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4.6 out of 5 stars59
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3 + PlayStation 4|Edition: Deluxe Edition|Change
Price:£25.90+ Free shipping
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on 24 July 2014
This has quickly become one of my favourite games. It's a sort of "platform RPG", with all the elements you'd expect - extra characters with different skills, skills that can be levelled up, Oculi (weapon gems) that can be crafted and attached for improvements, a story about saving the world and a tiny companion (although Iggy is useful and not at all annoying, which makes a change).

Everybody talks in rhyme, and the writing is witty (one of the NPCs is cynical about mint, and another character struggles to speak in rhyme, which is a constant source of amusement). The art style is gorgeous, it has that hand-drawn look, and the close-ups when characters are talking reminds me a bit of Little King's Story (another superb pseudo-RPG). The musical score is fantastic throughout (it was composed by Béatrice Martin aka Cœur de Pirate, and the end song "Off to Sleep" inspired me to check out her other stuff - I also note the Child of Light soundtrack is available as an album).

My only complaint about the game is it ended too quickly - I got through it before I'd upgraded anybody to the skills which become available later in the game (which cost two skill points), however the difficulty (on "hard") and the learning curve is pitched perfectly up to that point. I should stress I don't think it was too short - just that I would have liked some extra time to level up a bit more, and some harder enemies to follow to make that worthwhile.

The deluxe edition comes with some extra in-game content, an A2 size poster (which I can't find a decent frame for), an art book and an Iggy keyring (I haven't tried powering him up yet, but he is weighty and seems good quality). I would have liked a physical disc with the game on, mostly because I don't trust "the cloud" and digital downloads not to do a disappearing act, but that's merely my paranoia.

The whole package is utterly superb, and if you join Aurora, Iggy and her friends you won't be disappointed. I'm hoping for a sequel.
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on 5 November 2014
Child of Light is a beautifully illustrated game created with the UbiArt engine used to make the newest games in the successful Rayman series. This engine allows for brilliantly animated whimsical comic/hand-drawn sprites and has been used to create a number of fine-looking games so far such as Rayman Legends and Valiant Hearts.

In the game we find ourselves in control of Aurora, a young girl who has slipped into the mysterious and beautiful netherworld of Lemuria upon her death in real-life Austria. In order to return to her father, who has fallen gravely ill upon his daughter's apparent demise, she must collect the celestial bodies of the sun, stars and moon that have been stolen by nefarious baddies and return them to their rightful place.

The game plays out as a 2D scroller until you encounter an enemy. Then it becomes an essentially old school turn based RPG with a few additional tweaks here and there. Enemies and player controlled characters take turns in which to attack using a time bar displayed along the bottom of the screen, much like the Final Fantasy games of old. However, Igniculus, your firefly-like companion, can be controlled either with one of the analog sticks or by a second player and used to either heal the player's team or conversely slow down the enemies you are facing. Defeating enemies earns the player EXP which levels up their stats and allows them to become stronger. You will also receive one Skill Point per level which can be used to upgrade and unlock new abilities.

I found the combat to be frustrating and somewhat difficult at first (I played on the hardest difficulty setting). The fact that the player's team only consists of two members and the enemies consistently hit high damage points means that you will have dead team members on your hands on quite a regular basis. This can be frustrating as you come up against enemies that move speedily down the time bar as if one member is lost, your remaining member will likely take huge amounts of damage or die themselves. Also, if you choose to cast a spell or make an attack and the enemy hits you before you do so, you will be 'knocked back' and have to wait again in order to perform an action. This can be countered by defending, using Igniculus to slow down enemy attacks or by casting certain spells but it can be infuriating at times and one mistimed choice can result in your demise.

As your progress through the game, however, you acquire more party members which allows you to swap out unconscious members and makes things a little easier and more enjoyable. As you reach the latter stages of the game and unlock and upgrade abilities you should find yourself having more fun. The final part of the game is more tactical as you can attack multiple enemies at once and also heal multiple party members at the same time.

The game is a decent length. For the price you will likely get between 8 and 12 hours of gameplay, more if you decide to upgrade all characters fully (although this is absolutely not necessary to beat the game). The trophy requirements are simply achieved, allowing for an enjoyable and relaxed experience, even for the most ardent trophy completionist.

