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The Cities of CSI

CSI: Las Vegas
Team Leader - Gil Grissom

CSI First broadcast in October, 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation focused on the investigations of the night time Las Vegas CSI unit. Headed up by William Petersen's Gil Grissom, the team use their forensic skills to solve the many grisly crimes committed in Sin City.

CSI: Miami
Team Leader - Horatio Caine

CSI Miami The cast and locale of CSI: Miami made their debut in 'Cross Jurisdictions', the penultimate episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's second season. Starring David Caruso as Horatio Caine, the show follows a similar formula to the original, but is filmed in a brighter, more glossy style in order to reflect its sun-kissed location.

CSI: New York
Team Leader - Mac Taylor

CSI New YorkCSI: New York is the latest addition to the CSI franchise. A direct spin-off of CSI: Miami, it has twice crossed over with its parent show, originally for its first episode and again in its second season which saw Gary Sinise's Mac Taylor team up with Miami's Horatio Caine in order to catch a common nemesis.

The Sounds of CSI

CSI Soundtrack
Get the full CSI experience with the CSI Soundtrack, which holds 16 tracks including The Who's 'Who Are You?' as well as original music by the show's composer, John M. Keane.
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With a host of Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG awards to its name, the CSI franchise has become a global phenomenon. Spanning three series in three different cities, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York the CSI teams are always on hand to solve the latest unusual, mysterious and often gruesome murders and brutal crimes. With our dedicated CSI Store, you won't have to do much investigating of your own to find what you're after.
CSI Las Vegas
CSI: Las Vegas
CSI: New York

Essential CSI: Miami Season Parts

C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation...
David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam...
C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation...
David Caruso, Kim Delaney, Emily...
C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation...
David Caruso, Emily Procter, Rory...

Interactive Crime Scene Investigations

CSI: Hard Evidence Wii
CSI: Hard Evidence PC
CSI: Dark Motives
Play the part of the latest CSI recruit with these fantastic video games. There is CSI: Hard Evidence ( £13.99) for the Wii, CSI: Hard Evidence ( £8.95)on the PC and CSI: Dark Motives ( £11.02) is available on Nintendo DS.

CSI Books