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4.1 out of 5 stars307
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2014
I don't normally write reviews, but I feel that people need to know what they're getting into with this.

Lets start with the design. It looks good, functional, and implies that the case will be rugged. Yeah, maybe so, but lets not forget, the biggest downfall of a big smartphone is the exposure of the screen. This case is next to useless in real world use.

These are just nitpicking faults.

It took only a few weeks for marks to appear on the back of my phone where dirt had entered through the large hole at the bottom of the case, beneath the clear plastic (which doesn't fit snug around the phone), in turn meaning damage had been caused due to dirt and then pressure. I look after all my electronics and this is the worse thing I've ever seen from a phone case. They are meant to prevent damage but instead this case causes damage.

I took my phone away with me in January, dropped my camera on the edge of the case and instead of the case limiting the damage, the crack dissipated throughout the screen causing £100 worth of damage. I bought a new white Nexus 5, with the hard plastic back. And yep! You guessed it! Same kind of damage from the dirt getting trapped.

I don't see how spigen even let this out of the design rooms. What were they thinking?!

There are better cases than these. Don't waste your money.
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on 9 November 2013
I'm very pleased with the case, which looks great on the phone, isn't overly bulky but should offer a good level of protection (not that I intend to test that!).

For anyone concerned about scratches on the clear panel when the case arrived - it's not at all obvious but there's a protective film that needs removing from both sides. A pair of tweezers is very useful in removing this.
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on 10 November 2013
I ordered this with with the arrival of my new Nexus 5.

Everything that was promised was delivered (case, screen protector and prints). The case itself is extremely light weight and doesn't add much interference with the original handling of the device, the exterior buttons line up perfectly and the camera hole is spot on centre. It looks and feels great in the hand, totally ergonomic with nice grooves to help differentiate between exterior buttons.

There were no scratches or marks on the clear plastic shell once the interior and exterior covers had been removed, I suggest giving both sides a wipe before inserting the phone just in case. Not that removing the case is difficult, it's pretty flexible so will allow for some stretching and has excellent torsion to withstand multiple removals without damaging the product.

Once the case is on and you notice marks then remove your phone and wipe the back of it as that's most likely what the marks are. On my phone, Nexus 5 black there are a few tiny areas where the back of the phone touch the screen and as a result show a black mark due to it pressing ever so slightly (very minute) but I think that's mainly due to the material on the black nexus 5 anyway which is somewhat matte and the clear back shows off the nexus logo really well.

The 2 prints that come with the phone (city landscape and gears) are OK, I personally think it looks better without them. Though they at least make for a good template if you print your own, I'd recommend something more glossy and thick rather than paper or thin card as the light somewhat distorts the quality of the image as it penetrates the clear back. The prints have to be "punched" out where the camera is positioned, doing so was easy and left no rip or tear marks whatsoever.

All in all a fantastic product worth every penny. I would have given it 5 stars but the delivery time could have been faster.
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on 28 December 2013
Case arrived quickly and packaged well. Good minimal case for the nexus 5 and the included screen protectors are good quality my phones had a couple of knocks and drops since I've had this case and the case has protected it well. Excellent case for this price.
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on 13 November 2013
The most notable feature of this case for me is the lack of tactile feedback in the buttons. When fitted to the Nexus 5 I can barely feel the volume and power buttons depress. To be fair this is mostly a consequence of the design of the phone - there is very little travel in the action of pushing the buttons on this device. However the buttons work perfectly and feel great without a case!

Apart from this observation the case is quite well finished. Fits the phone perfectly. I was hoping for a more rubbery texture to the plastic, as it is the case can feel a bit slippery in hand. Again, the caseless phone is much better in this respect as it has a subtle rubber finish to the plastic materials (I have the black Nexus 5).

The lip surrounding the screen and the thickness of the casing feel like they will provide perfect protection against dings and scratches resulting from drops.

In terms of looks the case is quite attractive. The clear back is a fingerprint magnet. The phone still feels light and insubstantial in the hand (your mileage will vary here, I'm comparing with galaxy or nexus smartphones).

All in all a good case but the design of the buttons do cause some usability issues for this phone.
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on 7 November 2013
This case is well-designed, but there are some flaws. Good points are the excellent textured black plastic (top quality semi-rubberised), and the brilliant implementation of the volume rocker and power key covers, which look slick and work brilliantly.

The downsides: the clear back is pretty at first, but attracts fingerprints and dirt, and quickly (within a few minutes) looks greasy and gross. Also, the 'air cushion' is really just a gap where the case is a bit too big and doesn't flush with the phone. This means the case is a little bulkier than it has to be, but I suppose it will offer some degree of protection (akin to the 'crumple zone' on a car).

Also, and this is a fault on all N5 cases so far, too much of the camera is exposed. I can see why as the camera is raised and 2 different depths of plastic would probably add unreasonably to the manufacturing costs - but this means the raised ring around the camera is at risk - though, thanks to the clever subtly-raised corners design of this case, it won't touch the table/ground (!) when the phone is laid down on its back.

