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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Photography is all about “capturing the moment”. Having a range of lens for different depths of field, low light capabilities , close up ,far away, combined with a DSLR ,tripod, filters, flash and a good dose of knowledge will increase your chances of getting a pleasing picture. The problem is that the only good pictures are the ones you take, rather than the ones you did not because your camera kit is too heavy or uncomfortable to bring along. You will not get the stunning hoped-for results if you leave behind the particular lens or filter.

The Case Logic sling backpack style case seemed to offer a solution to the perennial problem of trying to decide which kit or even whether to take a camera with you. It can hold my DSLR with a 70-200mm lens, a shorter range zoom, a couple of small primes and a macro, along with filters, flash and other bits and bobs. It has just enough extra compartments for phones, glasses, a tablet or small laptop although you might struggle with a water bottle. Straps on the side can be used to attach a tripod as well.
In action I was a little worried that the slightly differing attachments for carrying straps would make it uncomfortable in backpack mode, but with a little adjustment it proved to be extremely comfortable. In sling mode it was easy to get to the camera quickly and in some ways easier than a holster pack. The length of the strap attachment was a little long in sling mode which prevented the bag being quite as snug into my middle as a might of liked. What really impressed was having the grab handles in exactly the right places and the air mesh padding for comfort and to reduce sweating. Overall I am impressed with the attention to design detail and choices of material are generally high which probably explains the good warranty. If there is a gripe with this case it is with attention to detail in the manufacture. The stitching is to a high standard yet some of the material seems a little pinched into the seams in places and strap ends although stitched tidy are just slightly off alignment in one or two places. The padding inside is good but not the very best I have seen.

It’s not a miracle bag that makes camera kit lighter, but it does mean you have the option to take more kit on a longer trip. At the current price point I think it’s a good buy and even makes an excellent picnic backpack if you want to compromise on the kit you take. So although there are one or two minor niggles its usability puts it into contention for one of the best.
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VINE VOICEon 15 June 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am by no means a professional photographer, just a hobbyist. I use this with my Sony NEX-5R, which is ultimately a little bit small for this bag. There's actually plenty of room for a DSLR (or two...) and a bunch of lenses. With just one little NEX in there and a couple of lenses, there's a lot of empty space. So I threw my Zoom H2 recorder in there too, and there's still plenty of room, but it means I can throw this on my back and head out the door with everything I could need.

The greatest feature of this bag is its versatility. Fully loaded with a tripod on the side, the bag sits a little heavy on one shoulder, but you can pull out the extra strap and turn it into a full backpack. The main compartment can be opened from the top or the side, you can set it up with one strap or two, with variations of each. The bag even has its own rain-cover built into the bottom of the bag, along with a pocket for a 13-inch thin laptop or tablet.

Within these various compartments, there's elasticated pouches, and microfibre linings, and adjustable dividers aplenty. The side of the bag even has straps for a tripod. It's hard to argue with the options available. With the standard one-strap slingpack mode, it's really easy and quick to swing the bag around and whip the camera out, or a laptop/tablet. All the compartment zips line up on that side to ensure they're easy to access.

The build-quality seems really high, with durable outer fabrics and strong smooth zips, as well as a padded back, and flexible straps and handles.

The bag is a little large for a smaller set of equipment, such as compact system camera. With so little in the bag, it seems a little harder to secure the camera - but the bag is flexible and padded enough to accommodate this with some customisation. It's also not really designed as an all-purpose bag, so you won't be using it for much else other than photography.

All in all, this is a great camera bag that's easy to customise to your needs, and roomy enough to accommodate most equipment.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't have a DSLR camera, but I do have a big set of binoculars with a case so tightly-fitted they're a pain to get in and out, and so the binoculars are rarely used. So being offered this case through Amazon Vine, I thought I'd see if it could take the binoculars along with my small camera. And the answer is yes. The main compartment has dividers that can be moved to accommodate different sizes of equipment, meaning that this case is suitable for a range of equipment beyond camera lenses.

The case is well made with all zips working smoothly and well. There are lots of well-padded pockets of different sizes, so that all kinds of things can be stuffed in, while being kept separate and safe. It happily accommodates my camera, binoculars, Kindle, shades, reading glasses (but don't tell anyone I need those), iPod, headphones, purse, emergency chocolate supplies, ordinary chocolate supplies etc etc. And there are still plenty of pockets and spaces for other stuff.

