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4.3 out of 5 stars195
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PCEdition: Game of the YearChange
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on 6 September 2009
I have been a keen first person shooter fan for a while. I have purchased numerous games, both cheap and expensive. I have found that price is not much of a guide to enjoyment or satisfaction. I took a chance on this even though it was expensive at the time. I do not regret it. The missions are great. Really involving and quite gripping at times. Once you work through these you can use Arcade mode to choose any mission and this is good fun too. The game has an excellent multiplayer on-line mode. The main downside to this is that it is both very good and very addictive! The only point to note is that you need a fairly fast machine to get the best out of the graphics. Mine was a high end machine in 2005 (AMD x2, Nvidia 7800 x2, 2 Gb RAM) and still coped but not at the highest quality. I downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for my graphics card and this made the game more able to run at higher definitions, a useful thing to do if you have never checked that you have the latest driver. Since I first wrote this review I have bought a newer machine in 2011 (Intel x 4, Nvidia 580, 8 Gb RAM, SSD) which makes this game even better as the highest settings can now be used. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes a good shoot em up, although that comment does not do justice to the detail and realism which is exceptionally high.
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on 5 December 2012
I am not into multi player mode,preferring single player ,and have bought many FPS games in the past,including all the call of duty series. During this time I have noticed the dramatic improvement in graphics and complexity of play,this game tops them all,I can definitely recommend it. I have a computer running Windows 7,but although this game states it is suitable for Windows XP and Vista ,it installed and plays perfectly on Windows 7. Altogether this is the bargain FPS game of the year,and at 80 years old I should know!
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on 9 March 2009
Great game.

Looks lovely, nice lighting, shadows, textures etc. I don't have a state-of-the art system (7800 GT card) but it still runs smooth without horrid clipping issues and freezes.

It's easy on easy mode and Hard on Hard mode (amazing how many games get this wrong!)

1 player has decent replayability to collect cheats etc if you're into that sort of thing.

No horrible intrusive DRM or 'internet only' copy-protection, just good old-fasioned type-in-a-code and it works installation.

Multiplayer is really fantastic, if a bit of a steep learning curve. maps are interesting and not too symmetrical- (a big bug-bear of mine!)
Weapons are customizable which makes for hours of fun unlocking components and trying to master them all.
Only annoying thing really about the Multiplayer is the 'Air support' feature- you can call in airstrike or chopper on 5 + 7 kills (so airstike usually usually turns in to heli) then, as high kill-streaks are pretty common, you can be stuck unable to use your heli all round as 15 other players also have it and you can only use it 1 at a time. This can also Heavily distort the scores and mean they aren't always reflective of players skill.
That's really a small gripe though. Rest of the game if ace. Go Buy it.
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on 23 March 2011
Some games just don't last well, seeming dated in a relatively short amount of time. CoD4 is not one of these games. The multiplayer community on the PC is still very active - on the 1.7 patch I get well over 3000 servers listed - despite the releases of World at War, MW2, Black Ops and games from competing series. The graphics are not the best out there but the game still looks pretty good and by looking at the graphics I'd never guess it was a 2007 game. Most importantly of all, it's still great fun to play. I came quite late to the CoD4 party and am glad to see the community is far from dying out. As for the singleplayer - my only criticism is that's it's too short, as most FPS singleplayer campaigns are. I understand that most players only really care about the multiplayer, but still, it would be nice to have got a few more hours out of the campaign.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 11 September 2008
WWII has been done to death! Ever since the original CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN-3D every war theater, every front, every battle has been done again and again. Yet, some game developers seem unable to stop whipping a dead horse..

ACTIVISION proved it had the guts to break with the mold it had made its CALL OF DUTY franchise a huge success. CoD4 is set in a (fictional) present in which American and British agents are called upon to stop a Russian plutocrat with Soviet-nostalgia and terrorist aspirations.

The weapons are new, the graphics are realistic, the settings are beautiful - a GREAT game all together! I hadn't had so much fun ever since the original FAR CRY.
And unlike CRYSIS not only does it NOT demand an...ubercomputer to run properly, but it contains no SecuROM idiocies either!

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on 25 June 2009
This is a really short game - albeit an excellent one. It's a breath of fresh air really after so many WW2 shooters - I'm pretty sure we know that story off by heart now. Being set in modern day, this is by far the most original Call of Duty game yet. The bayonets are gone, and the old scope sniper rifles are replaced with modern laser sights. The story is fictional - but very similar to recent wars - and it is extremely intense, from the word go.

You follow both "Soap" from the British SAS, and Jackson from the US Marines, playing the two simultaneously until the two combine towards the end of the game. The gameplay is excellent, and believe it or not, you don't need a rediculously powerful computer to play it. Running on a Core 2 Duo at 2.4 ghz, and a Geforce 9800Pro it runs perfectly smooth the whole way through. No slow down, and hardly any loading screens at all keeping the action as intense as possible. The cut scenes are brilliant, usually putting you into the first person perspective of one of the characters in the scenario which keeps you in the thick of things, and gives the game a lot of depth. The graphics are absolutely stunning - cinematic most of the time, and the physics are so good it makes it feel real.

Previous mistakes such as bullets being stopped by pieces of paper and cardboard boxes have been fixed, and you can now shoot through certain thin materials such as concrete and wood. The Enemy AI is excellent - sometimes too good, as Grenades are constantly being thrown at you with immense precision, which is actually quite annoying and a little unrealistic at times. It is easily remedied by either legging it ASAP or throwing the grenade back before it goes off - which is a nice addition.

