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4.6 out of 5 stars63
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2011
Quote from the book: Ethan clasped my wrist and pulled me into his arms, holding me close. "I'll always be here for you."

You know I first rated this book a four after finishing it but something didn't sit right with me about just giving it a four rating. So I changed it to 4.5 and now, while I'm writing this review I still don't think that's enough. So yep now I'm rating it 5 and here's why.

The story follows Nara Collins, a sixteen year old girl, who dreams the events of the following day.....every night. Knowing what will happen the next day does have its advances, especially when Nara can aces tests and save every goal for her Soccer team. But things soon turn nasty when Nara prevents a bombing at her High School, she loses her ability to see the future and people at school are suddenly being injured.

When Nara comes across Ethan, the school loner and outcast, Nara can't help feel drawn to him especially with him being the only person who seems to understand her. As Nara and Ethan develop a friendship, sparks soon start flying but what they're not prepared for, is the danger that is a suddenly surrounding them due to the connection they have. Soon they find out that Fate is real and can they stop people getting hurt without getting hurt in the process?

Can I just say I loved this book? Wow! It's one of them books that are completely compelling from start to finish and even now I've finished it, I need more! P.T Michelle certainly knows how to pack a thrilling and dangerous ride, one that gave me the chills and totally turned me into a bundle of nerves while reading it.

Brightest Kind of Darkness is a unique story with no Vampires, Werewolves or Faeries in sight; the whole idea of trying to beat Fate is truly freshing and exciting. You honestly don't know what will happen next, your left guessing and trying to figure things out but you can't because P.T Michelle throws a few spanners in the works that leaves this story totally unpredictable.

The characters are fantastic. Nara is a down to earth girl that is easy to love. She's positive and strong and even though things are totally crazy in her life, she still manages to do the right thing by doing what she believes in. There were times I also felt for her. Her father left her and her mother at a very young age and that has clearly affected her. Now Ethan, I adore Ethan. Seriously, I want to marry him. He comes across as a trouble teen but as soon as Nara starts to get to know him, you see that it's all a front. He's a deep, loveable character and totally swoon worthy. I loved watching his and Nara's relationship develop. It wasn't rushed or forced but it felt natural and at a steady pace and the suspense between these two...oh my! Let's just say I had a few butterflies in my stomach a few times especially when Ethan's feelings for Nara showed, I loved how honest he was. Yep....he's a total winner.

The mystery that surrounds the story will definitely keep you on your toes. Just when you think you've finally got some answers, more questions appear and I am dying to know what will happen next. I'm going to assume Nara's father will make an appearance in Book Two, well I hope so. I have a feeling he's going to shed us some answers, either that or reveal a few startling secrets. Either way I'm looking forward to it.

Overall, Brightest Kind of Darkness is a fresh, thrilling and compelling read. It's almost got a Final Destination feel to the book but P.T does make this book her own. I can't help but ask myself, why isn't this book been picked up by a publisher? Publishers.....seriously you're missing out. I so want this book sitting on my shelf and I for one am thankful this book was bought to my attention because like I said, it's not one you want to miss out on.
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on 12 August 2013
I rated Brightest Kind Of Darkness 5* because the book was interesting and powerful. It kept you goin on, turning page after page to find out what mystery and information lies on the next page. It is action-packed, exciting and full o twists and turns leaving you dying to see what shock will arrive next.

As i was reading this book, it left me feeling shocked and excited wondering what Fate will do next. I liked the idea of the dreams because it added excitement and action the the story. As well a the dreams and Fate, there is a mash of romance and everyday life with family, school and friends. I like the character of Ethan because he is full of mystery. Despite all of the rumours which spread around school about him, he seems to ignore it and just care about the people he lives but Ethan mainly cares about helping Nara with her dreams and also helping her get through life. He is always looking out for her and keeping her safe.
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on 6 August 2013
This book is awesome. Its not all vampires and werewolves. Its simply about a girl who can see the future and wants to change the bad events that are about to occur. But someone or something is trying to stop her from doing just that. But suddenly Inara's dreams of the future are taken away. Can it be something to do with the mysterious new guy Ethan Harris??? The characters and events are desribed beautifully and you can get really engrossed into the storylines. I can't say a bad thing about this book. I was totally grabbed into its supernatural world, and was very curious about what would happen next. Fate had me on my toes the whole way through the book. What will Fate do next??? Read and find out... I don't want to spoil anything for you, so all I'll say now is read and enjoy. It's free, so what are you waiting for???
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on 26 April 2014
Review by Deanna Cunningham