There are various handles and strap configurations so that you can choose your preferred way to carry it, and of course the straps are adjustable for length. I find it quite comfortable to wear as a backpack. Empty, it's very light so doesn't add much to the weight of the equipment you want to carry. It has a Velcro pocket at the bottom containing a waterproof cover, should you wish to cart your valuable equipment about in the rain. (Personally I'm more likely to make for the nearest coffee shop, but I accept that might not work if you're hiking the Himalayas.) Oh, and it looks good too. Recommended to the casual user and more serious photographer alike.
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a great bag, packed with compartments and pockets and very well padded. There's plenty of room for everything and you could accommodate a long lens pretty well if you needed to.

I've trialled this bag with both the double-strap and the sling strap. On a long distance country walk the double-strap proved the most comfortable of the two methods, carrying a Canon body and 3 lenses, plus various other smaller bits and pieces. There is also room for a bottle of water, if you haven't filled every pocket with other stuff. The sling provides more scope to quickly access your camera should you want that kind of flexibility. I tend to carry it around my neck anyway if I'm in shooting mode.

I also did a long walk in the rain and used the waterproof cover which fastens easily and does the job.

I'd say the bag isn't exactly small - it is tricky to store as it doesn't fold down, though if you have a lot of space that won't be an issue. It also seems rather big if you're on an urban assignment e.g. shooting architecture in the local town. On the flipside, its size and the depth of its padding is perfect for cushioning your precious gear. Having almost broken a pricey lens that was inside a less padded bag that fell off a door hook I certainly value a thick layer of padding these days.

All in all, pretty good. Worth considering if you want a generally practical, spacious bag suitable for outdoor use.
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on 13 June 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like many people nowadays, I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I have a mid-range DSLR (just the one lens at the moment) with a few accessories. It came with a Nikon courier-style shoulder bag, but I rarely use it as it is only JUST big enough, and doesn't feel very secure when walking through crowds, and is also liable to let in water when it rains. So I usually keep my camera in a ruck-sack when I go out for the day walking or whatever. However, after a while it becomes extremely tiresome to have to keep undoing the various clips and string-pulls to get inside the bag, move aside any other items etc etc. The result inevitable is that I end up either walking with the camera out and around my neck (uncomfortable, unsafe), or I take fewer pictures.

I had seen my friends with a very expensive camera bag similar to the Case Logic DSS103, which looked very handy, and I now have one for myself! Its a really ingeniously designed bit of kit - every flap hides a pocket, every zip has a side-compartment. There is a place for everything (right down to elasticated sleeves for spare SD cards!), and most importanly the camera is easily accessible without having to move eveything else out of the way - it sits in its own compartment, well padded and protected from the elements, right on the top of the bag.

And, thanks to the brilliant design of the shoulder strap, you can wear the bag however suits you best to access the camera quickly. I tend to wear it with main strap going diagonally across my chest, meaning I can quickly tug the bag round to acccess the camera compartment. You can wear it in either direction in this fashion (left to right or right to left) and you can even turn it in to a more conventional two-strap rucksack with a simple adjustment. The bag even comes with its own waterproof cover for when the British summer weather really lets you have it!!

In this bag I am able to easily fit my camera, iPad (which also gets it's own pocket), drink, small lunch etc, with ample room for extra lenses if I had them, a book or whatever else you normally take with you on a day out. My wife now moans less at me for having to stop every 5 mins to get my camera out, as I can do it while still walking, though it means I'm taking more pics than ever!

Sure, it's pricey, and they take advantage by assuminf that most people who count photography as a hobby are likely to have a few quid knocking about which I don't like. But if you have been looking for something like this, you can stop looking.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With cameras costing a lot of money, it's only natural that the serious photographer will want a decent case with which to protect their equipment from being subjected to deadly peril. Although I'm not a full-time professional, I always like to have my camera with me, in case I should happen to encounter a passing celebrity (only the other day I snapped no less a star than Timmy Mallett!) or chance upon the scene of a messy road-traffic accident. Recently, I came across a rather alarming situation in which a hit and run victim lay bleeding in the road, while onlookers merely stood around taking photographs on their mobile phones. Naturally, I took as many shots as I could of this appalling demonstration of social decay- which I successfully sold to the Daily Mail for no less than fifty pounds!

