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4.7 out of 5 stars29
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The set consists of 8 non stick pans and 5 glass lids which should cover most peoples cooking requirements and certainly cover ours. The steel handles are covered in a silicone cover to prevent you burning your hands and are a longer length compared to our old pans so we keep having to remember to check where we are gripping the handle so as not to miss the silicone part but now that we are getting used to the pans I find that I like the longer handle length.
Unlike most non-stick pans the box etc advises that you can use metal utensils on them and that these would be safe however I am a bit dubious about this and so to err on the side of caution we are still using plastic or wooden utensils with them just to be safe. Also we are taking care when cleaning them and ensuring not to use a metal scourer etc so as to protect the non-stick finish as we have inadvertently damaged pans in the past by using metal utensils and harsh abrasives when cleaning so have definitely learnt our lesson!
The pans are a good weight whilst not being too heavy and they really do look very smart in the kitchen. The handles also have a hook on the end of them incase you wish to hang your pans and as these are so nice looking I am seriously considering getting a pan hanger instead of using the normal pan drawer. A really good set of pans which would make a brilliant replacement or starter set and having had both cheap and expensive pans in the past I personally feel it is more cost effective to buy a decent set rather than having to replace cheap sets more regularly as the better sets really do seem to last when taken care of. I shall update this review should any faults etc develop on the pan set and so unless this review is edited the pans are working perfectly and are still in good condition. I fully foresee these lasting a good while as the quality of them seems to speak for itself.
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on 3 December 2013
I didn't realise that I was cooking with stone age pans until I got these set of Circulon cookware set on the black Friday deal.

Great price for a great set of non-stick pans. Cleans like a whistle in no time at all. You only need a small amount of cooking oil when frying anything and they stay so clean that washing the pans after use takes so little time. The water drips off like the coat of a seal and needs very little drying.

I feel like I've just stepped into the future. Amazing!

What are you waiting for? Throw out all your old pans and invest in these, you won't regret it. I didn't!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a large set of hefty hard anodized (aluminium) non stick pans that will cover many of your cooking pan requirements. They are suitable for most cooker types apart from induction. There are three saucepans, a roomy stock pot and three skillets (frying pans) and a large sauté pan. There are 5 glass lids that will cover the saucepans, stock pot and sauté pan. There is also an instruction leaflet included with how to use / clean and cook with the pans which can be very different depending on the material the pans are made from. This seems to be a multi product leaflet that covers many different ranges of pans. Also the leaflet appears to use Americanised cooking terminology.

The lids fit on quite snugly and the glass means you can see how you food is cooking without having to lift the lid. The pans feel nicely balanced and work well on a gas hob, and seem to heat up well and evenly (as when frying pancakes and making omelettes they browned and cooked evenly. They are non-stick pans and did not need more than a few drops of oil for cooking and meat did not catch and burn in the pan.

The handles are partial covered with a silicone rubbery coating, making them cool enough to handle and have a good grip, I found that you needed to be careful not to hold the handle too close to the body of the pan as this part of the handle is not covered with the silicon rubber and does get very hot. The pans can be put in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (according to the instruction leaflet) which is approximately 175 degrees Celsius or Gas Mark 4, which is great if you are making a casserole or keeping food warm in the oven. However, these pans are not suitable for going under the grill (broiler in the instruction leaflet).

These pans (which are hard anodized) are not recommended for cleaning in a dishwasher but are very easy to clean and even sticky rice residue and dried on egg came off without any problems with hand washing. Overall, this is a comprehensive set of pans of varying sizes, most of them would be used quite frequently and should last a long time. This is great set if you are planning to replace a lot of pans at the same time.
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on 11 January 2015
I purchased these pans in july of this year & held of reviewing for a few months I can confirm I have absolutely no regrets these pans have been absolutely fantastic. Based on their performance i would recommend the set over some of the more expensive circulon rangers that have failed to live up to expectations .

The box contains:

1 x 14cm Saucepan
1 x 16cm Saucepan
1 x 18cm Saucepan
1 x 24cm Stockpot
1 x 24cm Covered saute pan
1 x 20cm Skillet
1 x 25cm Skillet
1 x 30cm Skillet
5 x Glass lids for: 14cm Saucepan, 16cm Saucepan, 18cm Saucepan,24cm Stockpot, 24cm Covered saute pan

Things I like about these pans:

- They work on induction which was our main reason for buying them (they also work on every other hob type)
- Their heat transference is very even, they rival our Le Creuset pans that we have but these aren’t as heavy, although they do still have a good weight to them (just not as unwieldy as a Le Creuset cast iron pan)
- Their non-stick properties are excellent, we’ve not had anything stick yet to either the interior or exterior of these pans (all pans are coated both inside and out with a non-stick coating),
- You can put them in the oven thanks to their handles being oven proof entirely as made from stainless steel – oven safe up to 240 degrees Celsius.
- They hand wash very well and moreover are very easy to clean: ours honestly look as good as the day we bought them but we have never put them through the dishwasher, though they are dishwasher safe it is recommended to hand wash (as it is with any high quality cookware).

