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4.3 out of 5 stars92
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2010
I bought Browning Platinum Nano 75, played with it and this is my review based on my first (some very personal) impressions.

Browning Platinum Nano 75 is a solid offensive racket but unfortunately it is not a complete package. Whilst I am pretty impressed with the frame the strings are not that good.

Weight and frame:

The total weight is around 95g, so this racket may not be for everyone, esp for players who prefer playing with light rackets.
Personally, I like heavier rackets coz they help me to produce better power. The racket is well-balanced (maybe a bit head-heavy) so it doesn't feel very heavy. The frame is the widest I have seen and the racket benefit a nice comfort grip (no need for overgrip), both of which might affect the overall weight.
The frame seems very solid; it is one piece so you won't see the usual top cap. Even the handle is made of carbon which is good news for all players with sweaty hands who need to regularly dry the wooden handle of the racket. There are even small grooves for a thumb and a forefinger position which I find very helpful to grip the handle better.

Power and control:

Whilst the frame definitely helps to generate decent power and control, without good strings it is really hard to say for certain how powerful the racket can be or how good the control can be. The weight, the balance and the medium flex definitely enable you to produce good powerful smashes. I actually love how the racket feels when I swing it fast. It is hard to describe but the racket feels like a natural extension of my arm. It doesn't feel like a stiff stick with a circle on top. Having said that, the original Browning strings make the racket a hard work racket. When I play with my old Pro Kennex strung with Gosen strings at a very similar tension, I can easily do a backhand flick serve and make the shuttle land between tramlines, which is something I can't do with Platinum Nano 75 yet. The same goes for netplaying: Gosen strings take only a slight touch, however Browning strings seem to require more than that.

Overall, I love it. It suits my game and I just love smashing with it. I would say that, due to its weight and slightly head-heavy balance, it is more suited for singles rather than doubles. For that price it would be hard to find a similar one piece frame. It is also good to bear in mind that within that price range you will seldom see great strings in factory pre-strung rackets. The most important thing for me is that I enjoy playing with it as it is and that I feel that the racket is worth upgrading to better strings coz it looks like it has a great potential.

I find it hard to recommend any racket coz a racket is a very personal thing. Browning Platinum Nano 75 is a good option, but for that money you could have Apacs Nano 999 (another good singles racket) and have it restrung to your preferred tension. If you are interested in used rackets, on E-bay you can find some very good rackets too (some of them restrung with better quality strings) for half the price.


Update after 1 week: I can do the flick backhand serve now and the shuttle lands nicely between the tramlines. :) I feel like I need to generate a bit more power from my fingers in order to do that, but not that much more. I am really happy with nearly all aspect of the game, esp netplaying, clearing and smashing.
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on 5 December 2009
This is the best badminton racket I have ever had. It is super light yet you get lots of power behind your shots. It is not only good at smashes but a great all round racket. I would recommend this to anyone.
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on 2 October 2013
Im new to badmington and have only been playing for a couple of months and decided that this was a great reacket to kick me off in the right direction. Even though im very much new to the sport, I have felt immediate improvement to my game. I now have more speed, percision and control in my shots. The shuttlecock seems to want to go over the net everytime and i have won some unbelieveable rallys.

Im not sure if the racket is a bit advanced for someone at my level but it has provided a significant improvement to my game. The racket is so very very light, and appears to have and large 'sweet spot' for hitting shots. I showed the racket to the others i play with and they were very impressed by it and especially they weight.

My only concern is that the tape at the top of the grip sometimes comes loose, however i get the feeling this might be a regular thing regardless of the racket.

Im planning to have the racket re-strung and hope to see even further improvement.
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on 28 November 2010
I must admit it is taking me a while to get used to this new racquet. I had a Browning CTI before and it was by far the nicest racquet I had ever played with. Although this new racquet is supposedly lighter (75 grams unstrung rather than the 90 grams of the other racquet), it feels much heavier and more difficult to do gentle touch shots. It is good for power and I am starting to see the benefit of this. It's probably me rather than the racquet as I'm not a great player, but I just don't like it as much as my other Browning (whose shaft snapped in half recently whilst playing, after 5 years of use). I'm sure I will get used to it in the end.
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on 1 June 2009
Brilliant bit of kit okay the RRP is nonesense but at the price its a superb racket and is noticeably better than the nano 80
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2011
When I received this excellent racquet and opened up the box to hold it, I was very impressed by the racquet's grip on the handle. The racquet was also surprisingly light at 75 grams. But that's the thing. When you play with it, you don't really think about the racket's weight as the head of the racket can produce an amazing head speed for the smashes and also the racquet can provide an excellent all round performance. But it's the grip that's my favourite thing about it even though I love the whole racquet in general to play with. It's my favourite badminton racquet I've had and played with.

The racket has remarkable balance to it and I find that hitting the shuttle hard or soft is a pleasure to behold. I think that the racquet is an extension of my arm almost. Make of it what you will but some players may agree I don't know. But ever since I purchased this racquet it has made me a better player because of it. Some of the shots I get from playing with this beautiful beast of a racquet I haven't played before and I'm constantly surprised and exhilarated by how wonderful this thing is to play with.

Oh and the price I paid for it. How good is that?!?! An absolute bargain for any badminton player out there. But I really have to say. Hat's off to an amazingly brilliant racquet. I absolutely love playing with my racquet.
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on 26 September 2014
I'm an intermediate player who plays 2-3 times a week. I bought this racket as a backup to a carbon fibre one I've used for over 20's now my main racket, here's why. The Nano 75 is extremely light with a wide grip and is very well balanced - it really does feel like an extension to your arm. The strings were ok and the tension set to about 15 lbs (I usually play with 20 lbs), so there was slightly less power and a little more control. It's probably not a racket for a beginner but rather someone who is already competent at the game. I find the racket excellent both in aggressive power shots and the short game. Well worth a punt at the current £50 price tag! If the price falls anymore it would become a real steal! Philby
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on 13 March 2014
this is not whAT it said it was this is a replika not genuine at all was very disapointed with it not happy at all
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on 15 June 2009
Whilst you would never pay the £300 RRP this is a great racket - better than the other Brownings and Carltons I have had and friends who have tried it put it on a par with Yonex at well over the £100 mark. It is well balanced enabling powerful smashes and for me it has improved my short game. Looks good and has quality case too.
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on 9 May 2014
It's ok and serviceable but very soft stringing and definitely not a £300 quality racket. I will use it as a backup whilst using an older Carlton racket (RRP £140) which is considerably better than the Browning one.

As secretary of my local badminton club (which finished 3rd in the national league last year) I have drawn on peraonal experience and comments of some of the players.

In conclusion. The top of range Browning has power but lacks accuracy compared to a mid range Carlton, Yonex or Wilson racket.
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