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4.7 out of 5 stars94
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2013
really good,Dante Scott is a boy who's father owns a club called brigandes. The Fuhrer comes round to Dante Scott's house and kills everyone apart from Dante and his lil sister who escape. The Fuhrer is a nasty man who has no fear in killing and is leader of a gang. Dantes father was killed because he refused a contract on allowing the Fuhrer to take over the club. No! obviously got himself shot and that's what he said.Dante is an eye witness so Fuhrer attempts to kill him in many ways. Dante is then transported to cherub a secret society service. Dante is only eight so cherub trained him up in two years Dante was aloud to go on missions at this age. You have to be 10-17 to be allowed on missions. Dante is thirteen when this mission started. The mission is to take down the Fuhrer and put him behind bars for what he's done. James,the main character,is going to be a member of the gang even though he's and under cover cherub agent and Lauren is going to be the girlfriend of Joe,the Fuhrers second son. Dante is going to be Joe's best mate even though they're all under cover. Does cherub take down the Fuhrer?
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on 15 August 2013
This was definitely one of the best of the series. It was better than The General in my opinion which was still a great book. I like the difference between the others in which you go back in time to see a different angle to the start of James and Laurens cherub careers by meeting Dante a boy who was brought to cherub in an orange shirt on the same day as Lauren but never seen because of a three year mission. However before this you find out about his life before cherub and how his family was destroyed. Now Dante, Lauren and James go on a mission to bring down the man who killed Dante's family and Dante will do anything for revenge against the Fuhrer and Brigands M.C!
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on 7 September 2009
This is another fine CHERUB story. The emphasis on a new agent called Dante is a surprise, but I think he's a really strong character and after 11 books the series needed a twist like this to stay fresh. Great stuff!!!
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on 24 September 2009
In Brigands M.C James and Lauren Adams team up with a new character Dante Scott, to bring down a vicious biker gang, in south Devon, the gang is called Brigands M.C
The leader of which killed Dante Scotts whole family, apart from his baby sister, and now he is going on a mission to try and collect some evidence to put him away forever.
A brilliant read, I would highly recommend this to any young teenager who needs a good book to read!
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on 27 September 2009
There has been some criticism of this last book. This is because people want what Alex Rider is, big explosions and action sequences. Though this somewhat has this, it has muchamore (muchamore get it.) It has lovable characters, who feel like real people. There's an image in my head on what each scene is, and even though I've finished, I could describe different places in the book. It was amazing, just like all other CHERUB books. It is also REAL! Sure it's not really real, but realistic. There's no bad guy with an eye patch saying "O so your a spy, let me tell you my entire plan to blow up the world, because you'll never get away... Oh no you got away!" It is realistic villains, some who are even kind of cool, and some are despicable. This book is a perfect set of for Shadow Wave (book 12) and I think it's the best of the series. Warning though this is not book for a nine year old to read. It is awesome, but it does have sex, drinking, some light swearing, weed, and violence. Though I think that makes the book better and more real, this may be some no no's for you strict parents. But if you're too young to read it, or get what's happening then wait a few years and go back to it. CAUSE THIS BOOK ROCKS!
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on 15 April 2013
As a fan of motorbikes myself, I found my interests peaked during my read of this book. Having read the whole series, I was delighted when motorbikes were introduced and played a major part in the content of this book. It was extremely well written, however could get confusing at times, nevertheless, as the book progressed everything begun to make sense. I must admit having the book jump forward and back in time not only made the book more exciting but brought back fond memories of the first few books when all the characters seemed so young. Highly recommend this book, however, I feel you have to have read the earlier books in the series to understand and relate to what was happening.
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on 1 June 2010
If you like CHERUB books, this is a must read. It expands on the characters greatly. However it seems a little repetitive that James and Kerry got together again, and James lied once again to her after his mission...

If you are new to CHERUB, try reading 'The Recruit' first. It is the first in the series. Then read the series in order. A warning, though. As it says on the back of each book, it isn't really suitable for younger people. Especially, 'The Fall'. Well, all of them really.

To finish off, here is the product link for 'The Recruit':
The Recruit: Bk. 1 (CHERUB)

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on 24 June 2011
I took this book out of my library out of boredom as it was an English lesson requirement to have a reading book. I am very thankful for the fact that i randomly picked out this book. It has introduced me to the cherub series, (i personally find the idea of cherub a bit more of a kiddies idea but) this book is mature and definitively not patronizing to the reader. I will admit the first part of this book borders on boring but it has an amazing middle and the end is pure genius and is well thought out. I would recommend buying this to anyone, old or young. This is my first cherub book but not my last
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on 8 November 2009
Brigands M.C is the 11th book in the CHERUB series and you would think that the pace would be slippingand the story lines would be getting more repetitive, however, Robert Muchamore has managed to once again, produce another gripping novel. I normally find it hard to get into books but this book and the rest of the series completely go against that. From day 1 I couldn't put the book down, as usualy with the CHERUB series there are multiple storylines to keep you engaged and the pace never drops.
For fans of the series this is a must read!
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on 17 June 2013
Robert Muchamore did it again making me want to read the next book a real page turner definitely worth 5 stars can't wait for Shadow Wave I first started reading CHERUB when I was going to turn 11 (a month before I turned 11) and I'm already on the last book! (been reading CHERUB for 8 months including the Ryan Sharma series) (New CHERUB series) anyway disappointed that the James Adams series is over after Shadow Wave but still I'm going to miss reading the James Adams series but its series is in my top 3 series! Recommend to 12 -14
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