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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2012
As far a watch for work and activities goes, there is no superior to the Casio F-91W. It's virtually invincible. I'm in the UK forces and I, with countless others wear this watch as it's so reliable and does everything you could want. I've swam with it, dived with it, gone neck deep in mud with it, been in below freezing temperatures for days, got oil on it, scrambled on rocks, covered in grit, in salt water for prolonged periods and yet it still goes on!! The battery life is amazing as well. All my friends agree this is the watch to have. Others have had supposed 'rugged' watches which have broken in half the time. Sure, have a fancy watch for events and going out but this watch cannot be bettered for the working day. the only reason I'm on here buying another is because I lost it after years of it putting up with me. In the 1 in million chance that it does break (or more likely, you lose it) it's only £8.00 to replace. It's unbelievably good. The only thing that could be better is if you could keep the backlight on whilst changing the alarm time, which is a little annoying trying to set an alarm in the pitch black (but I just learnt the sequence of beeps after a while!).
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on 19 June 2009
Cars break down, phones malfunction, computers get infected
but the F 91 soldiers on.

Cheap and ubiquitous. Everybody seems to have owned one.
Its "beep beep" woke thousands this morning.
It measured and guided their days all long.

It has a stopwatch, a light, an alarm:
This is what I need
and all I need from a digital watch.

In moderate climes the battery will last for seven years
(based on an alarm and one seconds' worth of light use per day).

I wish my life was so efficient and so certain.
I wish I was so dependable.
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I am a big watch lover. Over the years, I've been lucky enough to collect a handful of beautiful swiss-made timepieces. I've now started to buy and review some of the most popular, most affordable (under £20) watches on Amazon.

I'd like to share with you my personal thoughts on the 'Casio F-91W Digital Watch with Resin Strap'.

Excellent. The watch was delivered very fast via Amazon Prime.

OK. The box arrived a bit squashed. Nothing too dramatic, but worth noting. The content was in perfect condition.

The following items were included in the box: the watch on a stand (well-wrapped in plastic).

If, just like me, you are used to substantial watches, you will find the watch very very light and thin. The case measures roughly 1.2 inches / 3 centimers, and you will find three actionable buttons (2 on the left, 1 on the right handside). It's rather small, so I wouldn't recommend it for people with larger wrists.

The strap is made of plastic: it's both very thin and surprisingly comfortable, even after a long day.

Once again, Casio demonstrates how experienced the company is to produce high volumes of very well-made, well-priced entry-level watches.

- time with 24h display option
- date (just the day of the month and week)
- daily alarm
- stop watch
- back light (no timer here, you will have to keep the top left button pressed to trigger it)
- water resistance (even if Casio doesn't advertise it, in my tests the watch was able to function even being under water for 10mn)
- long battery life (Casio announces 7-year, I can't vouch for that)

This is an excellent buy for anyone with fairly small wrists looking for a well-buit, durable watch with the most basic/useful features one might expect from their watch. It won't become my daily driver while at work, but I will certainly consider wearing it on vacation and at the weekend.

- keep a close look on the pricing which can vary quite a bit: I bought this Casio watch for £8.25 (on Amazon Prime), today it's available for only £6.89
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on 6 May 2011
Fantastic, nice sized, good priced, great looking watch and very practical too, simple yet with a lot of the features that more expensive watches sometimes miss out. Love the colour, very bright and light, though the original photo shows the watch as being a much duller green than it actually is, and so I've posted some of my own photos much closer to the actual colour - be sure to take a look :-)
The wrist strap is comfortable and unlike fabric or leather wrist straps I don't need to worry about it being weakened when it gets wet, it's a good size and weight for me, it doesn't get in the way, it's not a bulky watch, but I also feel it's very well made. It's not a watch for every occasion or every person, it's a well priced, bright, colourful and casual watch that does it's job superbly - telling time and date, lighting up, being water resistant, stop watch, the option of an hourly time signal, and a (singular) simple alarm, no snooze button but very useful none the less.

