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on 1 December 2012
I purchased this printer full price and it was indeed 'worth it at twice the price' !

Slowness cure...
When the drivers installed I found two icons for the printer in the printers list in Windows.
The icon without "WS" (webservices) is the one to use for printing, and starts printing quickly\normally. So right-click on this one and set it as the default.

Scanning method...
The icon with "WS" is the one to use for scanning.. not something Canon explain very well.
To save a scan on your PC, put the thing you are scanning on the scanner, and then, back at the PC, right-click on this icon and select Start scan, easy really.
You can use the green&white diamond buttons on the printer itself but these only seem to work when the printer is connected directly with the usb cable.

Reducing ink consumption...
Ink consumption is quite thirsty by default, in fact too thirsty for normal office printing because it saturates and distorts the paper. Easy to fix though..
From Start menu, Devices & printers, Right-click on the printer icon without WS, select 'preferences', then select the 'Main' tab, then highlight the 'Custom' button in the 'Color Intensity' section. With the sliders reduce the saturation a notch or two depending on how mean you want to be with ink. Personally I have the colour ones set to -22 and have left the contrast and brightness ones in the middle.

Also, I've had no problems using cheaper sources of ink. Very very cheap in fact. So price is no longer an issue. But of course I can't guarantee that all cheap inks are ok.

p.s I had a couple of occasions when the wireless connection seemed to get lost, but I think it was something on the PC side because after a reboot it was OK.

Hope that helps some people, cos these things can be sooo frustrating I know.

Note for Apple users >>> Default driver seems ok.

Note for Windows 8 users >>> Went like a dream. Installed automatically without having to 'Add printer'. Just one icon created, so no confusion any more. Ink saturation still needs to be adjusted down, as with earlier versions of Windows.

Note for Linux Mint\Ubuntu users only >>>
Honestly, if you don't have Linux then you will not want to know these details!
I just spent 3 hours phaffing around to replace a default driver that gave very poor, very dark print quality.
If you have the same problem then try one of these methods:-
First, download the driver called cnijfilter-mg5300series-3.60-1-deb.
You might try getting it from here..
Then, double-click on it to extract it to the Download folder.
Then, either..
1) Double-click on the 'deb' file itself and follow the prompts.
Or If you have problems..
2) Double-click on the .sh file that is in the same folder as the .deb file and follow the prompts.
Or If you still have problems..
3) Right-click on the .deb file and select 'Open with other application' .... choose 'GDebi Package Installer' from the list. If you have more luck than me you will eventually find that a 'ppd' file is revealed. You can then go through the Add printer process and select this ppd file at the point that you get an option to choose a driver
(I couldn't find the option to change a driver on an already installed printer).
Method 2) was the only that worked for me, and there was an error warning at the end of the install... but it seems to work fine without further adjustments.
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on 9 June 2012
My trusty Canon PIXMA IP5200R wireless printer expired after more than 5 years service and I was looking for something similar - didn't really need all the other features (scanning, copying etc.). Found this one and it's got all the bells and whistles, and I have to say the scanning and copying features are useful from time to time, and it looks beautiful in piano black finish. I suspect the guts of this printer are the same as the 5200R - same fantastic print resolution etc.
It's easy to set up as a wireless printer, you enter access point details directly into the printer via its little LCD screen interface, so you don't need a USB cable as you did with previous models - it doesn't come with a USB cable anyway.
The ink tanks are a bit smaller than the IP5200R, but I have always used third party ink and never found a problem (try
I bought the IP5200R in September 2006 for £120 from eBuyer, but in May 2012 this printer from Amazon was £100.38 with free delivery, and it arrived within 2 days. In the past I have used HP printers, but Canon are world class in my opinion and I wouldn't use any other manufacturer.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 October 2011
I bought this printer primarily because it supports AirPrint (iPhone/iPad printing) and at 45cm wide x 36.6cm deep x 16.6cm high it isn't a huge beast of a machine. It comes in a sleek gloss black and though I don't think it would win any beauty contests, it looks smart on a shelf. It feels a bit cheap to handle, but to be fair it is an inexpensive machine.

Out of the box, setting up is quick and easy. The interface is a wheel/button combo but the wheel can be fiddly. The wheel turns around with very little resistance, so when you let go sometimes it moves again and selects something you didn't mean to. And the arrangement of buttons can be misleading as it appears to direct you to the left hand button under the screen, when actually you need to press the centre of the wheel.