Anyway, I was a little disappointed by the supposed "luminosity" of the case. To my eyes, it's more of a matt black finish. However, it has ample space for both a camera and plenty of additional items- such as filters, rolling papers and tobacco. In order to make the most of the room, I've filled the pockets with the numerous free condoms that Amazon had also sent me to review, as well as a selection of spare underwear, a box of After Eight mints, a glow in the dark chess set and a portable urinal. Anyway, the case does an excellent job of preventing damage. I've dropped it quite a few times, but my Quicksnap disposable camera is still in excellent working order.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is by no means a small camera bag, but it's horrendously spacious with more than enough space for my DSLR (Nikon) and lenses plus chargers, cards and space for a compact and its chargers and batteries. It's also got a compartment at the back for a tablet - this suits me fine, as I tend to take camera and tablet around with me. The case is comfortable and the straps adjustable to allow you to easily swing it around and get the camera out. There are also straps at the side for holding a tripod, which is also useful. This will get a lot of use, and it is well worth it if you have a lot of kit.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using this camera bag with Nikon DSLR D50 Camera and my camera equipment. The build quality is excellent. It is completely black but has a blue interior fabrics which make a good contrast. The bag is rucksack size and is not a small sling bag for a DSLR. It can be used as sling bag but I find it quite large for that. It converts into a full ruck sack easily . I have found it comfortable to carry even when full of all my equipment. There are plenty of pockets in it. The largest is designed for use with a DSLR. I am able to put my D50 inside it with the biggest lense I have a 70 - 300 mm on it without any issues in the central lens compartment and then place all my other lenses e.g 55 mm prime, fish-eye and macro extension tubes around the side in two other compartments in the main pocket. The lens compartments are padded and designed to fit snug around the lens. I really like the lens compartment. I don't think anyone is going to have issues putting a bigger bodied DSLR in it. There are small pockets for sd cards and various bits and bobs also in the main compartment.
There is another quite large compartment that you could probably get a small laptop or tablet in without any issues. I have used it to put an ipad in or a folded down waterproof jacket. The top pocket is great for putting your phone or a small digital camera and is easily accessible. There are grip straps on the side of the bag that are handy for putting an umbrella or mono pod.
The bag is padded throughout and I think is built to last regular use in the field. It has a waterproof hood that can be pulled over the bag in wet weather.
I think the bag is good value and a real challenger to the likes of Lowepro and the like. If I was going to improve it I would like some clips and loops on it so I could add some kit to it. The side straps are good but it would be useful if there was a form of pocket that I could put the end of the mono-pod in. These are small issues considering that this bag has a great deal going for it.
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VINE VOICEon 8 May 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I personally believe that this bag is great value for money, it has plenty of space for all of the different things I require for my filming ventures. The main central part of the bag oddly has the opening on the side, but once I got used to this, was great. The adjustable, velcro-attachable, section dividers have proven very useful thus far allowing for me to safely and securely carry my video camera and for the future, any lenses I may require. The small pockets on the inside of this section of the bag fare very well as a space to store extra SD cards.The thin section at the back of the bag is great for storing any paperwork and important documents as well as the scripts that I have required, although at times have fared difficult to fit in. The top two sections of the bag have been very useful for storing belongings as well as food and other such things as chargers for my phone and for the video camera itself. The side section of the bag with the adjustable straps work very well for holding a tripod in place, beforehand having to carry the tripod everywhere I went got extremely annoying so this is truly a godsend. However, due to the shape of the tripod the straps can start to loosen which leads to the tripod starting to slip though it never becomes loose enough for the tripod to fall out. There is so much space for storing things within this bag, but several of the pockets are either quite small or thin which means they will only be able to store a limited selection of items.The inclusion of the waterproof coat is very useful, and although I haven’t been able to test it, due to the great weather we have had recently, the idea and the concept are well thought out. However, to put the waterproof coat onto the bag there cannot be a tripod attached which for me is not too useful due to the fact that when it is not in use it will be on the bag. In general the bag can be a bit fiddly and complicated to start with but once you get used to it, it is perfectly fine and works extremely well as a bag for the purpose it is intended.
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on 26 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm starting to feel a bit of an expert on camera cases now. I recently (ish) bought a DSLR and now have a couple of lenses for it, along with a couple of smaller compacts, plus all the guff you take with bigger cameras (sometimes that cameraphone is the best!). This has meant I need a decent camera case. Over the past couple of years, I've bought a couple and been fortunate enough to get some for review.

I've tended to stick with brands like Loewepro and Case Logic (the same goes for the ones I have for review), so I've generally had little to complain about in terms of the construction. This is no exception. It's solid, keeps crud out and has a handy bit for keeping things dry. What is important, then, is that you have a case which is practical. That does tend to depend upon what one is doing. A shoulder bag, for example, isn't the best if you're doing a lot of walking around, although it is east to get into.

This I have, so far, found a useful bag for wandering about with your camera stuff in. It's a sling design, so is easy to pop on and off your shoulder. Well padded inside, a decent number of spaces for your bits and bobs. Even has a wiping cloth.

You can also adjust it to be a backpack, which is, I think, a nice touch. My only gripe is there's no space for other things; if I'm out for the day, this can become a bit of an issue.

Overall though, decent wee bag, not too expensive. Good protection for your gear.
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