As previously mentioned the single player campaign is WAY too short - it will leave you wanting more. At around 4-6 hours in Normal mode - it is just too short really, but thankfully the multiplayer aspect of the game is excellent. Plus, there's always the increasingly difficult modes which would make the game a lot longer, and the unlockable Arcade mode which means you can only die a certain number of times for an extra challenge. The "Game of the Year Edition" also comes with the Variety Map Pack as well as 4 new multiplayer maps so there's plenty of content when it's all added up in this package.

All in all, this is an excellent game - easily as good as the hype surrounding it, it's just a shame the single player campaign is so short. But don't let that put you off as this is a game that all action/FPS gamers need to play - and fast, as Modern Warfare 2 is approaching...

ADDITIONAL: There is no DRM restriction on the game - just the old fashioned install & play - woohoo!
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on 23 March 2009
The Call of Duty series is a highly established WW2 shooter series that competes with other series like Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms. Whereas the latter focuses on team tactics and player cunning, Medal of Honor has always followed a highly unrealistic interpretation of the war. I hate both games. I don't need every aspect of the war to be perfectly represented, but Medal of Honor manages to bastardize so many elements that I feel a deep set hatred (being someone who has a great personal interest in 20th century history). Brothers in Arms is the polar opposite, being so obsessed with realism that the game ceases to be fun. So my two options for a mainstream WW2 fps are either: A) A game designed for over exited eight year olds with zero historical knowledge, or B) A game made for realism junkies, whose main goal in life is to receive irreversible war trauma, but were rejected by the army?

No. Call of Duty manages to maintain an acceptable level of accuracy, while being fun. More fun, even, than the Medal of Honor series, because I don't have to wince every ten seconds. And so I come onto the actual game at hand; Call of Duty 4.

COD 4 represents a desperate attempt to save the series after they basically re-released COD 2 as COD 3. Unlike most desperate attempts, this one actually worked. So what is it that makes COD 4 so great?

First up are the graphics. People tend to get stuck on graphics, partially because it's the most noticeable advance and partially because most gamers don't really understand anything else. Games of one era tend to have similar graphics, which just proves how pointless the hype is. Anyway, COD 4 gets a mention because many of the scenes here are frankly beautiful and graphics are definitely a high point.

Second is the story. Most first person shooters don't have much of a story to speak of, and that's OK, because the main focus is on gameplay. COD 4 earns a few extra brownie points by including an immersive story that is integrated into gameplay very well and manages to keep up. The story itself is far from original. It could have been decided with a role of the die: It's a ... Crisis, Involving ... Nuclear missiles, In... Russia. Oh gee, that's never been done before.

Thirdly I come to Gameplay. The ultimate goal of gameplay is to make the game immersive and COD 4 fulfills that task brilliantly. Really everything ties together in gameplay; the story, the graphics, the controls; everything. And that's how it should be. Gameplay is also brilliantly varied as you go from large scale invasions by the US Marine Corps to sneaking through grass wearing a camouflage suit with the SAS. Add the graphical beauty and the scale you feel when you're playing the game, and gameplay definitely becomes COD 4s best aspect.

So how do I conclude? COD 4 is a fantastic game that strong foundations and a strong structure. It isn't perfect; it's not very intellectual, all the enemies are very similar looking, and it tries and fails to bring many aspects across subtly. I can't argue with it winning game of the year. It fully deserves it.
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on 27 April 2010
*This review is from someone who does not play on-line - single player version only is talked about.

Having bought this after reading some of the reviews both good and bad I have to say - simply brilliant.

Ahead of it's time imo because as it's from 2007 the graphics and everything else about this game are frankly as good as anything I have seen, equal to if not better than games such as Juarez; bound in blood from 2009 or NecroVision released 2009.

I have been playing this nearly every day for about 6 weeks now, aracade mode is great and although the general story is linear there are enough different ways to do things to keep it interesting - frankly I wish I could find another game I like so much. I'll have to try the new COD 2, it seems that is not getting great reviews because of the on-line epxerience but that doesn't interest me.
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on 6 January 2016
Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare. Made by infinity ward, released for PC in 2007.
If you are new to Call of Duty FPS games, the series has become a bit of a cliche to many. Massive marketing campaigns, cranking out an annual "black ops" instalments, short single-player campaigns, with a big focus on multiplayer. People who love them, love them. Others, not so much. Modern warfare is the first "modern" COD game, moving the action on from WW2. Personally, I found the single player campaign short (they all are) but engaging, high energy and fun. Your health regenerates over time ( no health packs needed!) and the gun play feels solid and responsive. Yes, the plot is nonsense (I won't spoil the plot (if you really want to know, it's on wiki!)), but it is high energy and I did find myself quite liking the gruff Captain Price. I haven't really played the multi-player (not really my thing, to be honest), but there are many reviews on this, below. The game is high energy, playing sometimes, as a member of a squad, which you don't control, with lots of intense firefights.
I would recommend it as a budget, bit of fun, FPS. 3 stars.
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on 18 April 2009
This is an absolutely brilliant fps, containing a very catching single player mode as well as an action loaded multiplayer mode which i can't live without anymore! The game runs super smooth on nearly any machine I test it on, there are more than 15000 active servers with players, and things like gaining experience, unlocking weapons/perks and completing challenges (comparable with little achievements) really makes you want more. This game is so awesome that everyone will get maximum fun out of it, whether you are a casual after work/uni gamer or a gamer heart and soul. Cheaters are very rare and mostly get insta-banned since CoD4 is Punkbuster (an anti cheat tool) secured.
The Game of the Year Edition is coming with patch 1.6 including the four newer multiplayer maps, but make sure you run it with 1.7 since this is the most recent version. Also kudos to the marketing strategy - no securom - no DRM - no limited installations or activations - no DVD in drive required for multiplayer! That's rare these days.
If you don't buy this game you will definately miss a fantastic milestone in computer gaming history.
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