Since the AirPrint feature was the main reason I bought this printer, I was keen to try printing from my iPad. Unfortunately my iPad couldn't "see" the printer, so I was unable to print unless I went through Canon's (free) iEPP app. Fortunately after a little research, I found that updating the printer's firmware solved the problem and I was up and running - easy to do but should you really have to do this for a printer that has only been out for a couple of weeks?

The main strength of this printer is it's photo printing which is decent quality and very fast (about 20 seconds for a 6" x 4" print). I take pictures on my iPhone and send them wirelessly to the printer, though you can also print directly from a camera's SD. It is very quick to warm up, so no waiting around while your printer makes R2D2 noises before starting a print job! If noise is a concern there is a quiet mode, though this slows printing speed. You can stock it with paper in the tray underneath or slide it in the back so you can keep A4 in one and photo paper in the other and the printer will select the appropriate source. If you forget to open the output tray after sending a document to print, it automatically opens (I'm a sucker for a gimmick!). If you are printing text, duplex printing (printing both sides without having to manually turn the pages over) is a feature that can save you a lot of paper. I haven't tried it yet, but it is apparently even capable of printing onto CD/DVD. It won't print A3 like my old printer did, but the number of times I actually did this were very few and far between.

Scanning is excellent and can be controlled from the iPad (put document on flatbed scanner, then on iPad select size and press go). It is much quicker than the scanners of old (well, the nineties and noughties) that I remember and you don't need to wait around while it generates a preview and then a final scan.

Ink isn't the cheapest but it's not ridiculously expensive either, and the five single inks mean that if one runs out you only need to replace that one.

A great general purpose scanner/printer.
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on 4 September 2012
Item arrived within a few days.
Purchased to replace Pixma IP5200 printer and Epsom V300 scanner and expected similar performance with benefit of all in one and wifi.
The scanner and copier was at least as good as the Epsom, but much easier to use with the machine buttons for straight forward copying and pc options for formatting and saving.
The surprise was how much better the printer is. On A4 photographs the IP5200 gave a reddish cast on complexion in particular, even after calibration, but the MG5350 produced excellent colour and sharpness straight out of the box.
Also the wifi was very easy to set up with the printer identifying my network immediately. I have one pc hard wired and another pc and 2 laptops wifi connected.
Some reviewers have commented on the time the printer takes to warm up and the high ink usage. When first switch on in the morning (I use it a lot every day)it can take longer than the IP5200, but after that it operates substantially quicker than the IP5200 even after being idle for hours. As regards running costs I have the printer defaulted to draft and this gives very satisfactory printing quality, even for writing to clients, and am very pleased with how long the original ink cartridges are lasting.
Perhaps of less consequence it is an attractive box. The only problem I have experienced so far is that I have found it easy to default the paper source to either rear tray or cassette, but on one occasion the printer insisted on printing from the cassette even though I had instructed the rear tray and I could not work out why.
In summary I have no hesitation in recommending this all in one printer for photos, graphics or text.
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on 25 February 2012
Beautiful printer and inexpensive. First one did not work out of the box but Amazon quickly replaced. Set up is not painful and connected to my wireless network without a problem. The quality of the prints (photo print) is very good. However there are a few drawbacks: It uses a lot of ink and the first set of cartriges went very quickly (less than a month). The diagnostic software does not work over the Wi-Fi so if you want to troubleshoot the printer you have to use a USB cable (that as far as I could see did not come with the printer). Also it frequently goes into Eco mode/hybernation so if you do not wake up the printer (push any button) it does not wake up and you cannot print anything. Even if you do wake it up (press any button) than it takes some two minutes to get back to the network. It also takes a while to warm up for scanning. Hopefully there must be a setting to improve that but I have not had the time to look into this.

All in all it works but it a few kinks were ironed out it would be a much friendlier item
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on 4 January 2012
This is the best printer we have ever owned. It does everything is says it does with an excellent end finish. We have done mail shots, photos, scanning and duplex printing and enjoyed every minute of using this simple to use, quality printer. It even tells you off if it isn't switched off correctly, wow! Envelopes print clearly with not residual ink mark, and printing is clear and crisp. The colour on photos is superb - we don't know how we lived without this printer before. We would highly recommend this particular model, you will not be disappointed. Everything you need for home publishing, Brilliant!
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on 8 June 2013
A very nice-looking all in one product with good colour photo printing and clear b/w printing but mine died without warning after 14 months and when it was needed most. The motherboard had died and repairs, postage and packing fees, etc. are about the same as a new machine. As the warranty is only one year, it was a moot point that I no longer had the receipt and so I had no choice but to take it down the tip - it will not even function as a scanner.

