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on 29 November 2014
I first encountered Arch Oboler's "The Bubble" via a review in the Daily Express in 1966 in which the critic gave it a severe shoeing, whilst conceding that the 3D was pretty good.
I didn't get to see it until 1983 when the ICA screened it in all its SpaceVision glory. Now after over 30 years it's back, restored by 3D Film Archive from the original camera negative.
Lovers of good acting, coherent story, credible dialogue and logical plots should look elsewhere but those who enjoy eccentric (verging on bonkers) SF movies will love it.
A young couple become stranded in a small town, which looks suspiciously like a bunch of old movie sets and props, whose inhabitants behave like automata, repeating the same actions all day long. To make things worse, the town is covered by an impenetrable force field bubble so no one can enter or leave.
Dramatic shortcomings aside, the main reason to see "The Bubble" is the SpaceVision 3D. Invented by Robert V. Bernier and using one camera and projector, unlike the dual camera systems used elsewhere, it gave excellent 3D and widescreen without the need for masking or anamorphic lenses. Sadly, it was only used on a few other 3D movies. but it was copied and used during the 80s 3D revival. On the big screen, objects really did seem to float off the screen and into the cinema but the effect is somewhat diminished on 3D TV. Even so, the 3D FX are still great fun as various objects are thrown, poked and dangled in front of the camera.
"Under the Dome" and the 2004 SF movie "The Forgotten" all borrow heavily from Arch Oboler's odd film.
SpaceVision turned up again in "Flesh for Frankenstein" (1974) but unfortunately the movie's current owners won't pay for the necessary restoration and realignment so the chances of a 3D Blu-ray release are slim to none.
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on 12 March 2015
The 3D effects in this film are very good but many are there just for effect and don't enhance the (flimsy) plot. There are so many holes in the plot, it is laughable; this aside, this film is an enjoyable piece of hokum and the 3D effects are probably the best I've seen on my t.v..
I took a chance buying this as my Bluray player is Europe only but the disc is region free, a fact not mentioned in the sales blurb. It was only a review by another buyer that prompted me to take a chance and buy it. Again, worth a look for some 3D escapism but forget the storyline.
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on 21 January 2015
Michael Cole, Deborah Walley and Johnny Desmond arrived in a strange town that appears like a movie studio’s backlot and encounter locals in a zombie-like trance, continually repeating their words and actions. Then they find they cannot escape because of a large bubble that surrounds the area, controlled by an overhead alien spaceship. Heavy on dialogue and short on action, this weird 91 minute sci-fi movie that’s often been compared to a lengthy Twilight Zone episode, without much explanation for what’s going on, and more often critically panned than praised.

It’s the production of the movie that’s earned its place in cinematic history. Written, produced and directed by Arch Oboler, it was filmed in the revolutionary SpaceVision 3-D single strip process rather than earlier 3-D movies which needed dual projection. (Incidentally Oboler was a pioneer of 3-D moviemaking, having debuted the format with “Bwana Devil” 12 years earlier in 1952). The film has been beautifully restored for this BluRay release, finely creating depth of vision throughout. Bonus features that include a regular 2-D version of the film, essays, screenplay excerpts of deleted scenes and more. Viewers might not be too impressed with movie’s slight story but it would be hard not to be overwhelmed that some of the objects that come “floating out of the screen”!
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on 14 April 2015
The 3D in this Bluray is excellent and I remember the movie being the first I ever saw in 3D as a teenager at the movies and was very impressed at the time. The actual movie is sort of on a Ed Wood standard but is very entertaining. The "coming out of the screen" effect is all through the film and very impressive in it's original widescreen aspect.Thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again in the new 3D and highly recommend the movie in 3D.
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on 13 December 2014
The best movie you can buy to demonstrate how good your 3D TV is. Wonderfully re-mastered by 3D Archives so enjoy a truly corny film with laughable dialogue and acting but terrific "in your face" 3D effects. Definitely the Best 3D Blu ray I've seen so far, congratualtions to Bob Furmaneck and his crew
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on 19 August 2015
OK I have given this bad movie a 5 star as some directors vof 3d films should take note of what real 3d is. The opening scene has an aeroplane wing hanging out of tv screen. The depth of 3d is amazing. There is a scene where a tray of drinks comes out of the screen.

