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4.1 out of 5 stars40
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2008
Before owning a PS3, Buzz! on PS2 never really appealed to me - after buying the main game, additional quizzes were a hefty £20 each - this would mean a spend of nearly £200 to have all quizzes available, not to mention the spaghetti of tangled wires from the controllers!

This PS3 version can be picked up for as little as £35 WITH the 4 wireless controllers if you shop around.

I would strongly suggest getting your PS3 online with this game as, not only does it (obviously) enable you to play other people even when no-one else in the household fancies a game, but, more importantly the online functionality provides you with (free) updates. To date this has meant another 4 playable characters (Napoleon, Mexican Wrestler, Female Vampire and Cavewoman) and additional outfits for the original characters too.

You can also download additional quizzes from the PSN site at prices between £3.50 to £4.99 - VERY reasonable compared to the previous PS2 additional discs costing up to 6 times that.

You can also write your own quizzes and upload them to the site so that anyone out there can also play your quiz! This is a great feature for niche interests.

Buzz! now utilises the PS3 Trophy system too, so that you can gain bragging rights against your friends as to who has unlocked the most in-game awards.

On the downside, it's a shame the quiz formats are a little stale after a while - point builder, pass the bomb, fastest finger, pie fight, high stakes and then the final round - same thing everytime. It would be nice if a download patch had some new formats for quiz rounds, but maybe that will come.

As for playing online with others, it's fastest finger, all that apply and then high stakes and then it's over after 18 questions.

Longevity is key though and we still dig Buzz! out for a game at least a couple of times a week and that's 2 months after buying it.

There's something there for all ages and the ability to create quizzes can even be used as a good and fun way to help your kids learn - whether it be utilised to teach spelling, history, etc - the possibilities are multi-faceted.

I never was a quiz enthusiast, but Buzz! seems to have converted me!

I would recommend it (wholeheartedly if you have your PS3 online).
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on 4 July 2008
This is another fine game in the Buzz canon, though it's not perfect. The main flaws are:

1. The online quizzes are only 8 questions long. Actually, this isn't as bad as it first seems; the length is something you get used to; but the largest flaw is that you can't link together several quizzes to form a lengthy one. Sometimes you're in the mood for a 100 question quiz, but you have no choice - it's only 8 questions from online content.

2. Another annoying flaw with the online mode is that there's no quick-start - you have to go through the name/buzzer/character options each time. As the quizzes are so short, this quickly becomes tiresome.

3. In offline mode, there's no choice about the length of game or difficulty of questions.

4. There are few options - no QuizMaster, no Quick Quiz

Having said all that, it's the usual wonderfully addictive Buzz, and the quality of online quizzes is surprisingly good so far... though not perfect: Pluto is not a planet!

I've heard rumours of patches to improve Buzz - whether these will fix the flaws, I'm not sure. If they do, this could be the PS3 game with the longest lifetime of all. As it is, it's merely very good indeed.
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on 17 July 2008
Given the major possibilities opened up by next-gen gaming, Buzz Quiz TV is a major let-down. OK, so the graphics are in high-definition and very polished, and the controllers have now gone wireless, but the actually gameplay and the variety of games on offer have actually been diminished.

Whereas before you had options to customise the length of game, now you are stuck. Rather than a large selection of changing games, you now always get the same set for multiplayer, the same game for single player and the same set of three (and not the best) for the online game.

You might have expected more characters, more customisable options, more questions (although you can purchase more game packs online for extra money), more video and music questions, but alas none of these have made it.

So, having played the PS2 versions, the game is a disappointment. But does the game stand up on its own? Well, even if you'd never played the PS2 version, I suspect you will still find this game repetitive and disappointing.

It hasn't been well thought out, and appears to have been rushed. Who knows though, perhaps the game can be improved over time thanks to downloadable updates.
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on 13 July 2008
I've been a big fan of BUZZ on the PS2. When I heard that a PS3 version was forthcoming it made me think of endless opportunities to expand the series. Alas, when I played it, I was let down and here's why.

