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4.6 out of 5 stars80
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2007
Okay so it's not an Ealing comedy, but for what it was, another in the series of formula 'camp' comedies by a well oiled machine that was the Carry On team, it is very good, one of the best. And I would hazard a guess and say it was most people's favourite. It certainly is my favourite, not least because nearly all the regulars are here: This must be the definitive Carry On cast. It's as though they've gathered together for one final fling as they sense the whole franchise may be on its last legs. And what better way to gather than to go on holiday, the British way, camping in the cold and wet. It's a very fair send up of British conservatism and unadventurousness, really, and actually ends up celebrating it, with the campers' successful expulsion of the more exotic young flower children gathered in the field for a rave. Has tremendous nostalgia value, this film, even if you were only a nipper when it came out, as I was. It sort of makes you pine for all that old stuff most people thought was naff even then. Oh, for a life of such simple pleasures, though. Yes, you can almost smell the Double Diamond waiting for you in the camp's own bar. A wonderful film to visit and revisit. This also has to be Terry Scott's finest hour.
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on 24 September 2000
Carry On Camping is easily one of the best in the series. As usual its full of predictable and ever corny gags but its the lovley team of actors that make this the classic it has become. Of course one of the most famous scene from a Carry On is in this one, where BARBARA WINDSORs' bikini top flys off during her morning exercises. This still manages to raise a chuckle now even after seeing this film at least one hundred times. There is no real plot as such. Its just basically fun and games at the paradise camp site with the best of the gang. The film is consistently funny and the best players are defintley the late KENNETH WILLIAMS and HATTIE JAQUES who share the funniest scenes. Amongst the rest of the cast are all the familiar faces which include SID JAMES, JOAN SIMS, CHARLES HAWTREY, TERRY SCOTT, BERNARD BRESSLAW, DILYS LAYE, JULIAN HOLLOWAY and BETTY MARSDEN (in a delightful role). A very good comedy and one of the most succesful in the series.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2003
I wouldn't say this was the best in the series, the historical ones were better-made and superior, but for sheer light-hearted fun this takes some beating. It also strangely adds to the fun when you realise it was shot during a very cold October, and you can see the frosty breath coming out of the actor's mouths as they all try to pretend it's high summer! Terry Scott only appeared in a few Carry Ons, but his bumbling character here makes the film, as he tries desperately to break out of his sex-starved lifestyle with his awful hearty wife and her braying laugh. The scenes where they're sharing a tent with Charles Hawtrey, as the well-named Charley Muggins, are hilarious. Hattie Jacques is also on top form as the school matron, prancing around in a t-shirt with "Chayste Place" emblazoned across her vast bosom, and getting the hots for a terrified Kenneth Williams (the scene where she drags by his foot back into his tent as he's trying to make a getaway is priceless!). Plus, of course, it contains the famous Barbara Windsor busting-her-bra scene, and Sid James dressed as a hippy!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2013
'Carry On Camping' is probably the best known entry in the 'Carry On' series, complete with Barbara Windsor's iconic bra popping scene, that's not the say it's the best, far from it. However, it is a very enjoyable comedy film nonetheless with all of the best loved 'Carry On' actors present, in top form, and in their typical roles.

The leading male characters Sid & Bernie, played to perfection by Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw, want to take their girlfriends (Joan Sims and Dilys Laye) on a nice, relaxing camping holiday ... on a nudist camping site. On arrival however, the pair soon discover it to be just a normal campsite. Their spirits are lifted although when Doctor Soaper (Kenneth Williams) and Miss Haggard (Hattie Jacques) arrive with a coach load of young girls, led by Barbara Windsor. Top marks to Peter Butterworth who is wonderful as the camp's tight fisted, penny pinching owner Mr. Fiddler.

This is a comedy classic from the word go, and there seems to be always something new to find to laugh at with every time you watch it. As all the famous gang are present, this is an ideal 'Carry On' to introduce someone to the series, being a strong example of what the series was all about - good clean(?) fun. However, I think the ending is a real let down, it should have been so much better.

Note: A later entry to the series, 'Carry On Behind' is often thought of as 'Camping Two' (and there are many similarities, even the locations are the same), and although a lot of the old gang aren't in it, I honestly do regard it as being even better, buy the two and judge for yourself.

Like all of the 'special edition' Carry On DVD releases, there is a wealth of exclusive bonus material, including an audio commentary with actresses Dilys Lane and Sandra Caron who both appeared in the movie, trivia notes, a token episode of the '70s ITV series 'What A Carry On' ('Orgy and Bess', the final 'Carry On' project Sid James and Hattie Jacques worked together on), and a collectable booklet featuring profiles of all the star players.
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on 2 April 2013
One of the best of the Carry On series second only to Carry On At Your Convenience. Really side cracking nudge-nudge ,wink-wink humour , you should find yourself laughing two dozen times during this show.
Nostalgic value is aside not the least reason either for seeing this movie, which was filmed and hit the screens in a gentler, nice Britain more the dreadful political correctness , with its witch hunts and dour inquisitors, which has brought Britain to her knees.
Sid (Sid James) and Bernie (Bernard Bresslaw) decide to take their girlfriends Joan (Joan Fussey) and the nervously disposed Dilys (Anthea Meeks) camping, Sid thinking they are on the way to a nudist camp, but it ends up being a standard family camp, which is at the moment being visited by a finishing school of adorable, over sexed schoolgirls the ring leader being the bubbly , sexy and funny Babs (Barbara Windsor) and their strict and pompous schoolmaster Dr Kenneth Soper (Kenneth Williams) and the bumbling, controlling Miss Haggerd (Hatti Jaques).

