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on 16 November 2001
David Icke has compiled compelling evidence that we are all being manipulated by the press, propaganda and the super rich in this fantastic book.The 'New World Order'is a phrase increasingly spoken of in the media, if only the Newspapers and those employed by them knew the truth of the horrendous consequences awaiting us all if it comes to pass.Riveting from start to finish, Children of the matrix is packed full of information so fantastic it staggers the imagination.See the other side of our world leader's covert life,learn of their long term agenda, you'll be mortified. David's creation is packed full of photographs and drawings which stop you in your tracks and make you think about your life and where you are going, it may even change your life.Get it, read it and read it again and then wake up and smell the coffee, something strange is happening on our planet and we've got to put a stop to it now for our children's sake.
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on 18 April 2007
David Icke is brilliant. in this book he shares with us his research on who really does run our world and how they go about it.

If you think our world is fine and life is great then this may not be for you, but if you have questions about the way the planet is run and why things are the way they are then this book could be for you

If your Neo looking for the truth then take the red pill (buy this book)!
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on 30 November 2001
I was facinated by ...and the truth shall set you free, somewhat dissapointed by The biggest secret, but I do believe Icke got back on his feet with this book, it is up to his usual reasearch standard. It's worth reading simply for the comparative religious and archaeological references. However, to accept this final conclusion is no small matter...It *matters* what we believe these days, people! So I recommend the book, but suggest you do your own research before you buy into the whole 'shapshifting lizards rule our planet'. In a more abstract sense, there are merits to a similar idea, but from what I've researched it's not as described in this book. Additionally, I think David has gotten too caught in the New Age movement, there are traps to get you to go back to sleep in that movement too, and I was sorry to see this excellent writer fall into one. In short : definately worth reading, but read critically!
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on 14 May 2008
I was horrified upon reading this book to discover that my wife was in fact a giant tortoise cunningly disguised as a rather over weight unpleasant looking woman. You only have to look at her wrinkled face and scaly flaking feet to appreciate what David Icke has tried to warn us about.
The signs to look out for are everywhere. I was hanging around the local park on the lookout for UFO's when I overheard two women discussing how one of their children had finally 'come out of their shell' When I attempted to confront these alien reptile illuminati types incredibly my trousers fell down and I must have snagged my underpants on a branch and ripped them off because unfortunately some unpleasantness occurred and the police were called. It was very convienient that my discovery was sidelined and I was cautioned by the 'authorities' obviously keen to hush up what I had heard.
Anyway because I am now banned from the park and the local paper who are obviously in on the conspiracy had me on their front page headlined 'Local prat strikes again' this has seriously hampered my investigations, just what David Icke said happens. I am now starting to try and set up my own cult. I have read a lot of Davids books and have this strange feeling that I am special and destined for great things in life. My plan is to give up my job at the post office and be a kind of a God to my followers. Could any ladies who are interested please contact me; you are preferably under 30 and good looking though I will be also compiling a reserve list so apply even if you're not, just in case. I believe that we all come from Atlantis and that I was the King there, it's all a bit hazy but when I can work it all out I'll write it down in a pamphlet. I have been visited by aliens for years and they told me I should spread my seed to as many fit birds as possible and that the lizards wanted global warming to kill us all and so that they don't have to live in giant terrariums.
I am keen to start this cult thing as soon as possible, after all you try going down on a giant terrapin, not very pleasant but needs must after a skinful.
This book will change your life if you are open minded enough to read it and follow David Icke around the country as I did witnessing his 8 hour lectures five times a week for 16 weeks. Contrary to opinion in some circles we are not aimless losers, I happen to be 2nd in charge of licking stamps at our post office after the sponge mats as well as the former Prime Minister of Atlantis I thank you.
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on 22 June 2001
probably Icke`s best book to date.Whatever you think or believe about its content, it does have the effect of waking you up to alternative realities and the awareness of possible hidden agendas in those you thought "god like". Truths you hold dear to your heart will be questioned.
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on 31 July 2006
David Icke presents some truly reality shaking ideas and theories in the children of the matrix, ideas that may seem unpalatable to the majority of readers like myself... and yet at the same time, despite what you may think of his 'theories' you cannot help turning the pages as the conspiracy is revealed. Doubt his beliefs you may, but you will have a great time reading them- perhaps it is dangerous to read into such 'crazy' ideas, but then if they are so crazy, why are they dangerous?
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on 30 April 2003
Okay, he was a figure of fun in the nineties and still is to most of the public. But, Alan Partridge-style, David Icke really did bounce back, and is now a New Age guru (although he would deny this) with a worldwide following, and it seems a thorougly nice guy. This large, very good value for money book contains some of the most outrageous, yet thrilling and utterly compelling information you will ever read, and is written in a spirit of love for humanity. It is also better researched than you might think. Your heart will warm to him... unless you are one of the lizards... mentioning no names, I am not as courageous as Mr Icke!
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on 23 July 2016
That is the first book of David Icke that has a robust research on the ancient alien theory, making a real contribution to it. His case of a connection between the Anunnaki and reptilians is really strong and well documented. He is not the first who came up with this idea, but he actually really developed a coherent point with plenty of suggestions that he may be on the ball here.
Also he delves deeper in the UFO lore, getting deeper into John Keel and David Jacobs, he is not an expert in the UFO thing, clearly, still got some of the wacky abductions to support his claims on the UFO reptilian connections. Also more contributions to satanism and the pedophilia rings. I must say that book is not for everyone, and I think by page 250, if you are impressionable you should read no further.
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on 14 May 2003
This book is incredible. It is a detailed and well researched work that reveals how the world is really governed by the Illuminatae who are simply put mentally, physically and spiritually controlling the human species. The beings according to David Icke's research who ultimately control this secret government are reptilian and transdimensional entities who are able to manipulate their DNA structures to disguise themselves as humans. He explains how they have controlled us since the time of ancient Sumeria. The book is revelational, powerful in its message and above all perceptive and concerning. A book like this should be read by everyone whos interested in what the truth really is, not the garbled and fabricated waffle given to us by the mainstream media.
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on 2 March 2005
Curse you David Icke. Now we have been discovered we will have to scurry away under a rock or something...
And we'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddling Icke!
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