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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2006
Following the hilarious medical caper Carry On Again Doctor (1969) (one of my own personal favourites in the series), the merry old Carry On gang retreated to another historical theme for what was the last Carry On film of the swinging sixties (which was the decade that the series was in its prime), Carry On Up The Jungle (released in early 1970). Although some don't hold 'Up The Jungle' in high regard, I personally really like it. True, it's not as inventive as the likes of 'Up The Khyber' or 'Cleo', but viewed on its own merits, it is still a worthwhile and enjoyable film.

Carry On Up The Jungle predictably runs through all of the familiar gags and double entendres that we've heard several times before in other Carry On films, but it's the lovable performances of main players that ignite 'Up The Jungle' into such a wonderful film (not to mention spot-on direction from Gerald Thomas, aided by the always excellent production skills of Peter Rogers). Yes, it's cheap and cheerful, but it does what it sets out to do: to entertain and make you laugh.

In his second and final Carry On, Frankie Howard gets top billing, starring alongside regulars' Sid James, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor (making a return after a six year break), Bernard Bresslaw, Terry Scott and Charles Hawtrey. The gang find themselves "carrying on" through the darkest parts of Africa, each character having their own reasons for joining this expedition: Professor Indigo Tinkle (Frankie Howard) and Claude Chumley (Kenneth Connor) are in search of the rare oozalum bird; Bill Boozey (Sid James) is a relentless hunter, simply along for the fun and adventures it would seem, while the glamorous Lady Evelyn Bagley (Joan Sims) is in search of her long lost son that she lost over twenty years ago in the jungle where she and her husband had been honeymooning. June (Jaki Piper, a delightful addition to the cast in her first Carry On) is along for the ride as Lady Bagley's faithful assistant, where as Upsidasi (Bernard Bresslaw) leads the gang through the jungle (the entire film was in fact filmed at Pinewood studios as the Carry On films were renowned for their cheap and cheerful shoestring budgets - even so, it all sort of adds to the fun and the cast make you believe they are in a real jungle).

Along their madcap safari adventures they encounter a Tarzan-type figure, Jungle Boy (Terry Scott) who, in a hilarious twist to the (rather thin) plot is revealed to be none other than Lady Bagley's long-lost son. Jungle Boy also quickly succumbs to the-not-as-innocent-as-she-seems June and they rapidly become lovers. The romantic scenes between the lovely Jaki Piper and great comedic skill of Terry Scott are played out beautifully.

The gang eventually find themselves kidnapped by cannibals (known as the "Noshers" - yes, the humour isn't so subtle) and as it appears as though they are all about to be dropped into a cauldron full of boiling hot water ready for the blood-thirsty tribe to eat, they are rescued by an all-female tribe headed by the formidable Leda (Valerie Leon). After what seemed a lucky escape, they then find themselves being held captive by them as the men of the group are forced to attend mating ceremonies with some of the more unattractive women of the tribe.

Leader of this all-female tribe, known as the Lubba Dubbi's, is Tonka The Great (Charles Hawtrey) who in yet another laughably obvious twist to the plot, turns out to be Lady Bagley's (Joan Sims) long-lost husband whom she had presumed was dead years ago thinking he'd been eaten by a crocodile during their honeymoon (it turns out he'd been languishing in the company of the Lubba Dubbi's for all those years). Eventually they escape before Professor Ingio Tinkle (Frankie Howard) and Claude Chumley (Kenneth Connor) find their prized oozalum bird (only to have it stolen again) and they all return to civilisation.

'Up Pompei' star Frankie Howard as Professor Ingio Tinkle breezes into the whole Carry On phenomenon as though he'd always been part of the gang, where as head of the Carry On family, Sid James, beefs up his usually likable, roguish, womanising character to great effect as the appropriately named Bill Boozey.

Joan Sims shines as Lady Eveleyn Bagley in one of her most lengthy roles in the series, while the effeminate and ever-eccentric Charles Hawtrey is just simply hilarious as the mincing Tonka The Great. Terry Scott takes on the role as Jungle Boy (which had actually been written with Jim Dale) which he makes his own, while Kenneth Connor plays the jittery, bumbling Claude Chumley in his own inimitable style. Completing the cast are Bernard Bresslaw who is amusing as the blacked up Upsidasi (very politically incorrect nowadays, but remember this was 1969), Jaki Piper playing June delightfully and finally Valerie Leon as the formidable Leda of the Lubbi Dubbi's, in her best Carry On role.