Also thrown into the mix are Peter Potter (Terry Scott) who really doesnt want to be there and would rather be in Monaco, and his annoying , domineering wife Harriet (Betty Marsden) as well as the camp bespectacled Charles Hawtrey playing the unfortunate Charlie Muggins. This movie is well known for the much publicized scene where Babs' bra comes flying off during physical training. Judged risque at the time, it is all we see now very innocent.
And we conclude with the campers chasing off a band of hippies in the nearby meadow, but to the Dr Soper and Miss Haggard's horror the funloving girls stow away with the hippy band.

The stars of this show are undoubtedly Barbara Windsor and Sid James but all of the cast provide side splitting humour in the perfect intro to anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of seeing the Carry On series
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Sid Boggle (Sid James) and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) hatch a plan to take their girlfriends, Joan Fussey (Joan Sims) and Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye), to a nudist campsite called Paradise. However, when they get there it's not the paradise they envisaged, full of odd balls and bad British weather, things only perk up when a coach load of girls turn up. Trouble is, the guys must get shot of their girlfriends first.

Oddly, Carry On Camping is a film that is revered by the series fans yet frowned upon by critics. Plot wise I'm inclined to agree with the critics, it's as basic as can be and is nothing other than a series of vignettes weaved together to create a lurid camping based holiday film. Tis true, but hell the comedy is good here, smutty and awash with innuendo and making the most of the double meaning of the word camping. It's also one of the series best roll calls as regards its cast, most of the big hitters are here, it's easier to just say Jim Dale and Kenneth Connor are the two notable absentees.

From the sight of Barbara Windsor's bra shooting thru the air, to the hapless Terry Scott having buck shot removed from his posterior. Camping has no other intentions other than to titter the discerning Carry On fan. What often gets forgotten tho, is just what great comedy actors some of these series regulars were, witness here a sequence in a tent as Terry Scott, Charles Hawtrey and Betty Marsden attempt to get ready for bed, comedy gold. So one for fans only it seems, hooray for me then because I love Carry On Camping, always have, always will. 8/10
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on 12 June 2000
Anybody who knows Carry On films will want this classic in their collection. Good sound track, AND a 16:9 wide screen format too. Extra interesting documentaries and facts also included.
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on 22 March 2007
carry on camping,1968,and the 17th carry on,is one of the most recognisable ones,up there with carry on doctor and abroad perhaps,carry on camping is a film that has never appeared old and the jokes are still more than capable of creating a smile across your face.

The film has the infamous scene where babs windsor,playing a schoolgirl despite being a lot older,where her bra flies off during exercise class,everyone knows that scene.

The story centres around sid james and bernie bresslaw,who decide they want to take their prissy girlfriends to a nudist camp,sid james is great here as a sleazy enough man who soon lusts after babs as he did in real life,the camp that they attend in the end isnt a nudist camp at all and other guests include terry scott and his wife who lives in a different world,freeloader charles hawtrey who just takes advantage of peoples generosity,kenny williams who along with his school of female pupils and a love struck hattie jacques who decides she loves kenny,much to his horror,the film is packed with naughty harmless jokes and this is the carry on team at their much loved best,check it out if you havent already.
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on 3 January 2015
I have always been a big fan of the Carry On films. This one, however, is not one of my favourites, though I know that it is a favourite among many other Carry On fans. Basically, your enjoyment of this film will depend on how much you like Barbara Windsor. Personally, I can't stand her and I prefer the Carry On films without her in them, which I enjoy more. In Carry On Camping, however, she is in almost every scene, so I don't watch this one very often. This film is also very famous for the scene in which her bra flies off during exercising and hits poor old Kenneth Williams in the face, which I suspect is one reason why this film is so popular. However, there are much better and much funnier films in the series, so I wouldn't suggest that you start your collection with this film. It runs for 85 minutes, but it feels much longer, because the gags and double entendres are much more spread out. So, I only give this three stars, because it is watchable, but nothing more. It doesn't deserve the adulation that it receives and there are much better Carry On films than this. For Barbara Windsor fans only.
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on 9 June 2009
The Carry On team pokes fun at an old established british tradition or two in Carry On Camping.

Back in the days before discovering Majorca, British holidays meant one of three things: going to the seaside and staying in any one of the myriad of Bed & Breakfast establishments that adorned the seafront, participating in the holiday camps such as Butlins, or going camping.

In the case of the former, meals (and much else besides) were taken under the watchful eye of the landlord and landlady, while at Butlins there were many blazer garbed chaperones, leaving camping as the holiday of choice for those who wanted to do their own thing.

Of course, camping then was much less comfortable requiring much hardier souls as well as those looking for a sense of adventure.

Carry On Camping is a rollicking send up of many of the aspects of life in those, simpler, carefree days. Packed full of innuendo, we find much of the stereotypical views of the English contained therein, but, as the film shows, the age of innocence, can easily be scraped away to show a sleasier underside.

The film also mocks the nascent hippy movement whose Peter Pan aspects are displayed and which are all to easily undermined by those with a more hard-nosed approach. This prescient treatment underscores the demise of the peace and lovement at the hands of worldwise drug dealers and criminals a couple of years down the road.

Good for a laugh but the nature of the beast is such that it displays many signs of age and holds much less appeal to people today, a lot of whom would not recognise those aspects of Britain's past.
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