- the 20cm skillet & the 24cm suate pan have been the most use. So far they have yet to see any marks or ageing even though both are used several times a week
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VINE VOICEon 31 December 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a great starter pan set- or great as replacement set, as this was for us. It is a well known make, seems tough, and durable. It look modern and on trend and will sit nicely in most kitchens. It has handy hanging loops should you wish to hang on an airer style ceiling attachment (which you there is a lot of them, and they take up considerable space...) I am pleased with how they work, they are safe on the handles (our old cheaper set used to conduct the heat to the handle)- however....I think there are two points to bear in mind in contemplating purchase, or comparing with other similiar sets. Firstly the glass lids have no steam hole in them- I pretty much find this a design fault-I nearly always cook with the lids ajar slightly- particularly if trying to slow cook and reduce a sauce- if the steam just keeps condensing on the pan lid and falling back down as water- how can you expect a sauce to reduce? Its fine for example boiling potatoes- but our previous set had a steam hole- and I found this pretty useful....Secondly the saucepans are very high, rather than wide- for most of these it is fine- however the milk pan tips the moment I put if down as it is high and the handle heavy- so unless there is a great deal of liquid in it- I find myself having to be a little extra careful- design tip- should have been wider and lower to be more stable....that said, these aren't huge issues....but it might be if I had paid the full price for it myself. They have washed well in the dishwasher and there is certainly a good variety of cookware within the set.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a really high quality pan set that is clearly going to last you many years. Buying these is a long-term kitchen investment.

Put simply, they cook really well. They're really well weighted so that they are easy to fit and manage, but not too heavy overall. The bases warm evenly on a gas hob. The handles are solid, and are clearly going to handle a lot of abuse. The non-stick surfaces are exactly that- nothing ever seems to get stuck to them, no matter how burnt it gets.

Every part of them cleans extremely easily, so the fact that they're not dishwasher-proof turns out to not be a real problem- after most cooking a few quick wipes in the sink will have them clean again. And with eight pans in the set, you won't be running out of clean pans too often either.

It's a good range of pan sizes, ranging from the large stock pot (which is ovenproof as well, to a degree, perfect for slow cooking), down to the dinky little milk pan for a quick hot chocolate, or melting some chocolate, or something else that isn't necessarily chocolate (probably).

There's just a tiny little design flaw which stops me from giving this pan set full marks. The glass lids for the pans don't have vents in them. Our previous, much cheaper pan set has a little twisty vent on top, which is really useful for letting out the steam and preventing overflowing without losing a lot of the heat to the open air. Unfortunately these pans just have the solid glass lids, so if you need to let the steam out, you have to lift the whole lid. If it weren't for that little oversight, these would be absolutely perfect pans.
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on 21 December 2013
I bought it during Black Friday fever for discounted price and have used it since.
The great advantage of this set is the fact that it covers most of my kitchen activities and does this in really good style. Quality of all elements, for what I could say after just a month of use, is decent with all elements being sturdy and well finished. Handles allow for firm grip and you don't have to worry that you will get burned.
My only small reservation is that the smallest pot's handle is a little bit too long and it's really easy to tip it over when used without lid on gas hob.
I have used all the elements already and it is quite a step up from my previous set. Variety of pan sizes are good for anything from a tiny omelet to huge pancakes. Large pot is ideal for making a stock/soup or cooking long pasta and skillet is perfect for a sauce that you would eat this pasta with. Anything else, and you have a choice smaller pans. Thick bases give even heat across whole surface giving you one less thing to worry about when cooking.
Keeping everything clean is easy due to non-stick layer and rubber covered handles are not too difficult to wash as well.
Final words, really decent set to fit your kitchen with and not much more will be needed.
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on 26 September 2014
this is the best pan set i have ever used and I've even worked in professional kitchens!! you don't need any fat to cook and they come with a life time warrantee!! not much more to say apart from i know the upfront cost seams high but you will save because you will not need to buy any more in your life time (my friends mum is still using hers after 25 years)

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on 1 March 2014
I got this for such a good price and wouldn't trade it for any other brand. Love it! very sturdy and substantial however not too clunky that its a pain to move around in the cupboard!
Highly recommend!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 December 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is more of a full replacement set and although they appear expensive, this pan set is actually really good value for money. You get eight actual pans (the thirteen piece includes the lids!) and good quality.

The pans are made of aluminum and have a nice finish, you should also really use plastic utensils as metal can scratch the non stick coating. One nice touch is the rubberised handle which gives a good grip and also cool to the touch - they can even be put in the oven and the handle is protected (although it gets quite warm if you do this).

Not sure why, but you also use less oil when cooking with these pans - probably to do with the heat distribution or something too technical for me! The lids fit well on the pans and they are a decent weight and actually feel comfortable to use.

Easy to clean after use and they air dry quickly with the water drying up quickly.

In storage, the pans fit well together which also means they take up less space.

As a one off replacement pan set this is a good option and is something that is good value for money as will last a long time. Recommended.
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