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3.9 out of 5 stars38
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2014
I was torn between this and the Olympus TG3 and eventually, the promise of 25 metres (as opposed to 18) won me over. Although this is never going to replace a decent underwater camera and case, its convenient and capable enough for most recreational diving.

It feels rugged, and has a reassuring weight. The two compartments are double locked which is reassuring as I lost my first Olympus tough because a catch caught on something as I rolled off the boat and it filled up with water. The only worrying 'feature' is that the lens is only protected by being slightly recessed. Following a tip in another review I used an old transparent map holder to protect the camera on entries and exits.

The separate battery pack meant that I could keep one battery charging while I used the other.

Over the last two weeks, it has survived dives to 35 metres unscathed. And it will take photos up to about 31 metres, after that, the buttons stop working.

As for picture quality and associated special effects:

There's still a distinct green cast to the underwater pictures - regardless of depth. This is despite specific camera settings that were apparently meant to compensate for colour absorption. When I got them home, I still needed to do a little work in iPhoto to get them how I wanted. I've uploaded two pics, before and after editing to adjust for temperature and tint. But, that was the same with the Olympus as well. The 5x optical zoom worked fine.

The on land pictures seemed fine and pretty standard quality for a point and click with vivid colours and crisp edges. The rear screen display was visible in bright sunlight.

There are a number of effects that you can use whole taking pictures (posterise,colour emphasis etc.), but I'm not sure how useful they are, since you can pretty much achieve the same results with any decent editing software and probably a lot more easily. The panorama function is not that great either.

For a camera that's rugged enough to take on reasonably deep dives without having to worry about bulky (and extremely expensive) housings (and associated maintenance), this is a good deal, I think. It loses a star because there is extra work involved once you're on land, but I don't regret buying this over the Olympus.
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on 29 November 2015
This camera is not fit for purpose. It is not "waterproof down to 15m".

We bought a Canon PowerShot D30 to take to Barbados. We chose it based upon its claimed waterproof depth and shock resistance. We took it on a total of 6 snorkelling trips (max depth 6m). We were very careful to ensure the camera hatches were shut properly prior to each snorkelling trip, and made sure we had dried the camera off thoroughly before opening it.

Nevertheless, water ingress was evident by the third swim, with a little fluid level and condensation on the inside of the screen. Mid way through the sixth trip, the unit died. There was a water level evident in the lens.

We sent the unit back under warranty to ValueBasket who refused to repair it under warranty stating it was "physical damage" thus not covered by warranty. We did explain that the unit's waterproofing was defective and the physical damage from water ingress was therefore secondary to a manufacturing defect. ValueBasket still refused to replace or refund us.

This camera is not fit for purpose. Waterproofing is via a few flimsy gaskets around the inside of the hatches. There is no internal waterproof compartmentalisation so if any of the gaskets or plastic case moulding is defective, then water will get in and the whole unit fails. Canon will not replace water damaged "waterproof" cameras even if they were operated correctly under warranty.

If you buy the "waterproof" Canon PowerShot D30, you are running a high risk of it becoming water damaged through no fault of your own, and Canon refusing to replace it.
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on 22 August 2015
This is not a dive camera., First time in the water down to 15m leaked and stopped working, despite carefully greasing the seals.. Waste of money
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on 1 April 2015
Hurray! A decent waterproof point and shoot! After my beloved Canon DC10 gave up the ghost after a couple of years I decided to try the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT25. A real disappointment. After many hours trawling Amazon and other sites for a camera that was waterproof for more than a week, took decent photos and could be tucked into a cossie for swimming shots. This is what I returned to. Like the BC10 this is a robust straightforward waterproof camera that takes good photos on land and in the water. Unlike the DC10 it isn't 'spherical and a bit weird' - it's neat but can be used with 5mm diving gloves on. I'm happy.
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on 28 May 2014
As a family we have a variety of camera's but this one will replace them all, its compact, provides good images both in an out of the water and it is so easy to use. We had no problems with water leaks etc... recommended.
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on 25 August 2014
Really happy with the camera. I've taken it on a dive trip to Malta, and occasionally it went down to over 30m and still no leaks. It took reasonable quality images - a little soft around the edges but nice and crisp in the centre. Using the underwater setting made a massive difference to the colours, even in relatively shallow water. If you don't remember to change to it, the photos are very blue throughout...and if you forget to switch back on land, things go very red indeed. The battery held its charge well, a single battery was good for over 2 1hr dives plus mucking about in between. The video mode is also pretty good, as long as it's not too dark. The camera is slightly negatively buoyant, so easy to hold steady for a shot. Only thing to watch out for is that it's very easy to cover the lens with a fat finger. For a cheapie point-and-shoot, I was very happy with its performance.
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on 5 November 2014
After three Panasonic sports / underwater video being returned to Amazon / John Lewis (who don't sell them anymore) within 12 months due to tech issues / water leakage. The reviews on this camera were outstanding and we were not disappointed when we purchased through Amazon (their customer service is outstanding) and the underwater pictures are breath-taking with having a red filter. Don't hesitate in purchasing this.
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on 6 August 2014
Awesome! Had the Mark 1 (D10) of this camera and it started to die after 4 years of abuse. The D30 is far smaller, the lens and display are much better and I will feel more confident going scuba diving with the upgraded depth range.

I would highly recommend this camera for anyone buying a point and shoot. The can withstand all sorts of abuse and still take great photos!
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on 25 August 2014
I am not keen on writing bad reviews but had to speak my mind! I bought this camera looking forward to capturing my trip to the maldives with my family. After 3 days , water penetrated the camera (no idea why!) and had a foggy display at the back. I thought it would evaporate somehow but nope, the camera was ruined and so where my photos!
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on 1 September 2014
Purchased primarily for underwater use. Best purchase ever! No casing required so extremely easy to use (and set) underwater in both Photo and Video modes. Setting to underwater appropriately adjusts the white balance giving excellent colour adjusted pictures (same for video). Macro mode allows you to focus down to virtually zero, which is another very useful underwater facility. Have taken this camera on 30 dives already, and on a number of occasions to the maximum 25 metre depth. Photo and video results are incredible. This camera works just as well above the water line, but then so do a whole lot of other cameras. Since I purchased this camera quite a number of my diving buddies have purchased one as well, which speaks volumes for it's quality. One tip if taking this camera underwater in your BCD, place it in a plastic bag whilst in your jacket pocket to protect the lens.
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