Motherboard death is not uncommon - search google for "Canon B200 error" - some people have luck cleaning out the print head; most don't.

I am not too sorry to see it go, it drank ink (vast amounts are wasted with the ridiculous cleaning process that takes place every time it is switched on and off.) I probably printed off 30 pages and 2 color photos and that was it -> a new set of inks (canon ~£50, aftermarket £12)

Start up is slow, switching it off is a pain -> hold down the "on" button for about 30 secs and see if that works... if not, do it again.

My previous Canon ip4000 lasted 4 years before dying. My son's Canon ip4500 is still going after 5 years. (Both had reasonable ink costs but I don't think these are still produced.)

Any added print quality is small and does not offset the crippling running costs and lack of reliability as nobody expects to be buying a printer once a year. I am afraid Canon has lost my trust, they know about this issue which is a manufacturing/design fault, and I'll be looking elsewhere, I can't afford to lose this sort of money twice.
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on 17 April 2012
What can I say about this sale. After many productive years printing my Canon MP810 all in one sadly died at the end of February. After much research and with a desire for another all in one I decide to buy the Canon MG5350. After a few attempts to purchase this printer with other companies who all failed to deliver or guarantee delivery before July, I purchased this printer with Amazon in the late evening of Thursday 12th April and it arrived on the morning of Monday 16th April, less than 2 working days and it was standard free delivery. The printer is very easy to set up and within 40 minutes of taking the printer out of the box it was connected to 2 computers, 1 hardwired and the other wirelessly. First few prints just prove that the quality is everything you would expect from a Canon printer and at £110 I feel that I have stolen it from somebody. I would thoroughly recommend this all in one to anybody.
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on 20 February 2012
It took a couple of tries to get myself WiFi connected to my iMac, but once I had remembered to first download the firm software it worked effortlessly (much easier than my previous Canon).

I've been using this now for about six months: on jobs ranging from straight colour or B/W prints off the web, to high-quality colour photos. It has been excellent in most aspects. The major niggle is the first job of the day, when it seems to take for ever to get organised (I've never known a printer hum and click and whirr so much). But once you've started printing it's much faster than my previous Canon.

After reading other comments about heavy ink usage I found there's an "economy" setting, for quick and no-finesse work. This has cut ink consumption enormously. Also, having separate colour cartridges means that when one runs out (ie really runs out, not just warns it's going to) then it's easy to change just that one. Cyane and Yellow seem to run out quickest. I buy chipped non-Canon ones: a 5-pack every so often, just the necessary colour ones in between.
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on 10 March 2013
Finding a printer that prints on 250gsm to 300gsm CARD was my MAIN priority for choosing this Canon printer, and it takes it like a dream, the colours of the printing ink are great too, and it isnt a noisy clunky printer,
It is a shiny sleek black model that looks very modern and has a centre lcd display with whatever you are doing on it showing on the little screen, I like how it shows you the ink levels as you are printing here too, you dont have to visit any settings to see the levels.
After returning an Epsom XP-402 yesterday (not from Here)that mentioned it was for greeting cards in the shop, and setting it up at home and finding out it wasnt and just kept feeding the card straight through without printing anything, had me tearing my hair out.
I found the setting up the wi-fi on the Canon a little fiddly as there is no clear instructions on the buttons to press, and hunting for some WPS button that I had no idea what it was, and didnt have one in the end, so a bit more awkward than other printer set ups, but I got there in the end by manually doing it.
I have set the printer to take the paper and card from the top only which makes it far easier for me to insert 1 sheet of card infront of a stack of ordinary paper, print out the greeting card, then just print out the insert from the paper stack.
I like the automatic duplex feature which prints both sides of the card without the need for an insert for some particular cards, and on automatic it re-takes the card back in to print the other side, though if you choose duplex setting you cannot choose photo paper setting you need to choose paper, and I noticed that the ink isnt as vibrant/dark with the paper setting.
As I have only purchased the canon today I dont know all about it yet, only the important bits to crafters.
I am very very happy with this printer and would recommend it on performance and print quality.
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