One note of warning about the story of the game: it is told completely in rhyme, which I have found to be Marmite-esque amongst most of the players who have purchased this game. Some people love it, others despise it. I didn't mind the style used myself and found a lot of the rhymes and turns of phrase very clever, although for some it might make the story a little hard to follow at times. Additionally, near the end of the game, the developers admitted to cutting out an entire final dungeon and sadly this is glaringly obvious as the end battle seems out of place and a little rushed, to the detriment, I felt, of the story.

If you hanker for the old days of proper turn based RPGs, you could do much worse than picking up Child of Light. Although there are a few problems with early difficulty balance and small party size, there is still an enjoyable game at its core. Included in this bundle's price are a few extras that serve to sweeten the deal further, including a poster by Yoshitaka Amano, a keyring, artbook and a couple of pieces of DLC.

One final warning: the game is not bundled as a physical copy, but as a PSN download code. Bear that in mind if you aren't a fan of digital only games!
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VINE VOICEon 1 May 2014
I ordered this without any previous knowledge of the title because, as a cynical and beleaguered man of 44 years, I am absolutely sick to the core of FPS and Racing franchises.
After ceaselessly mocking me for buying a "girlie kid's game" my 11 year-old got on the case of downloading the game from PSN (remember there's no disc), which took 45mins on BT Infinity, and then about 5 mins to install. My son then kicked the game off while I watched the 2nd half of the CL defeat of Chelsea, when I returned to check on progress I found him in a state of deep enthrallment and completely immersed in the gameplay, so much for a girlie game.

The in-game world is exquisitely realised, with a 3-D cut-out effect of the fairytale land where everyone speaks in verse and strange creatures lurk in the recesses. As it is effectively a side-scroller the right stick is reserved for your companion; a bright blue light who helps you with the puzzles. This character can also be controlled by a 2nd controller. There is a progressively harder RPG element but with a really impressive learning curve, so new-comers need not be put-off.

I would fully recommend this title to anyone looking for a change to the grind of shooting enemies in the face. Perfect scores from me.
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on 20 August 2014
Such a beautiful fairy tale RPG game, buying the collectable edition id say was worth it being very cheap not to mention it comes with both PS4 & PS3 versions allowing you to play through it twice and earn trophys twice :)
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on 8 November 2014
Absoulutely fantastic game.

The game reminds me a lot of old rpgs but with a modern aesthetic, the OST is a must have.

This version comes with a Igniculas keyring (probably spelling that wrong...), a small artbook, a small Poster, and 2 pieces of DLC as well as the code for the game itself. There is no disc, but for the price I can't really complain. Its not often a digital only game gets a physical collectors edition after all.

I think I'm maybe half way through the game at this point and I'm loving every minute of it. Combat is a great deal of fun surprisingly, taking place on a timeline at the bottom of the screen which decides when your action will take place. If you get interrupted you get pushed back a place on the timeline. You can also slow your opponents down with the edition of your firefly companion Igniculas. It is an elegant system and one that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

If I had one complaint and it isn't really the games fault or Amazons, its that Ubisoft decided to package the Deluxe edition in a flimsy cardboard box, with a plastic inlay inside to hold the keychain. The box was slightly dented after its journey in the post and is a real fiddle to get stuff out of. Personally I would have recommended something a little more sturdy and would have happily paid for it. Oh well...

Overall I can't recommend this game enough at the moment, and would seriously recommend buying it to anyone who loves RPG's or twisted fairytales.
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on 4 May 2016
I had been waiting ages for ubisoft to release a physical copy of this game as I am a bit of a snob when it comes to digital downloads for video games, however with none of the new game releases appealing to me at the time I bit my tongue and ordered this game.

Before I give my opinion on this title I will say that if this had been £40-50 which is about this price of a normal new release I would have scored this game lower, but since it has been around £20-25 since release I can let it slide that it isn't a very long game because the price is a fair one in my opinion.

Starting with the story which is simple and to the point which makes some sense since it has a fairytale theme to it, there is plenty of characters with different shapes and sizes in your party to choice from bringing their own abilities to the battles, although you will find yourself using certain teammates more than others, like the story the cast development is basic with most of them having an axe to grind with the baddies.

