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A Listmania! list by Xophe (England)
Complete Discography
1.  Complete Discography by Minor Threat
The list author says:
  "Definitive hardcore.  Absolutely essential."
9.32   Used & New from: 5.81
4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (12 customer reviews)

2.  1988-1991 by Turning Point
The list author says:
  "Injects D.C.-style progressivism into the hard and heavy NYHC blueprint.  Influential yet often overlooked."
Used & New from: 15.94

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The Search: 1985-1989
3.  The Search: 1985-1989 by Bold
The list author says:
  "Classic straight edge NYHC.  Lies somewhere between Youth of Today and Quicksand."
12.54   Used & New from: 6.21
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

Broke Up: 1992 - 1994
4.  Broke Up: 1992 - 1994 by One.Six Band
The list author says:
  "One of the most defiantly inventive and talented bands to emerge from the usually conservative NYHC scene.  Among the 90s most underrated hardcore acts."
16.95   Used & New from: 13.94

5.  Discography by Maximillian Colby
The list author says:
  "Crushingly beautiful.  Hardcore meets post-rock.  As young, sincere and meaningful as hardcore gets."
12.53   Used & New from: 6.00

6.  Everything by Mohinder
The list author says:
  "Something sinister was lurking in the shadows of Silicon Valley in the mid 90s.  Its name was Mohinder.  Beware."
21.46   Used & New from: 8.95
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

Rites Of Spring
7.  Rites Of Spring by Rites Of Spring
The list author says:
6.99   Used & New from: 5.39
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (6 customer reviews)

8.  Analphabetapolothology by Cap'n Jazz
The list author says:
  "More joyous, life-affirming 'emo'-pop than hardcore but brilliant and essential nonetheless."
7.23   Used & New from: 7.22
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (3 customer reviews)

Destination CD
9.  Destination CD by Heroin
The list author says:
  "Brought Rites of Spring-style emo-core violently crashing into the nineties.  Arguably the best hXc band of that decade."
12.99   Used & New from: 5.44

Complete Vol. 1
10.  Complete Vol. 1 by Articles Of Faith
The list author says:
  "Great but underrated early hardcore from Chicago."
11.28   Used & New from: 8.42

Complete History Vol.1
11.  Complete History Vol.1 by Government Issue
The list author says:
  "Classic D.C. band.  Vol. 2 feat. J. Robbins (later of Jawbox) is an absolute must."
15.32   Used & New from: 7.95

Complete Services Complilation
12.  Complete Services Complilation by Ignition
The list author says:
  "Includes members of The Faith, Gray Matter, Embrace and later Circus Lupus, etc."
14.26   Used & New from: 14.25

Embrace [Remaster With 2 Extra Tracks]
13.  Embrace [Remaster With 2 Extra Tracks] by Embrace
The list author says:
  "Flawless.  Possibley the best album ever put out by Dischord.  Pristine, epic melodies coupled with with Ian Mackaye fierce, self-lacerating yell."
10.01   Used & New from: 4.70
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

Monuments To Excess
14.  Monuments To Excess by Fuel (Hardcore)
The list author says:
  "Northern Californian Fugazi clones with Jawbreaker-esque flourishes."
16.95   Used & New from: 10.37

Proud Youth 1986-1991
15.  Proud Youth 1986-1991 by Insted
The list author says:
  "44 tracks of great late 80s Orange County straight edge."
16.95   Used & New from: 6.99
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

16.  Discography by Swing Kings
The list author says:
  "San Diego art-core featuring a totally brutal Joy Division cover.  Way better than Justin Pearson's other bands."
12.86   Used & New from: 4.65
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

A Retrospective
17.  A Retrospective by Saetia
The list author says:
  "'Screamo'.  Jazzy, yet brutal, yet melodic."
Used & New from: 20.05
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (3 customer reviews)

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What It Meant: the Complete Discography
18.  What It Meant: the Complete Discography by Judge
The list author says:
  "Has a lot to answer for but great when enjoyed on its own merit."
12.27   Used & New from: 6.85

No Punches Pulled
19.  No Punches Pulled by Swiz
The list author says:
  "Ostensibly anti-emo yet combined D.C. hardcore's aggressive roots and vocal style with more sophisticated emo-esque guitar lines."
6.39   Used & New from: 6.20

Autopsy (Discography)
20.  Autopsy (Discography) by Rorschach
The list author says:
  "Proto-metalcore/grind/powerviolence.  Evil."
11.37   Used & New from: 10.40
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World (Discography)
21.  Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World (Discography) by Native Nod
The list author says:
  "In the Rites of Spring/CaP'n Jazz mould.  Young, earnest kids making great music."
27.95   Used & New from: 24.94

22.  All by Shotmaker
The list author says:
  "Canada's Shotmaker.  One of the best hardcore bands of the 90s and also one of the last great puryeyors of emotional hardcore in its original sense."
Used & New from: 64.75

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Pregnant With the Senior Class
23.  Pregnant With the Senior Class by Angel Hair
The list author says:
  "Brutal.  And they cover Bauhaus.  What's not to like?"
4.66   Used & New from: 3.30

No Longer at Ease
24.  No Longer at Ease by Beyond
The list author says:
  "Lost gem of NYHC.  Features Vic Dicara (Inside Out, 108), Tom Capone (Bold, Quicksand) and Kevin Egan (1.6 Band)."
Used & New from: 239.03

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Creation Sustenance Destruction
25.  Creation Sustenance Destruction by 108
The list author says:
  "Impassioned, spiritual take on hardcore in the tradition of Bad Brains and Cro-Mags.  Heavy and uncomprimising.  Their recent comeback album is immense."
12.51   Used & New from: 8.19

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