The bundled screen protector is decent quality, but has absolutely no oleophobic qualities, so it's a fingerprint magnet. But Spigen sell tempered glass protectors anyway, so I'd go with that. I certainly have confidence in their quality after this well-made robust case - especially at this money.
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on 10 December 2013
received the case late. One week after the expected date.
The case has developed scratches from the inside and outside which has put a couple of scratch marks on my brand new nexus 5 phone.
I can understand if it gets scratched from the outside, every plastic case does but not from the inside which its suppose to protect. I have emailed the seller with the picture of the damage and the seller has just refused to take any responsibility whatsoever, blaming the damage on normal wear and tear of plastic material.
I bought the case to protect my phone and not to damage it. The case has got a design flow which causes the dust particles to get inside and damage the phone.
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on 14 November 2013
First impressions of this case on taking it out of the box were bad as it looked scratched and quite opaque. I ignored the free card inserts offered immediately without even looking at them, failing to notice the instructions on them for the bumper case itself.
After demanding my refund, the fairly quick response from the supplier pointed out my mistake, of not having removed the film from both sides of the transparent plastic back to the bumper case. Once I did this it looked fine, my stupid act of the day now over, I decided to write some pros and cons for this case.

1. Actually quite nice looking once it's on the Nexus 5.
2. Seems sturdy and the buttons still work perfectly, overall it's a nice fit.
3. I had an unbelievably easy time with the screen protector, I have failed to fit every single one of these I have ever tried till now, and this one not a single bubble looks just like the glass.
(I put the bumper case on first i think that's why it was so easy.)

1. Throw away free inserts they are pretty horrible.
2. The back panel makes contact with the phones case in a few spots, what this looks like is very small black marks on the transparent surface.
3. The back of the case is a total fingerprint magnet.

Tips: I used a small amount of Keepit clean screen cleaner on a soft smooth microfibre cloth on the inside and outside of the case prior to fitting it helped a bit (after I forgot to clean the back of my phone first :)

Advice: I would probably go for a model of this case with a coloured back not a transparent one, and I would happily buy one of these cases again.
(I might try making my own back cutout for it using the free ones as a template.)
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on 27 February 2015
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 5 - Black &[Non-Slip] SPIGEN Google Nexus 5 Case Slim [Ultra Fit] [Smooth Black] Premium SF Coated Matte Hard Case for Nexus 5 - Smooth Black cases both reviewed:

Spigen's ultra hybrid case is bulky but this is required to offer the great protection it does. Overall it is a good case but it has some flaws, specifically it does not offer the advertised advanced scratch proofed case nor adequate screen protectors.

Great protection to sides and back from scratches to the phone
Makes the phone much more difficult to break from falling. My phone's fallen several times but had no issues even on concrete due to the slight raised lip. Offers great protection on this front!
It came with 2 screen protectors (despite being advertised to come with two)
Well placed cut outs

Bulky (so much so that I got fed up of keeping it on my phone) but obviously a requirement for the protection it offers
The back panel got scratched which looks pretty awful now (another reason I got fed up, but this did take over 6 months to become noticeable)
The screen protectors scratched and now have become practically unusable

Spigen's ultra fit case, which I purchased from Amazon, is light weight and adds minimal bulk to the phone but has the major flaw of sharp edges which can scratch the phone. Overall I prefer this to the Ultra Hybrid case.

Light weight and thin
Offers good protection from scratches
Well placed cut outs

Very sharp edges that can scratch the phone or sometimes even hurt you (when removing, adding case)
Offers little protection from the glass breaking (very slight raised lip)
No screen protectors with this case
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on 4 March 2014
This case for the Google Nexus 5 arrived early, and it did not disappoint whatsoever. Fits the phone like a second skin. The edges around the phone are made out of rubbery plastic which stretches just far enough to place the Nexus 5 inside. The volume and the power buttons are covered by this rubbery plastic, but their positions are clearly marked. Usually it takes a bit of effort to activate keys which are hidden behind plastic, but not so with this case. It takes the same little amount of pressure as if there was no case. The only holes are for the headphone socket and the noise cancelling microphone on top of the phone, and the micro USB port and speaker grills on the bottom. And those holes are exactly at the right places.

The back of the case is made out of harder plastic, which is clear, so the big nexus logo can be seen (and admired). Again, the hole for the Nexus' main camera is exactly in the right place - you can really see and feel this case has been custom-made for the Nexus 5. The only slight imperfection I can find is that this hard and clear plastic on the back is straight, whilst the phone itself is ever so slightly curved on the edges, so there are some air pockets where dust can enter and settle. Nothing too much to distract from the overall quality casing. And as a little bonus there is also a screen protector in the package. And guess what, that screen protector fits the screen of the Nexus 5 exactly - no gap between the edge of the protector and the edge of the glas front.

Overall definitely a 5 star product, which for the money I paid I can very easily recommend.
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