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4.4 out of 5 stars775
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 12 December 2015
A stunning sequel to an already stunning franchise.
The story of Modern Warfare 2 picks up straight from where Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare left off. This can be a little confusing as there was another Call of Duty game released (Call of Duty World at War) in between by another developer (Treyarch).
The story again is like playing through a Hollywood blockbuster film and the Activision stuck to their guns with the formula of COD4.
Why fix what aint broke? They did however make a few tweaks which only made the game better. Things such as making a shotgun as a secondary weapon online - as it was a waste of a primary in the first game (due to their limited role) so they didn't get used.
Kill streaks were now hugely varied and are now customisable. Originally it was 3 kills for a UAV, 5 for a harrier strike and 7 for a chopper.
Now you still have only 3 but you could choose whatever you wanted from numerous different streaks. The higher the streak, the more effective the reward.
Additionally you had something they called player cards which consisted of a symbol and a background that you could project a bit of personality into so the person could see who killed them.
These again are amassed over time by completing various challenges keeping the game interesting and again, very addictive.

Oh I totally forgot an entire portion to this review! SPEC OPS!
Spec ops is an additional set of 'mini missions' to play in additional to the story and online.
A series of challenging missions that you can do alone or with a friend online to try and obtain 3 stars on each.
An impressive amount were available with the games release but as per usual, more are available if you're willing to cough up extra cash for a couple of extra downloadable content packs that contains a few extra online maps as well.
From this point on, the Call of Duty franchise had an awesome amount of content on release which was more than adequate. But for those that wanted more the Call of Duty cash cow provided.
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on 29 September 2012
I bought this game as my first PROPER Call of Duty as I'd played World at War (A great game it must be said), but was looking to take it all a bit more seriously. More recently during endless Summer Holidays, came back for a replay and absolutely LOVED IT!

To start my review, the Campaign. I never took this seriously the first time as I was worried having not played CoD 4, that my understanding would be hindered - upon reflection, true to an extent. A small amount of background knowledge would be useful maybe, but not entirely necessary. The will to understand the Modern Warfare storyline however, brought me neatly back to this game and a replay of the Campaign was in order!

This revisit was Superb! Although the Campaign is rather too linear in my opinion, with a new mindset and more regard for the characters and plot, the story really did catch on and I was in tune with the game. Hans Zimmer (my personal favourite in soundtrack composing) has done us VERY proud in this campaign as well - the music is absolutely astonishing and fitting in every scene!! It really does make a huge difference to the gameplay, and calls those game-changing moments to be evermore dramatic and emotional.
Overall, an outstanding storyline and soundtrack, although a rather linear playing experience. - Definitely a highlight though.

Next, the Special Ops, a neat addition and provider of many hours attempting those many missions alone, and miserably failing! This is definitely a 2 player mode and once I hooked up with a buddy, my word - It was Awesome! Many hours spent attempting those many missions till many an early hour trying to achieve that extra star, a great experience and memory!

Finally the Multiplayer, as addicting as CoD 4 or 5? Well, no, in a nutshell, unless of course you're 12 years old and have nothing else to do every evening and weekend... A very critical remark and one towards the players and NOT the game but if you're a first time player.. well.. GOOD LUCK! Super fast paced, and actually quite a lot of fun once you get the hang of it however. Additions to Multiplayer are great though, and worthy of good credit.

Overall, 4 stars - Great game, Campaign is outstanding and features a very nice storyline, music is AWESOME! Spec Ops is neat, but will require 2 players, multiplayer is fairly good, but not great. If you're new to a Call of Duty online experience, this is not even like being thrown in at the deep end, more like lava!

Watch out then, but I urge you to try the campaign, I find that MW3 makes loads more sense with this under your belt so focus on the storyline, and you should really enjoy yourself. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and would thoroughly recommend!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 20 January 2011
In my humble opinion, Modern Warfare 2 was the best Call of Duty ever made. It builds on the original modern warfare game but with even better maps and weapons. It has a stunning campaign, spec ops missions which you can team up with a friend to complete (and i advise you do) and an online multiplayer that hasn't been surpassed to date. The maps are simply stunning in their layout, loads of different weapons and varied kill-streaks, of which you can preselect three.

