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4.7 out of 5 stars347
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2012
why can't a live dvd just show a band playing anymore??? If the music is good and the show is good, why can't this be the entertainment? Why do they insist on 600 different camera angles per beat? The opening track on this dvd is a joke. Its not a live recording at all, its simply a music video. There's absolutely no sense of 'been there' in the slightest.

It does improve slightly but i prefer a simple recording of a live performance and that's it. Coldplay are a great band with great songs and they do great shows. That's all i need to enjoy them. I wouldn't be surprised to see die hard style explosions added in future releases.
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on 14 November 2012
This , the first live DVD/blu-ray for the band to undertake in a few years is an informative , vibrant concert and gives a comprehensive background to one of the UK's successful bands. There has been many Concert/Documentary type films over the years by the likes of Madonna , Led Zeppelin , Duran Duran , and this is really the 2012 take on their Mylo Xyloto tour as was..
Capturing all the highs of some of the biggest (and smallest) venues we see the boys in all their working glory and in between songs , a rough mix of voice commentary by each band member as to the "hows" and "whys" of the bands ideas and concepts at this stage in their musical career..
The quality is fairly good , allot of grain in the darker picture edges due to the low-light , high speed shooting during production , and the sound mix is loud and sharp too.
There has been little fiddling or mucking about with any live performance and the atmosphere is resonant through the full 95 or so minuets of this well edited masterpiece.
Its COLDPLAY at their best , and all very enjoyable..My only grip is the length given most movies are at least over two hours long , and even one of their own live shows lasts at least that , and if they could have squeezed one or two more classics on like "Speed Of Sound" and "LOST" ...this would have been short of perfection.
Still what we have is good enough giving how long we have had to wait for any LIVE material that was not bootlegged or on U-tube and the Blu-ray transfer is sharp and makes you feel your back under a sea of paper butterfly's and glowing wrist-bands...
It may well be a while before they embark on anything as big as this , so enjoy their tour in all its Hi-Def glory !!
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on 20 November 2012
I found this film pretty deflating. One minute you are watching fantastic concert footage, the next minute someone starts talking over an easy listening score. Found myself reaching for the remote to skip these bits.
The performances are amazing and visually stunning but are let down by the ultra fast editing and ridiculous washed over haze effect that the director has added. I can't believe with today's camera technology that they actually filmed it with lo-fi equipment that would produce this god awful effect.
For a look at how concert films should be made, check out the new Noel Gallagher Blu-ray or Certifiable by The Police. I expected so much more from the worlds most visual band. An option to play just the concert footage without the fanboy documentary would have made this a 4* review & a true Hi-Def experience without the nasty fudging, grain effect would make it a 5* item. Just buy the DVD. The Blu-ray offers nothing extra visually.
A massive let down as it could have been something special! I gave this 3 stars rather than 2 because the appearance by Rihanna is a magical moment worth an extra star
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 December 2015
Coldplay are one of those bands who put so much effort into their gigs and, as it would so obviously appear, perform for the fans benefit rather than their own. This wonderful CD and DVD combo package is a fine memento of 'Mylo Xyloto', their fifth tour which began in 2011 and finished in 2012.

On the CD, you get to listen to a compilation of recordings which were taken from various concerts in Paris and France (mostly), Montreal, Canada, and Glastonbury, England, all in, strangely enough considering the title, recorded in 2011. Nine of the thirteen tracks appeared on Coldplay's then latest album 'Mylo Xyloto', with only the hits 'Yellow', 'Viva La Vida', 'Clocks' and 'Fix You' representing their older material, which might make it fill incomplete to less eager fans who will buy this anyway to hear the wonderful new songs performed out of the studio. Nevertheless, the result is a great listen of an energetic live band. Rhianna joined the boys on stage to perform the duet of 'Princess of China' with is also included here.

On the DVD, you have the chance to see all of the action take place, the set list and concert venues remain the same, with the only difference of this being that the track 'Violet Nail' only appears on the DVD. In between the performances, insightful commentaries from slotted in from each band members, along with behind-the-scenes tour footage. The running time in total is 104 minutes. What makes this disc even more appealing is how well shot the film was, with masterful editing capturing the excitement of the crowd, and with lots of different camera angels, we are able to see all of the action taking place from the comfort of home. If you really don't care own the CD to listen to, you can purchase the video separately here: Coldplay Live 2012 [DVD+CD--DVD Case]. Best of all, it is a Region Free DVD which will play the world over, and comes equipped with multi-language subtitle options. It is only rated a 15 certificate due to the frequent use of the F word.