Though Carry On Up The Jungle (1969) is missing Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams, the film manages to stay afloat and emerges as yet another classic in the series. Some scenes are a little slow and tedious but over-all Carry On Up The Jungle is an enjoyable comedy that's most definitely worth a look and will undoubtedly satisfy any lover of the genre. Recommended!

Ian Phillips
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on 8 October 2000
Rather than filming this in an actual exotic location we get a painfully obvious studio setting with the occasional shots of real life footage of wild animals. Despite that though this is an essential Carry On with lots of fun and laughs to be had in predictably corny fashion but the way they're delivered by this team of professionals raises a smile. There are a lot of familiar faces missing here though. A part origanally written for Kenneth Williams is played by FRANKIE HOWARD (top billing for this film) in his own inimatable style. Also included is SID JAMES,JOAN SIMS,KENNETH CONNOR,BERNARD BRESSLAW,TERRY SCOTT,JAKI PIPER,CHARLES HAWTREY (given very little screen time) and VALERIE LEON. Best players in this one would have to be FRANKIE HOWARD who excells in his second and last Carry On film, JOAN SIMS and CHARLES HAWTREY. Also good is TERRY SCOTT in his hilariously over the top Tarzan type role.The party all have there own different reasons for attending this expedition through the jungles in darkest Africa. Professor Ingio Tinkle and Claude Chumley (FRANKIE HOWARD and KENNETH CONNOR) are searching for the rare oozlum bird, Lady Bagley (JOAN SIMS) is searching for her long lost son who went missing in the jungle when he was a baby and Bill Boozey (SID JAMES) is a hunter who is just tagging along for the thrills and adventure. Funniest scenes are mainly in the second half of the film and the film really scores well when VALERIE LEON and her tribe of all women kidnap them.
Funniest scene though takes place in the first 20 minutes of the film where a snake winds its way up JOAN SIMS' dress whilst she looks on in delight thinking that somebody is actually making advances towards her. Priceless stuff. An overly good Carry On which is slightly patchy but still very much worth having. Recommended.
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The 'Carry On' films entered the 1970s with this average offering. The one thing that you'll notice straight away, is how hilariously cheap the sets look, far from using an exotic location, it was so obviously filmed at Pinewood Studios. Yes, I know that the movies were never shot on grand locations due to the budget money being peanuts, but this one looks cheaper than most, but far be it an insult to 'Carry On Up The Jungle', for me, it only helped to add to the comedy. Throughout this jungle farce, viewers are treated to some stock footage of wild animals.

Lets face it, the budget was never going to allow for the Carry On team to be able to put out a truly great Tarzan-spoof movie, and maybe this is why this film seems to fall rather flat. Nevertheless, the cast, which includes the great Frankie Howard, Sid James, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey (a hoot as a love-god), Kenneth Connor, and Terry Scott in the plum role of the predictably, over-the-top jungle boy, all turn out good performances. As for Valerie Leon, what an absolute stunner! The absence of Kenneth Williams is noticeable, and I can't help but think that Jim Dale would have been more suitable in Terry Scott's role. That said, there are still a few laughs to be had, a couple of classic moments, and the usual dosage of smut never ends.

'Carry On Up The Jungle' is by no means a great entry in the franchise, but it's not a bad 'Carry On' really, there had been a lot of worse, and much more to come. Worth a look, but not essential.

Like all of the 'special edition' Carry On DVD releases, there is a wealth of exclusive bonus material, including an audio commentary with Jackie Piper and Valerie Leon, trivia notes, a token episode of the '70s ITV series 'What A Carry On' ('The Nine Old Cobblers'), and a collectable booklet featuring profiles of all the main players.
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The African jungle, and Lady Bagley is part of an expedition to hopefully find her long lost son who disappeared years before, along with her thought to be dead husband. However this is no ordinary trip, Professor Tinkle is searching for the rare Oozalum bird and expedition leader William Boosey well and truly lives up to his surname. Not only are their problems in the camp, outside is numerous other dangers. Wild beasts, wild men and tribes unheard of by human ears before.

