cut in the BBFC cinema and VHS version. This UK release of "Commando" on DVD is loaded with further cuts. I love this movie and would give it 5 stars as a film but I'm here to review the DVD release to help purchasers, which is what all reviewers should do. Apparently the UK DVD release uses a German master from the German ultra-sensitive censor. None of these scenes are exclusive to a "Director's Cut", these are supposed to be in the official theatrical release. Here are some of the scenes cut on the UK DVD.

1. Man bringing out bins gets an extra shooting up by Cooke when on the ground.
2. Henrique, accompanying Matrix on plane has his neck broken.
3. Leg of table sticking through Cooke's stomach
4. Matrix slits a soldier's throat, while planting bombs (close-up)
5. Matrix stabs a man in the chest, while planting bombs (only the strangle is seen)
6. Matrix throws 2 knives at soldiers before massive attack
7. Shed-scene: Pitch-fork to the chest
8. Shed-scene: Axe to the groin
9. Shed-scene: Arm sliced off (This was the only scene originally cut by the UK censor)
10. Close-ups of pole in Bennet's stomach.

The Blu-Ray UK release has every one of these scenes restored but for those of us not getting roped into the Blu-Ray gimmick and over spending, we are denied an uncut DVD release of the theatrical version, not alone a Directors Cut release in the UK, which has even more scenes.
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on 18 July 2010
First of all the 1st review on this page is incorrect COMMANDO on Blu Ray is UNCUT compared to the standard DVD version its the U.S.THEATRICAL CUT which runs at 88 mins, the standard DVD runs at 85 mins. So COMMANDO fans we get to eventually see the TOOL SHED scene UNCUT -eg GARDEN FORK, PICKAXE, SAW BLADES & arm chopped off with MACHETTE... So picture quality is a step above the normal DVD, It still has grain visible but what can you expect the ACTION CLASSIC is 25 years old.. The sound quality is also good for the age of the film.. I can remember renting COMMANDO back in 86 and what an IMPACT it had "i loved it" Arnie is FANTASTIC, Full of ACTION & DARK HUMOUR, An 80's CLASSIC. "GO & BUY NOW"
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on 16 September 2010
First id like to say that this is a great movie, and judging it on it's own merits it is a fun and exciting 80s Arnie flick, cheesy sure, but a good popcorn flick none the less.

But why have we been given the 80s edited version on DVD? Especially when according to the BBFC web site all-previous cuts have now been waived, and a longer 88m version was passed with no cuts back in 2007?

Some people are criticizing the BBFC for this, but seeing as they have now waived all previous cuts, it can only be the studio that is to blame for not releasing an uncut version.
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on 31 March 2013
Perhaps the epitome of 1980s action and non-franchise Arnie product, Commando is a very dated and extremely entertaining action film full of great stunts, one liners and cheesy, gaptoothed Arnie goodness. Rae Dawn Chong plays a typical 1980s sidekick with some still-funny one liners (and some real groaners), Dan Hedaya (apparently in shoe polish) plays a deposed dictator from Val Verde (the same fictional Central American country from Predator and Die Hard 2), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Weird Science) plays Bennett, David Patrick Kelly oozes slime as Sully, some guy plays the Richard Crenna-role from Rambo and Bill Paxton shows up in a brief cameo (Arnie killed him in Terminator, and threatened him later in True Lies). All in all, a good cast.

Comic book writer Joseph "Jeph" Loeb was one of the writers of the script and it is probably him who contributed the memorable "rogue's gallery" of villains here - the "evil muscleman" Bennett, the "sleazy white guy" Sully, the "complacent psychopath" Cooke, etc - which makes the film so much fun to watch. The film is nicely situated between spoof and genuine thrilling action. Rather than undermine the film, the comedy here is to reinforce the thrills the film provides and knows you came for.

James Horner's score is quite good in a very cheesy way. While Horner has never done anything original in his life, he comes pretty close here - we can here lots of pre-echoes of the atmospheric militarism of his upcoming Aliens score, along with an extremely catchy melody performed on steelpan/steel drums. Also used are lots of keyboards (obviously), pan pipes (to indicate those of asian descent - really?) and, of course, the most 1980s instrument of all - the saxophone. Overall, it's extremely effective.

The film is definitely high on a list of great action films, from the heyday of excessive action, practical stunts and effects, and barely self-conscious thrills.