'Coldplay Live 2012' is an excellent souvenir, and an insightful document of a concert experience from one of my favourite bands!
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on 27 November 2012
I bought this today as i thought their Glastonbury 2011 performance was really, really good. I can only say that i'm glad i've kept that show on my Sky HD box. The sound i have no complaints about, but i agree with the person who said on here that the picture is grainy and that it's a bit like watching a DVD. I'd say that at times it's more like watching a VHS. How the Queen at Montreal Blu Ray can shine & glow on my 50 inch tele despite being filmed in 1981 (!) yet this filmed over the past 12-18 months can look so different in comparison is beyond me. The person that did the Led Zep Blu Ray that i bought last week (the excellent 'Celebration Day') should have got their hands on this too. Shame, as Coldplay are on top form here & it's been ages since Coldplay have released anything you can watch. Still, the songs are great. Just skip the rather dull documentary bits in between. You can thank me later.
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on 29 December 2012
I have always loved Coldplay and they are an exceptional Band. If you are only just getting into their music then this is ideal and at the great price this CD/DVD is, it's a no brainer. The DVD is not just purely a live concert, in between some of the songs the band members talk frankly and you see some of the processes that go on in creating their live performances. The live performances are taken from several of their concerts that were made over the course of 2012 but the one that to me is so 'Jaw Dropping' is Paris and you really wish you were there experiencing it!!. The Band really do put a lot of thought and creativeness in the Live experience and I for one shall be going to one of their next shows in 2013. I was extremely impressed with the DVD and it shows just what a bunch of humble guys they really are, I have always admired Chris Martin but equally the other band members put in the same amount of energy to give a stunning performance! and to hear them talk they are just one of those very unique groups who you just naturally warm too!.
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on 12 July 2015
This is not a concert film as some people have said. It is a series of recordings from several different venues during the tour. This immediately impacts on the effect this has when it chops and changes. Far worse was the inept decision to insert the band's long monologues about how well they were doing between lots of the songs complete with typical vacuous pop images . That ruined the continuity completely. This should have been offered as a separate extra. The actual concert footage varied in quality but overall did not impress. That old cliché of intercutting between colour and monochrome for no good reason is here in abundance. For one of the world's top bands they could have got some better cameras as this does not look anything other than mediocre on blu ray. They could have got a better director too. Such a disappointment as the music was so good. I am very pleased that I only rented this from Lovefilm as it is a textbook example of how not to make a live video.
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on 21 March 2013
I first took notice of Chris Martin when I watched his solo performance at the 12.12.12. Concert for Sandy Relief. Got hold of the Coldplay Live 2012 DVD and what a joy to see a band that loves every minute of their performance. I'm at the stage where I am somewhat weary of middle of the road performers acting like divas, so it's refreshing when a truly excellent band just gets on with what they do best: entertain and inspire those who came to watch them.
The song "Viva la Vida" for some reason reminds me of Tennyson's Ozymandias: "My name is Ozymandias, King of kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair". And the irony of that poem is embedded in the words of this song that to me is one of the best written in very many years.
Because of this DVD I put Mylo Xyloto on my iPod and am giving it a serious listen. And my response to the last comment on the DVD is: "Thank you for making this fillum!"
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on 17 March 2013
This is so interesting and enjoyable. I especially loved it because I was at the concert, so it brought back all the memories of each song played. Coldplay are amazing live, I have never seen anyone as good. Chris Martin has an amazing presence, sooo much energy and so entertaining. John Mayer used to be my favourite singer of all time but went to see him at the Albert Hall and it was just no different from sitting listening to his album I could have stayed at home rather than trek to London. He seemed to think we should all be honoured to be there with him whereas Coldplay seemed honoured to play for us and gave us an amazing show, engaged the audience and they were so humble. It is surprising how seeing a band live can affect how you enjoy their music. I no longer listen to John Mayer.
A long awaited dvd of Coldplay, my fav band. I just wish it was location free because am moving to USA soon.
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on 2 April 2013
As a big Coldplay fan who seen the Mylo tour twice, I bought this DVD the day it came out with much enthusiasm. As a fan I like to watch a complete concert from start-to-finish as that's the way it happens live. While there's some great songs here and concert footage, there are far too many gimmicky stencil type drawings overlayed with the actual live footage from various venues and the documentary parts in between songs are far better suited to the 'extras' on a blue ray. It is not a patch on the 2003 live concert from Sydney which is far better musically all be it not nearly as good as the Mylo light and visuals. In summary - as the first live DVD for nearly 10 years it was not as good as I hoped. As a fan you should still buy it but you will be reaching for the 'next song' button like I was after 5 mins...Coldplay Live 2012 [CD+DVD--CD Case]
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