1970 saw the Carry On team begin the decade with one of the better offerings in the franchise. Boosted by the returning Frankie Howerd and Terry Scott to join Messrs James, Hawtrey, Sims, Connor and Bresslaw, Carry On Up The Jungle sticks close to the cheeky formula that had worked in the better series entries previously {think Carry On Up The Kyber from 1968}. Originally intended to be called Carry On Tarzan {the idea was scrapped for legal reasons}, "Jungle" plonks a load of British odd balls in the jungle and invite us to observe how they cope. Which of course we know is not going to be very well at all. Terry Scott steals the film as a blundering Tarzan type {a role turned down by Jim Dale apparently}, whilst Howerd and James get maximum humour from their polar opposite characters.

With a simple plot and carrying the series innuendo trademarks on its snake bitten.....ahem, Carry On Up the Jungle is a charmingly funny series entry. 7/10
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on 12 March 2010
Ornithologist Professor Tinkle (played by Frankie Howerd) leads an expedition into the African jungle in search of a rare bird thought to be extinct - according to legend it disappeared up its own backside! He is joined by his assistant Claude Chumley (Kenneth Connor), a hunter appropriately called Bill Boosey (Sid James), Lady Bagley (Joan Sims) and her assistant June (Jacki Piper) and a team of guides and carriers led by Upsidaisi (Bernard Bresslaw in black make-up).

During their expedition they narrowly avoid being eaten by a tribe of cannibals called The Noshas and encounter a tribe of horny women who worship The Great Tonka (Charles Hawtrey). Their mating chant is "Tonka, Tonka, stick it up your Honka". They also have to contend with a mischievous gorilla who follows them around and Ugh, The Jungle Boy (played by the brilliant Terry Scott).

This film is funny from start to finish with The Carry On Team in top form. Sadly, there is no Kenneth Williams or Barbara Windsor in this one but the rest of the gang manage well without them and I think that this is one of the best Carry On films. I feel sorry for those American film critics who continually vote Citizen Kane as the greatest film ever made because they probably haven't even seen Carry On The Jungle, or any of the other Carry Ons. You may disagree with my opinion that COUTJ is a better film than the 1941 Orson Welles movie but it's certainly more entertaining and a lot funnier!

This Special Edition DVD also contains a trailer for the film, an audio commentary by Jacki Piper and Valerie Leon (who plays Leda), a stills gallery, film trivia notes and an episode of Carry On Laughing called The Nine Old Cobblers. There is also a collectors booklet so this is really a must-have item for any Carry On fan!
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on 5 October 2014
This is a Christmas gift for someone so I cant judge the quality of the film. but have seen it before many times on tv and video so I am sure people will enjoy it. It arrived on time and in good packaing
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on 28 May 2012
With everyone! these days being concerned about 'political correctness' one should view the Carry On movies for what they are, fun, light hearted and entertaining. They are not meant to offend (much) and should be viewed as movies made for the time and that no harm came to anyone during the making of this movie. If anyone will be offended by scantily clad women, just don't watch. The storyline is farcical and there are fun moments to see.
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on 30 October 2011
Kind of a take on Tarzan films, this film stars a truncated version of the Carry On group, but it has Sid James, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, Frankie Howerd and Jacki Piper, so that's fine. It's basically the adventures of an African safari and the crazy things which happen, such as mingling with the animals, tribesmen and each other.

The film is full of the usual innuendos that the Carry On films all have and this one is fun. Not the best in the series but still worth watching.
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on 1 July 2011
frankie howard gives a first class performance does joan sims who finds her long lost son .terry scott. i know use your imagination.he plays a tree swinging baffoon .tarzan like. a must for fans one of the better ones.
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on 30 December 2008
Although he's not in it until at least half way through, this has Charles Hawtrey's greatest entrance line in any Carry On ever. It's as if the whole plot of the film is contrived for him to deliver this one line. A corker.

Frankie Howerd, "Avert your eyes...", Sid James "We'll down tools!", Joan Sims and many other regulars are all on fine form also.

And Valerie Leon. Cawooah!

The only duffer is the rather wooden Terry Scott also playing a "hunky" Tarzan character (just what were they thinking?) but you can't have everything. I guess there are some slapstick moments that suit him. It's just that you can't believe that his love interest would go for him, it should have been Roy Castle or Jim Dale, I reckon.

Oh alright, please yourselves...
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