Having recently been on this there are still quite a few people playing it online but you can tell the number have dropped. Graphically it still looks impressive and the audio is fantastic. If you've never played it then buy it for the campaign and see the multiplayer as a bonus!

RECOMMENDED if you've never played it, don't forget it is 5 years old now!
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on 18 February 2012
This game has been out for a while now, but I believe this particular CoD has survived the test of time not by profit margins and senseless "fan-boy" appeal, but by actually being a good game.

Briefly speaking and broadly, this is a simple FPS, no great leaps or bounds have been taken in story writing or gameplay; CoD has yet to feature a cover interface. The graphics are good, not amazing or breathtaking, but very good. Considering you have little time to admire the mission sites through fear of having your head blown off anyway. The gun graphics, sound, and reloading sequences are accurate for the most part, perhaps the sounds could be a bit more punchy as real firearms, but it's good.

Tha gameplay is smooth, and exiting, the mission sites (maps, for all the multiplayer drones out there) are not overly large but you don't feel confined either. Strictly speaking it's A to B shoot the bad guys while completing varying mission objectives. Nice and simple, simple but well done.

The story is quite cliché in that it's based around a Russina invasion of America, with other incidents happening; you follow a couple of narratives culminating in a finale. But you don't play CoD for the story.

It is enjoyable with a friend on the same console as well as online as it offers "spec ops" which allows you to team up co-op against a common enemy as opposed to just shooting the crap out of each other on the same old maps. The Spec ops mode features a number of maps offering varying levels of savagery.

All in all MW2 is a well rounded FPS, offering up nothing it can't do well, which makes it enjoyable on and offline. Worth the money, and seeing as it has been superseded now, good value for money too.
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on 3 July 2011
I imagine that if you know about the COD series, you will have no doubt heard about Modern Warfare 2. And I admit, from watching videos on youtube and hearing from friends, I didn't get it, as I thought it would be full of hacks, noobtubes, people running round with shotguns. So why did I get it? I had been stuck with WAW (Now completely unplayable due to hacks) and COD 4, which I had to lend to a friend, who then went on and lost it.

So thats why I bought it, pre-owned at £20. I really wasn't looking forward to the experience, and I knew that my friends would be proved right. But this was not to be. As soon as I went on, I realised it was a step up from all the other COD games. Not just graphically, but in every way. It was fun to play, I haven't come across any hacks in my whole 3 months of playing it, except the ones I have intentionally joined. It is a whole new experience, there are so many things to unlock, and you start to look forward to unlocking things. There are some great new additions like Callsigns and Emblems, Customisable kill streaks, lots of new guns, great for sniping and trickshots, new game types and much more.

So what do people complain about? To be honest, I don't know. Everyone went on about one man army noobtubes (This essentially means unlimited noobtubes) but this takes a while to change and many hardened players will just be able to kill them. Commando, can be annoying, but you can just put on ninja, or get a recon plane to find them. Killstreaks can almost always be shot down, even recon planes.

So for every bad things, there is a way to counter it. So anyone who is new to the game is going to have a great experience playing, with many fun things. Playing with friends is also one of the best experiences. Graphically superior, Gameplay Superior, everything superior to the other COD games, even Black Ops, which I find to slow.
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on 6 June 2011
Let me start by saying that the Call of Duty series may be one of the most popular game franchises of all time due to their action packed Michael Bay style campaigns and their seriously addictive online multiplayer with countless customization and variety, and this game is no different, and what do you expect it was made by Infinity Ward, and I know some people really do have a bash at IW but they never seem to disapoint with excellent games, I mean this is the sequel to COD 4 which may have the best online multiplayer even to this day well now it has a competitor in MW2 with it's stunning visuals, hours upon hours of gameplay including both campaign and mulitplayer, and even Spec-Ops mode, which are mini missions in which you must complete different objectives and where you find yourself in many shocking scenarios. Lastly, alot of people may have major issues with this game however, I may not disagree with them that this game may have it's faults however this is game will always have you wanting more and with Private Match quickscoping who ever gets bored of that.