The gameplay is a mix of new and old elements, starting with the new for the first in a rpg or at least I have not before in this genre all the gameplay outside of battles is a 2d platformer. Sure you get little parts of platforming in other role playing games but not on this large of a scale, so the developers deserve some credit for that. The battle side of the game reminds me more of the battling in the old rpgs on Nintendo, Sega back in the 80's and the 90's, therefore if you are a older gamer like myself you might get sentimental flashbacks and this actually makes sense for this particular title. Just like in most like minded games you can learn better skills as you level up and also collect gems to add upgrades to weapons and armour however I didn't really use many of them during the game as I was always getting the advantage going into battle and generally being at a higher than expected level another nice touch to the gameplay is your firefly companion who can assist you in different useful ways in and out of battle.

The soundtrack was very good with different tempos used for sad, happy, and downright epic moments, I really liked the music during battles which I have said can add to the overall enjoyment of a game and that definitely applies to this outing, in fact I found myself whistling the music even after I completed the game.

So like I stated before for the price I paid I am satisfied with the amount of content in the game and because of that I didn't notice anything really negative about the game and if you like lots of rhyming this is the game for you.

Well worth a buy!
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on 30 April 2014
Gaming has become very repetitive with all the military shooters/sports games and general rubbish being released but its games like this that remind you what games should be like.
Child of Light is a wonderfully calming and beautiful game with a charming story and a soundtrack that suits it perfectly.
Not a bad special edition either, the art book is disappointing as its only a few pages long but the keyring of Igniculus is cute and the poster has gorgeous artwork.

Definitely recommended.
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on 11 April 2015
One of the greatest games of 2014, i absolutely loved this game. The battle system which is based on a round timer works brilliantly. The story is deep and full of emotion, the characters are great and the writing is such that every verse is a rhyme!. The art truly seals the deal here with a paint like flow and range of vibrant colours. it promoted me to do my own fan art. i HIGHLY recommend this game
review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 May 2014
The "deluxe" edition of this game, is actually a bit sparse when you open the package. A poster, small art book and a key chain, which I could not get to light up, no matter what. But of course the most obvious omission is that instead of any discs, you get codes with which to download the game from the Playstation Network. If you have super-fast broadband, I have heard it can be done in less than an hour; but it took mine a whole afternoon to do this and I still prefer having discs, although I accept this is probably the way forward.

The game itself runs very well, with a nice graphic style that resembles watercolour paintings and surprises you with unexpected depths and detail. The soundtrack is also very good - atmospheric and haunting original music that comes across very well, to add to the slightly melancholy feeling of the premise. The child of the title, is hovering on the brink of death and is trapped in a world that she is desparate to escape and be reunited with her father. This has the dark elements of European fairy stories that are often sanitised for other cultures.

The gameplay itself is a mixture of a classic turn-based role-playing game (RPG) and a platform game, where the main character initially has to jump from one location to another, gathering bonuses and meeting enemies. Eventually she gains the ability to fly around and this makes some things easier - but also can damage your character's health. You start off with a firefly helper, who becomes more and more useful throughout the game - opening doors, healing characters, delaying enemies and lighting your way.

You also meet up with other characters, who can join your party and level up in classic RPG fashion - although it's slightly limiting that only one can join you in battles - but you can switch them around mid-fight and choose the best to deal with enemy stengths/weaknesses. The RPG element allows you to add skills every time you level up - which is very quickly at the start - almost a level per battle won. You add magic and combat skills, as expected. All characters seem to benefit and have slightly different grids to develop their unique group of attributes.

Overall, I enjoyed the RPG elements, the pleasing visual style, excellent music and originality of the plot. However, I felt frustrated by the platform nature and would always prefer a game where you can go to anywhere on the screen that you can see. In this game, you often see detailed backgrounds that can never be accessed and you are limited to the two dimensional plane that you see from right to left - it's not entirely linear - but at times it feels like you have little choice about where to go.

However - this is a game worth seeing for its design and the quality of its illustrations - I can see how this world of the imagination would be difficult to realise if you were allowed complete freedom and the compromise made, fits with the premise of being trapped in a dream world. Definitely worthwhile and it's nice to see something a bit different.
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on 24 March 2015
I could spend hours just flying around in this game. and I have. I love the look, the gameplay and the story is amazing. downside, if there is any, sometimes the clues are so cryptic it takes me forever to figure it out and feel really stupid once I do. also, I don't think the rhyming always works but whatever.
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