1. As previously mentioned on reviews, the content is fixed. By this I mean you can't shorten or lengthen your quiz games like before. This makes your games robotic and boring. By the time someone says "I'm catching you up, watch out", you've finished the quiz.

2. Online is a good feature, but under explored. The MyBuzz community only allows 8 questions per game? How can that entertain a family of four? When playing three other players online you get 4 rounds and no real chance to show off your knowledge.

3. With Blu-Ray holding so much data, why are most of the 5000 questions just text and narration. Hardly any video clips.....if any, and the music round is poor in comparison to the PS2 version.

4. A big plus point is the wireless buzzers. Stops loads of wires from getting tied up everytime you put the game away.

I sincerely hope that the software house read these reviews and give some of us hope that a few decent add-ons are likely to be put into the PS3 community. It had so much potential, but I think someone's rushed the release without thinking of the target audience.
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on 5 July 2008
Buzz is back to its best. The only real problem i have is the online only has a small amount of questions.

First off the best thing about it is the wireless controllers. Now i don't have to spend 5minutes before hand untangling the wires before i start.

I've also been on the PS store and theres already a few packs to download for cheap prices, so the amount of questions will only increase.

Its also been confirmed that a patch will hit this month giving it trophy support.
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on 11 February 2009
I bought this game after playing the PS2 version at a friends, purely as a game to play with the family (i usually play fifa, cod4 and motorstorm).

The gameplay is very easy to get used to, and the questions are well varied, so my parents in their 50s stand a good chance of doing well against me and my friends in our 20s.

i have not played much online or 1 player, so cannot comment on that, but with 4 people playing there are just enough rounds and twists without it dragging out too long.

my only concern is that on a non HD tv, it seemed that the text was sometimes a little harder to read. we used the PS3 cable to plug the PS3 into my parent's 32" flat screen tv, which is only 3 years old, and if sat more than 7 or 8 foot away, it wasnt too easy to read the writing, not impossible, but slightly difficult. however through the HDmi cable on my LCD the writing is crystal clear!
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on 9 April 2009
Dear Amazon customers,
Music, Sport, Technology and Nature...just a few of the many categories available to test your knowledge on BUZZ. Forget your old board games, such as Boggle and Yahtze, Buzz is a new generation of family fun. It boasts many rounds of questions from, everyone's favourite, the Pie Fight to Fastest Finger.

This is one the whole family can enjoy on a cosy Winters day, with a nice glass of egg-nog. Whether you're 6 or 66, you'll find questions in Buzz to test your quizzical brain and keep you coming back for more.

The graphics are sharp and 'Buzz' sure looks dashing in his bright red dinner jacket. The buzzer's are well-made and come in a pack of four with a handy little bag for storage.

Invite Granny round and maybe even Uncle Bob and Cousin Vinny, they'll just love it.
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on 28 October 2008
Buzz is a great game which you and the family will enjoy over the festive period. The game shipped with 4 controllers, a wireless usb key, batteries and a bag for storage.

The game has a single player, multiplayer and a sofa vs sofa matchup. For the vast majority of people time will be spend on the multiplayer mode and the types of games vary greatly from fastest finger to pointstealing.

The game ships with a selection of different quiz collections but you are able to download more user made quizzes as well as question packs from the PS store.

Buzz supports trophys too which is a nice little add on.
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on 18 July 2008
The Online (Sofa vs Sofa) Quiz is brilliant when it works and is so addictive. The Buzz Network cannot cope with the number of players at times. If the network goes down mid game it counts as a loss through no fault of your own and your Leaderboard Statistics are ruined.

I feel there are not enough round in the Offline mode ands some of the rounds in are just not long enough.

Overall the game is great fun Online and Offline and the wireless buzzers work brilliantly.
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on 21 May 2009
This is a great game. Fun for all the family; I even managed to get my grandmother to play it with me!
With a range of topics including sport, music and TV, and more downloadable content being produced, it appeals to everyone!
And for you Trophy junkies, this game has many trophies, many of which are gold and easily obtainable.
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