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The Chemistry of Matter Waves
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on 22 December 2013
At a first superficial glance, this book seems to be another good textbook, because anything is explained in the way of textbooks and can be understood by anyone with a classical background in chemistry and physics. However, at the end, the outlook of this book is a revolutionary one.

The discovery of X-ray diffraction promised to resolve the mystery of molecular structure, but a hundred years on it is fast receding into the fourth dimension. Quantum mechanics introduced, without explanation the notion of non-commuting dynamic variables, described by complex functions, failed to account for electron spin or optical activity and still appears to be at odds with special relativity. The confusion starts with Maxwell's formulation of the electromagnetic field, interpreted differently in quantum and relativity theories, and grows with the chemical practice of reducing complex quantum functions to real classical variables.

Boeyens is an avid reader, says his colleague Peter Comba. Jan Boeyens "investigations always entail an in depth study of the literature, and he makes a point of tracking down many obscure papers and insists on reading the originals of the 1920s and even eighteenth and nineteenth century papers, in the process discovering that many famous scientists have been misquoted in textbooks and even misinterpreted.

Jan is never content with only reading current publications on any subject, but always insists on obtaining and studying the original papers, no matter how obscure the journal or the publication is, or when it was published. Part of his ability to attack an old problem from a new and fresh angle stems from his insistence on precisely understanding what the original papers said, or which approximations and/or models were used by the original authors. ...

Jan's passion and focus has always centered on the theories which provide the framework for the physical sciences. He has taken a critical stance of the current paradigm that dominates science, and developed a rather unique approach in his own theories. ... Several common themes permeate his research, and in recent years he has succeeded to integrate his ideas on the nature of matter and molecules, the origins and theoretical description of matter, the nature of space, cosmology and general relativity", which have been largely captured in his other recent books Chemistry from First Principles,New Theories for Chemistry and Number Theory and the Periodicity of Matter.

Boeyens' ability to approach well-known and new scientific problems from an unconventional and sometimes rather astonishing direction, using very simple models, has yielded exceptional results. In his search for explanations for the observed periodicity in matter he uncovered new relations and new phenomena, new applications of number theory in Nature and new interpretations of Nature. For example, in the abstract of chapter 9 on "Chemical Wave Structures" he is summarizing: "The intimate connection between atomic properties and space-time curvature is convincingly demonstrated by derivation of atomic radii as a periodic function optimized on Fibonacci spirals. Details of covalent interaction are elucidated by the manipulation of ionization radii and the golden ratio as parameters to predict interatomic distance, bond order, dissociation energy, stretching force constant and dipole moments."

This book disturbs the reader, because the profound originality of its thinking differs so much from mainstream physics and what the new age has made of physics. It could be that it will, in the course of time, also disturb the course of physics.
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