The bad the acting is atrocious. Very amateurish. I suspect this was more an exposition film rather than a a piece that was meant to be a work of art such as 2001.

The thing with this film is it was using a new 3d process that put 2 images on the same negative which was revolutionary for the time as most 3d films had two separate films projected on to the screen which had problems if on projector ran out of synch. The other thing that was revolutionary is the process was able to project the image in 70mm onto 35mm negative. That means wide screen movies in 3d which was quite revolutionary something we take for granted.

why films are hardly made with the wow out of the screen method without being gimmicks seems silly. But many films in 3d did not start that way. They are 2d films covered with software. Some are good some are awful such as clash of the titans and wrath of the titans. The best I have seen so far is the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy walks out of the screen when she's talks to the Wizard.

This film has much greater depth than most I have seen so far. It reminds me of my first 3d film Starfighter Adventures in the forbidden zone. That had rocks flying in and from behind you in the asteroid belt.

Then you have the imax films.

When I heard 3d tv was coming I had expected that the films would look like this film with the effects and depth.

Not to give the plot away but the premise of the story is similar to the Stephen King novella and over bloated under the dome series.

The disc I got is region free rather than than region A.

The final bit I should add is the restoration of the film. You do get before and after, but the enclosed BD-ROM which is available online tells how the film was originally received. Quite well apparently as I played for some time in the states until the early 70's when a company in adult entertainment films bought the rights and ended up being shown at these in the end. The film was discovered in a lot on a film studio who were renting out a locker (storage wars) and the film was discovered rotting in the Hollywood heat. The film was restored frame by frame to remove breakages, woeful re-editing by the studio which added a white line above the frame in some places. They removed the usual holes, cracks, odd pieces of sellotape etc.....

The restored movie is a great piece of 3D history and paved the way to single projection 3D films we are familiar with today.

Yes bad and am actively in today's eyes but watch this to see what 3D ad 3DTV should be not the pseudo conversions we are getting now which are in some cases behind the screen. Yes Avatar paved the recent revival but if you can see it New York across the see of time is almost like an imersive hologram eg when the kid is handed his sandwiches you can put your hand under them as they are in the correct perspective to how we see the world. This is thanks to the inventor who work this film used a general in the US army and the way 2 images could be processed onto a single frame.

Watch this for what it is gold old 3D at its best but not a major A film. More a historical document.
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on 22 June 2015
What a fantastic old school Sci-Fi horror given a fresh lease of life on Blu-ray thanks to the excellent Kino. Great value for money. A very nice print. Wonderful 3D that has real depth & more than a few reach out and touch in your living room moments to bring a smile to the face. Delighted with this release.
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on 2 January 2015
This is a outstanding 3d film. It has many pop out shots , I enjoy 3d when it's just used for depth too. This is a aLL region blu ray , so you can watch it on your 3d blu ray player and tv anywhere in the world! This is a low budget sci fi film from 1966 but the real star here is the 3d. This looks best on a passive 3d tv , but it looked outstanding on my active 3d tv too. They restored this film as it was full of lines and tears that damage is all repaired. the color isn't restored though. still The story about people trapped in a bubble is a good one. The scenes where they are in a airplane has the wing come right out into your face even! . This is not a great movie sci fi wise as they didn't have much money. but it is interesting and well done. It has several extras on it too. There's no reason why you shouldn't buy one of these. They are putting out 3d rarities this year and it will be all region as well. 'man in the dark 3d' is all region and it is out on 3d blu ray go to screen archives website /twilight time and get one of those limited edition 3d blu rays. dragonfly squadron is out in a all region 3d blu ray and the 3d is it. kiss me kate is coming in march but I don't know what region it is. everyone should email shout factory and demand that they put out a all region 3d blu ray of bwana devil.
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on 25 January 2016
Reminds me of a feature length episode of the 1960's TV series "The Outer Limits". Somewhat melodramatic but the 3D is great, and if you are a fan of pop-out 3D you will not be disappointed!!
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on 26 May 2014
I have been looking for this for ages. The 3D effect was old-school, but surprisingly effective. Cost, delivery time and charge were all excellent and there were no hitches or hiccups.
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