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4.4 out of 5 stars15
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2011
And she has done it again. Jaci Burton, I mean. Don't ask me how but at the end of the first book Elizabeth Darnell was top of my list "Despicable and horrible people" and believe me, she had earned that place. How was Jaci Burton going to transform her into the heroine of her second book?!?!?! I couldn't believe she was going to be able to... But she did it, oh boy she did it.

The last thing we knew about Elizabeth Darnell was that she was fired by Mick Riley (main character of the first book) after she used her girlfriend's son, Nathan, to promote him in a really cruel way. So yes, I was happy when he fired her.
But she didn't lose a client, she lost one of her best friends and his family that had been like a family for her during years... especially Gavin, Mick's little brother and her secret crush for at least 4 years.
And what did she do when Mick fired her? The only thing her mind could think of: give Gavin a kiss before he fired her following his brother's steps. And this is were everything begins because after that kiss Gavin's POV about Liz changed completely. During years she was nothing but his manager, tossing beautiful women to his arms and promoting him like no one else could but after she kissed him he saw her as a woman for the first time.

Even Gavin had to admit, despite the fact that Liz was bossy, stubborn, impertinent and... well, herself, she was also a gorgeous and sexy woman. And that woman was hiding from him afraid of losing another client. What could he do is she was avoiding him at all cost and not returning his calls?!

Obviously he had to catch her with her guard down and seduce her until she would scream for him to take her.

But it wasn't going to be that easy since what began like a "not strings attached" thing developed into something they didn't understand: a relationship. And with a family tragedy coming their way they had to take the decision really soon...

In a personal note: if you are looking for a sexy, funny, amazing and HOT read this is your book. Well, the first book in the series is amazing too so, why don't you buy both of them? Seriously guys, you are going to love them. The covers are to die for, the characters are well developed and you will want to read the third book (coming out next year). Why? Because is about Jenna, Mick and Gavin's little sister, and Tyler Anderson, one heck of a sexy and hot hockey player... *already daydreaming about him*

Don't forget to prepare the fan, ladies, because just like the first one this book is going to make you sweat, trust me ;)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 August 2011
This is the second book in the "Play by Play" series. We met Elizabeth Darnell in the first of this series,The Perfect Play (Play-By-Play Novels (Heat)) she is a sports agent, she was fired by Mick Riley football player for her interference in his private life. His brother Gavin is also one of Elizabeth's clients,now she has been avoiding him, worried that he might be going to fire her as well. That would be a double blow as she has been in love with Gavin for years,only he doesn't know that and she has every intention that he will never find out. Gavin plays pro baseball for the Saint Louis Rivers Elizabeth had landed him the contract straight from college, she has made him a rich man, raising his profile and getting him product endorsements. Gavin knew that Elizabeth had been avoiding him, worried in case he side with his brother and fire her. But that was about to end as he intended to corner her as they were both attending a sports function. Right after his brother Mick had dumped Elizabeth they had shared a kiss, Gavin had been unable to get that out of his mind. He had always thought that Elizabeth was beautiful woman, but there had never been anything personal between them over the years. He waits for her to leave the function and confronts her. They end up back at his house and spend an explosive night together, Gavin asks Elizabeth to come stay with him, both of them are wondering where this will lead, suddenly Gavin realises he knows very little about Elizabeth, yes she is tough and seems cold, but he is beginning to wonder if that is just a front.
This book was absolutely wonderful, I wondered if I would like this as Elizabeth had played an unsympathetic character in the first book and although she has apologised, she is still suffering problems in her business and private life from it. But the more I read into the book the better I understood her character. Gavin is a nice guy if a little dumb as to what is in front of him, I really liked him. The love scenes between them were really hot, there was also plenty of passion and romance. The supporting characters were fully rounded and played there part in the story beautifully. All in all this is a fabulous read one that I heartily recommend.the next in the series is about Mick and Gavin's sister Jenna who runs the family's sports bar. Taking a Shot (Play-By-Play Novel)
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on 19 July 2014
Changing the Game is book two in Jaci Burton’s erotic Play by Play series and what a scorcher it is!

When Liz Darnell loses Mick Riley as a client, she was sure she was going to lose his brother – Gavin Riley too. So before that happens she decides to do the one thing she’s wanted to do forever and that’s kiss Gavin. However when Gavin doesn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps, Liz realizes she probably made the worse decision of her life because now not only does she have to see Gavin but she still is employed by him. Trying to be as professional as possible, Liz tries to keep away from Gavin…but Gavin has other ideas.
Famous ball player Gavin Riley lives his life in style and usually has a different woman every week. Never having a girlfriend has so many perks to it but when his agent, Liz Darnell kisses him, Gavin can’t stop thinking about her and decides he needs to know her more than ever. As Liz and Gavin head into friends with benefits relationship, soon they are trying to overcome so much more together than just their new found relationship. Can these find a happy ending together?