Pros --- o Fantastic Multiplayer.
o Campaign may be short-ish but on Veteran it gives you a run for your money LOL.
o Great to play with a friend in Spec-Ops mode.
o Game handles well.
o Never seem to want to stop playing it.

Cons --- o The never brang back the G36C in multiplayer now come on ;).
o The game is unbalanced not doubt but it can be forgiven due to it's entertainment factor
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on 2 June 2011
Modern Warfare 2 is easily the best FPS on any console. Dare i say it, still better than black ops. This is because the game engine and graphics are just superior to the others, end of. In my opinion, it looks the best and plays the best, and the controls are totally intuitive and precise, so there's no outrageous knife by hitting a shoulder like in the Battlefield games. I myself have legitimately got to 10th prestige level 70 online, and am still playing it because its fun, and you meet some great people (some douchebags as well who obviously aren't 18, but there we go!) and its a fun experience.
In terms of hacks, yes, there are some, but if its someone using an aimbot, after playing enough you can find weaknesses, or use a team, let them know, and either all go together or just avoid that area. For every problem there is a solution, the infamous 'rock glitch' on fuel was patched last month, so its still ongoing and there is life left.
Also, commando and danger close get dumped on, and rightly so, but the ammount of players actually using it is minute, its a total exaggeration, at the end of the day, you can go find another commando free lobby... no problems.
The single player is also good, and can be used for completion, or for a laugh like going pistol only, or sniping no scope, and it keeps it alive. Veteran is still challenging, but without the ridiculous death from 100 russian ai enemies with a wall hack like happened sometimes in MW1.
I would recommend this 100%, and at £20, its a bargain, you could do so much worse with that much money.

MW2 will only ever be beaten by MW3, if it lives up to my (and everyone elses!) expectations
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on 5 October 2010
This game is an excellent game - not the be all and end all that was promised - but extremely good nonetheless. It suffered from two main handicaps from the off. Firstly, it received a ludicrous amount of marketing hype, increasing expectations to an enormous extent, against which very few games could live up to. Secondly, it had to follow the massive success of its predecessor, CoD 4: Modern Warfare, again not an easy task.
Does it match up to its predecessor? Well, in my opinion, yes it some ways. It looks fantastic, surely the best looking CoD to date. The single player experience is a much more `Boys Own' meets James Bond affair, although with some extremely hard hitting moments thrown in (such as the airport level - no spoilers here). It is somehow less `believable', but still great fun.
The level and mission design is hit and miss; some amazing, amongst the best ever, others a let down. The story also reflects that, at times believable and engaging and at others ridiculously over the top. Overall I would say that the story was a lot better in the previous instalment. One thing is certain though, the pace is fast and relentless and the gameplay is the same tried and trusted CoD fair that we've come to expect, complete with a wide array of weaponry that feels convincingly `real'.
A genuine bonus is the new `Special Ops' mode, a series of unlockable mission scenarios/challenges that greatly lengthens the single player experience.
The multiplayer gameplay is great - I personally love it. Some of the criticisms that I have read are simply unfair (being shot too often in the back, for instance, is something that the previous Modern Warfare instalment was just as guilty of). The pace is faster too, which suits my style of play, having first cut my teeth on the multiplayer experience of the original Unreal Tournament.
If you like frenetic, comic book style action that looks great, but you aren't expecting the best game ever and can live with a few flaws, get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - it's great fun, as a game should be. If, however, you are expecting a better version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you will be disappointed. Don't believe the hype and don't let high expectations detract from what is a very finely-crafted game, whether or not it consistently hits the mark.
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on 3 January 2010
Like many, I was eagerly awaiting this title for many months.
Firstly, if you have not played the original Modern Warfare, I would recommend doing so, if only for the continuation of the story.
Being Believe the sixth installment of Call of Duty, the controls and playability of this game have been refined over countless generations to bring what is probably (with CoD experience) the easiest to play, and easiest to imerse yourself into. The story follows on a few years after the first Modern Warfare, but you find yourself straight back into the action, following the assault course of course.
The type of levels in the game are varied from the crowd favourite sniping, to a full on assault/prison break akin to the film The Rock.
Althoug a couple of the levels from the CoD series have 'borrowed' elements from films, that's noting compared to Modern Warfare 2 'borrowing' elements of the script from the newish Iraq War series, Generation Kill. This is to the detriment of neither, it adds more thorough realism to the game, using real call signs, and regimental slang.
The arsenal at disposal is immence, and enemies even tougher. Wait for Juggernauts and those with riot shields.