The UK Blu-ray is a straight port of the US one. The picture is good - grainy, no DNR. It's not the best picture you'll put on your TV but I shouldn't even need to say that. It's a fantastic HD representation of the film regardless. The sound is even more impressive - the lossless 5.1 really pumps the sound up loud, with only the bulldozer scene being somewhat problematic (tinny! noisy!). This is the US theatrical cut, by the way, uncensored in the UK for the first time since it's cinematic release (though this version has been screened on satellite television too), so we get the axe to the crotch, the severed arm, and the complete tool shed scene. Shame the director's cut, and commentary, could not be included as well, but it's no big loss.
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on 19 September 2011
This is just a short note to say the Blu Ray version of this gloriously over-the-top Schwarzenegger rampage is uncut as far as I'm aware,and does feature the "shed scene" in all of its glory.
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A great mid eighties action thriller from Arnold Schwarzenegger, this film is a perfect blend of action and one liners. It's a fine evening's entertainment for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing.

It's got all the ingredients. Arnie shows off his muscles gratuitously, and metes out deadly violence and killer one liners with equal ease. The script is perfectly suited to his talents, although it occasionally calls for the odd bit of exposition and provides some unintended humour as Arnie tries to get through some more complicated lines. There are plenty of nasty villains to contend with, and lots of impressive fight scenes as titanic gladiators do their stuff. Also present and correct the action film staple - an absolutely ridiculous plot more full of holes than a colander. The main bad guy has an evil and dastardly plan so convoluted, complicated and stonkingly daft that it's laughable. He is also a bad guy with a surprising lack of self preservation instinct. Thrown in with this are lots of big bangs as Arnie blows up and shoots anything that moves (and quite a few things that don't move). It's an absolutely perfect beer and pizza film full of nostalgia for those lads among us who grew up with eighties action film. 5 stars.
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on 6 July 2009
Like many other UK fans of this Arnie actioner, I was disappointed with my purchase of the pointless Region 2 DVD version (the version they showed on certain TV runs over the years even after the 'water-shed', devoid of a few gory scenes at the tool shed!!)

This good old VHS version was a relief!!

In spite of the censors, this has got to be one of Arnie's best films from the 80's. Unlike Rambo (which this is said to be a parody of), it was not made to be taken seriously. It delivers some of Schwarzenegger's best one-liners. Even the gorgeous Rae Dawn Chong has a go: "I read the instructions"!

I've watched this film endlessly over the years. When I was a kid, I was forever renting this and "Predator" from the local video rental shop and never got sick of it. That scene where Matrix has Sully dangling over the cliff and he says "I lied" is a classic.

As other reviewers have mentioned on here, it would be advisable to get the Region 1 DVD (if you have multi regional player) or this VHS version. For all you soon-to-be "Commando" owners, stay well clear of the Blu Ray (no difference) and Region 2 (bits missing) versions, folks!

A classic Schwarzenegger flick!!
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2009
Imagine you're a 10 year old boy at your best mate's house sifting through some videos his uncle has left at his house. You skip past the likes of Teen Wolf, Back To The Future, etc, but then see a video cover emblazoned with Arnold's sweaty muscular frame holding a huge gun! That was me 19 years ago and I saw a film that convinced me Arnie was a super human hero, even more so than James Bond.

Looking back now I can see the film for what it is, low budget sub A-Team cinema dressed around Arnie's insanely huge body and distinct accent, complete with cheapo SFX and carbon copy plot. Do I care? Not at all, this is and will always be one of my favourite films of all time! It's a retro cut that takes me back to the days of climbing trees and watching He-Man on a Saturday morning, only this film has a real life He-Man!!

I make no apologies for it, I love this movie.

"Remember when I promised to kill you last?" "That's right Matrix, you did!" "I lied."
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on 2 December 2010
This is totaly uncut the sound is DTS Wow it is a shame it is only region USA (it can be watched on playstaion 3 console)
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on 20 April 2004
Ok. Firstly this is a class action movie with Schwarzenegger at his bestbut.........its cut! Its not a subtle cut at that. Your left wondering if theDVD player just glitched.
I sat down to watch this epic and was gutted when I saw that the scene inthe aeroplane where he breaks a guys neck is removed (badly). I stoppedwatching and fast-forwarded to another commonly removed scene where hechops a guys arm off and yet again its badly cut. After that I gave upwatching it, I was wanting to see the 'greatest story ever told' not a cutup version fit for a seven o clock watershed. It gets four stars itsreally a 5/5 movie but this cut down no extras DVD brings it down. If Iwere you check out the American version it probably isn't cut. Why didthey cut it? that's a million pound question.
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