Thumbs up from me :-D
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on 17 April 2013
Love it. Beautiful 80s retro "Star Wars" colour. Looks like the watch that Han Solo almost certainly would have chosen when in Hoth Battle Gear at the start of The Empire Strikes Back. And I reckon it might well have survived the bitter weather conditions and tough battle action. Proper genuine Casio, quality.
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on 7 January 2008
I've been buying Casio F91's for about 15 years. It's the classic 'cheap Casio digital watch' and does exactly what it says on the tin. Makes me laugh that it has acquired 'iconic' or 'retro design' status - goes to show that if you keep something long enough it comes back into fashion! Word of warning though - maybe I'm a bit rough with my F91's, but I usually find the strap breaks after about 3 years of use, so sadly (for me at least) this watch comes with free built-in obsolescence!
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on 30 April 2007
Talk about style... this timepiece has it all. My parents gave me my first F91 as a schoolboy but I never fully appreciated its unique blend of under-rated retro style and charming character. My timepiece acquired legendary iconic status amongst my schoolfriends after surviving multiple attempts to destroy it.

During one notable double chemistry lesson we managed to take off the screen using pencil-sharpener blades, we then stabbed the display with our compasses before setting the watch on fire over a bunsen burner.

To my amazement the F91 continued to function as normal.

I now consider my F91 or Freddie as he likes to be known, to be my best friend.
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on 11 April 2013
I love the watch, it tells the time and looks pretty so 5 stars from me. As with this style of casio watch it tells the time, date, beeps on the hour, stopwatch, has a built in alarm and a light. I paid £9.99 from a high street/online store that also begins with an A, its over priced on here! This style of watch has many years of reputation therefore I expect it to last quite well :-).
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Casio's were, for lack of better wording, "the dog bits" when I was younger. That seems completely bonkers on reflection, but during a time when you had to be lucky to own a GameBoy, the next best thing was to wear a digital watch that you could imagine to house an array of spy-like gizmos. They also annoyed our teachers because pressing the buttons was far more interesting than reciting what you did that weekend.

Now that I no longer feel the shame for wanting a Casio F-91, I found to my surprise that they're still being made. And it doesn't look as though they've changed a bit; even the packaging is exactly the same.

This is a watch that takes pride in being, from a technological view, inferior. It doesn't have all the features that you would expect from a modern digital counterpart (that may also cost you ten times more than this Casio), but then you come to realise that 99% of those features are only appealing to yuppies and that strange man from Channel 5's The Gadget Show.

The three modes you can switch between are the date and time, stopwatch, and alarm. It takes a while to remember which button is used to 'edit' and which is 'confirm', but it soon becomes second nature. I can't tell you how handy these modes have come in handy - the hourly chime is literally an essential feature for my work rota, and the stopwatch is excellent for when you go out running and, again, at work (especially when it takes you about ten-times longer just to open the app your smartphone).

The third button activates a green glow that wouldn't look out of place in a nuclear power plant. The touted 'illumination' is that bad that it's almost comical, but is a god send for standing at a bus stop at night. Sometimes I like to press the buttons and hear the iconic BEEP sound. The expression on peoples faces is priceless... "Wow his watch sounds bad." Yeah well, least I press the Home button on my iPhone every 3.5 seconds and stare at the lock screen. ONE NIL.

I think by now everyone is aware that the strap can quite literally snap after a few years, though the watch itself is that cheap you may as well just buy a new one all together, so this seems like a strange complain to me. Strap and battery aside, the product will survive almost anything you can throw at it, and is perfect for holidays. I found this out the hard way - after getting myself into a drunken, apologetic and nostalgic stupor, I befriended a crab on a beach and almost ended up in the middle of the ocean. I was dragged back to the apartment by a true pal and my then expensive watch was completely bust up. And, my pride, but that's another story all together.

For under a tenner, this watch is more of a statement then a requirement for telling the time. Yes it is unbelievably reliable, light and thin, but it also says a lot about the world we live in today. Software developers are somehow able to make a living from selling Clock 'apps', yet watches like the F-91 has seen a resurgence because it's 'epic' to be 'retro', even though watches have existed for a couple of hundred years.

(The crab's name was Gordon, by the way)
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on 13 January 2009
Let's cut to the chase - you know what you're going to get when you order this Watch. It's light, well built, dirt cheap (!) and easy to use. Nobody is expecting any magic, and you don't get any. I use this watch primarily as a stopwatch when exercising, and it does exactly that. No frills, but more importantly, no spills. You can't go wrong here. If you're looking for something to flash at the ladies - go elsewhere. If you want a dependable and very durable timepiece - step right up.
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