It’s impossible not to love this book! Changing the Game is another cracking read by Jaci Burton and I’m only left wanting more. I know I’m only two books into the series but they seem to get better and better and let’s not forget, hotter and hotter!

I absolutely loved Liz. I know when we first meet her she’s quite cold and doesn’t like to open up to anyone because of her experience with her parents, but once she does open up, she’s blossoms into a new person – a happy one who will experience anything but she’s still so vulnerable. Gavin opens her up as well as opening himself up to. Together these two had a great relationship – both professionally and personally – but the best is when they are romantically involved, it’s completely swoon-worthy.

In all, Changing the Game was another fantastic read and I can’t wait to get my hands on book three!
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on 2 November 2011
This is the story of Gavin Riley. A baseball major league player and younger brother of Mick, the main character of the first book "The Perfect Play". At the end of the before mentioned book Gavin was unexpectedly kissed by his sport agent, Liz Darnell. This was major surprise for him as Liz, though quite sexy, always behaved in an asexual way around him and ranges in the category of an honorary sister. But this is about to change when Gavin realises his (first mainly bodily) interest in Liz. They start an off-season fling which supposedly is just for fun, no strings attached. But time is passing by and Gavin becomes more and more attached to Liz (now also to her brain), who is hiding her heart quite well. They have to figure out on the hard way if they are meant to be lovers or friends.

This book follows the events in the first book which I read a few months ago. The characters are therefore already familiear though Gavin was more of a supporting character. Liz however was the evil business woman who almost ruined Mick's and Tara's love story. I have to admit after reading the first book I wasn't very fond of Liz and wasn't even sure if I would enjoy her being the main heroine. I should have known better. The more you know about Liz, the more human she becomes. And though Gavin is a gentle but very sexy hero, I was mainly taken by Liz. I liked her, a lot. Her humor, integrity, sensitivity, the overall package. And the development of her character was described in a way that I couldn't put the book down, I so wanted to know what is coming next. In addition I enjoyed meeting the whole Riley clan again. I wonderful second book in this series, which outstrips the first book.
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on 24 April 2013
... this book is really annoying me!!! The first book Liz was a prize bitch, she was constantly nasty to Tara but all smiles whenever Mick was around, she even sort of threatened her in one comment, then she did the whole Nathan abuse victim
thing and hurt all three of them. She only saw the error of her ways when Mick threatened to fire her to, until he did she honestly didn't she what she did was wrong!

When Mick fired her Gavin actually asked him if he wanted him to fire her to, to which Mick said no unless she does anything detrimental to him personally.

Anyway fast forward to this book and because Mick still hasn't forgiven her, I wouldn't either she could have cost him the love of his life, and suddenly Mick's the bad guy and Liz is the victim because she's sleeping with Gavin?! Huh?! So she had a tough home life, so did Tara, that's another thing annoying about this book the stories are very similar, like the whole anal sex thing, it's mentioned once in each book almost like the authors thrown it in to try and ramp up the sex angle maybe? Very repetitive in other words. The entire book has literally had me talking out loud to myself, and that's never a good sign!!

Whilst I enjoyed the first book this one has driven me mad so it's doubtful I'll be reading the others in this series....
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on 22 March 2013
I loved the first book in this series but resisted getting this one. The first book followed Mick and his romance with Tara. This book is about Mick's brother, Gavin, and his agent, Liz. I wasn't sure, from what I'd read about them both in book1, that I'd want to follow their love story. As with everything, it's way more complicated than you think. I gave the book a shot though and loved it. Hot, steamy and oh so naughty. If you loved the first book you'll love this one too. If you haven't read the first one then get it first and enjoy x
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on 4 June 2013
Another steamy story that got me hot under the collar. Maybe not quite in the same league as the first of these books, but still a brilliant read. And worth picking up for the cover alone - such a shame my kindle doesn't show it when I downloaded! Roll on the next game....looking forward to following Jenna's story.
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on 14 September 2013
Ack. It was like as soon as Liz and Gavin got together (which was way too quick btw), Liz completely changed personality and lost all of her edge. I just can't seem to embrace these books like everyone else. Will be reading the third one though just because I am a tad curious about Jenna's story.
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on 4 April 2013
Changing the Game is an exciting romance story with plenty of hot sex scenes. So if you like mild erotica books, this is a great one. Is has a good plot and you might already know the characters from the previous book of this series, The Perfect Play.
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on 11 March 2014
very good series I have read all of her book they are always very entertaining I would recommend them to anyone who likes this kind of novel
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