I have never been near the best at these games, but the story lines, addrenalin and soundbites, draw you into the reality of the game. I start off on hardened, which is quite difficcult for me, it gives a challange and stops you completing the game easily in a very short period of time. On hardened, I got through the game in a few days, playing for a few hours a night after work.

The Special Ops levels are accessable once the game is completed. These are levels within the game that have to be replayed under a different, not strory related premise eg kill 5 waves of forty troops etc. These are just as fun as the game itself, if you die, you go back to the start, no checkpoints etc.

Some people say the game is too short. But look on in this as more of a cry for more!

NB: You know the game is gonna be good, when there is a warning at the start, that one of the levels is extremely destressing, and if you would like to avoid it you can do so, without explaining where and when you shall face it.

That levels worth it, along with the game.

There will be a third installment, but here's hoping a new project will come out inbetween.
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on 2 January 2010
Like millions of others, COD: Modern Warfare quickly became one of, if not thee best MMORPG around and we all found ourselves spending more just a couple of hours each night glued to the unbelievable online mode. I think overall i'd spent something ridiculous like 22 days on the game. Unfortunately for Infinity Ward, they'd set themselves a massive benchmark with the game and were always going to struggle to create a sequel that beat or just matched the excitement Modern Warfare brought to gamers. Could Modern Warfare 2 of been better than it's predecessor, maybe. Is it? Quite simply, no.

Single player, as many others have said, is simply too short and does leave you feeling a bit cheated when the game reaches its climax what seems so early on. Whilst the story is compelling, the game-play itself is no different what so ever. You don't really do anything new and to be honest, Modern Warfare provided more variation with certain levels like controlling the AC130 and operating grenade turrets. Sadly in Modern Warfare 2, you can play as a terrorist or drive a snowmobile for a couple of minutes to a chopper which to be honest, is not exactly what I was hoping for. It's still a good single player, but don't expect anything new at all.

Now, multiplayer. I myself didn't get the game till Christmas so I was rather behind everyone else. I'd heard people say that 'oh it's amazing', 'it's better than 4' and the like, however I really don't see how or why now. Ok, yes, it still is a fantastic multiplayer game but it's also become extremely frustrating. 4 did have it's issues that I would find annoying such as martyrdom, the millions of frags as well games ending when the host quit or connection got 'interrupted.' Although Infinity Ward have attended to these issues, new ones have been created that are just as frustrating. More and more people are using famous grenade launcher attachment (otherwise known as the 'noobtube') which is extremely annoying as you find yourself being blown up from all angles without a chance to move or anything. It's something that should have been taken out the game I think.

The killstreak system has now changed also. Instead of the 3/5/7 which worked perfectly well, there's now about 15 different killstreak rewards which you can customize meaning you'll find yourself hiding inside a lot of the time, running away from missile strikes or chopper's or finding a spot to call in a care package. It just seems like they've gone a step too far. This also applies to the perks, there's far too many perks as well now which just seems like it's been overdone.

The maps, some I think are great, however a lot I think are terrible. Ok, there are a few good ones like Sub Base, Scrapyard, Invasion and Rundown, but the rest are all just too big, boring and favour snipers and/or campers. It ruins the game when you get people sitting at the back of the map with a thermal ACOG as another person sits by a doorway waiting for everyone to come through. Yes, people sniped and camped in 4, however the new maps just seem to encourage it more and more people are doing it meaning those that like to run around and find people (like me) don't stand much of a chance and will be sniped within 3 seconds of spawning. And being someone who spent so much time on the previous multiplayer, it's annoying to have this wait and the maps be a major disappointment.

There are a few other annoying things as well, such as you'll be entered into a game just as you're about to lose which isn't really fair and you'll sometimes just get disconnected randomly, which is definitely not my connection.

So, Modern Warfare 2. It is worth buying? Yes. Will you play it a lot? Probably. Is it better and more enjoyable than 4? No.

Your call.
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