Brightest Kind Of Darkness
By: P.T. Michelle
Series: Brightest Kind Of Darkness #1
Pages: 357
Genre: Paranormal Romance, and YA
Rating: 5/5

" She thrust herself into your life, pulling you into a tight hug before you even had a chance to say, "Welcome to my personal space." - Nara "

I loved this book, I absolutely loved it! It is one of those types of books you just have to keep reading and reading and reading. I think I stayed up till 02:00 in the morning to finish this book it was so wonderful. It is the sort of book that is unique and that is why you end up loving it.

The story is set in an American High School all about a girl called Nara Collins who sees her day before she lives it is, which makes it defiantly different. I jumped head first and hoped for the best when I picked this up, but it was fast paced and you had to read just one more chapter every time you go to put it down.

Nara is a kind, independent girl who is stubborn and caring. She is one of my all time favourite character's since I started reading and blogging. Nara helps at the local animal shelter and became a friend to the loner of the school Ethan Harris. Within the time they spent together they become each others love interest. She is witty and seems to dive head first into everything she does and that is one of the key details you've gotta love. She has also suffered from the weird problem of dreaming her entire day before the day began. But when she starts messing with the future her dreams start getting taken away and she is completely determined to find out why and who is taking them.

Ethan is a key character from the very beginning of the book, with his good looks and mysterious, secretive personality *Swoon*. I loved him so much the way she wrote gave the character such depth. Nara is confused in the beginning of the book as to why he stays away from people, it makes her intrigued to find out more about this 'bad boy hotty'. (Which to be honest about I don't blame her about). He has a lovely sense of humour and is very honest with his feelings to Nara. He is up there in the book boyfriend chart!

The other key characters in the book is Nara's best friend Lainey, who is thinking that Nara has betrayed her. Lainey is a bit strange but is usually very supportive but overly sensitive considering Nara's her best friend you would think she would trust her. Her character did annoy me A LOT but without her my Ethan and Nara wouldn't have gotten together and that would have been a tragedy!

I will say no more, otherwise I will end up spoiling the book. Wink. Wink. All I was say is that is 5 star worthy and everyone should read it because it is jam packed full of action, romance and consequences. Have fun reading my friends!
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I think any fan of Final Destination will love this book. It's a refreshing find among numerous YA paranormals, and I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this book.

Inara has been dreaming the events of her next day every night since she was a little girl. Most of the time she acts on those things that concern only her, - exams, tests, goals she catches for her football team or avoidance of potential problems with school bullies, but everything changes when she dreams about a bomb in her school.

She breaks her own rule to deliver an anonymous tip to the police, and now Fate is seriously pissed. Those people which should have been injured get freak accidents, and Inara still can't help herself and try to prevent her friends from being hurt.

Plus she is drawn to a new boy in school, a dark and dangerous looking outsider, and her dreams abruptly stop. Now with the unexplicable connection between Ethan and Nara, they both have to confront and outwit Fate in order to stay alive...

First of all, Ethan. He is such a sweetheart! What a gorgeous guy, who really tries to look after Nara. I actually loved both of them - they do not belong to any cliques, they are very clever and have various interests and they both have a good way with animals. Here is a very believable couple with a lot of mutual interests.

Despite some unavoidable drama on Nara's side they're both willing to compromise, and I what I really really liked is that most of the time Ethan tries to stop Nara from doing something rash, he is cautious and really cares for her. I thought they both went beyond high school stereotypes and stood out in a realistic way.

There is plenty of action, and the plot develops at a steady pace. The end is intriguing, and I certainly hope that the next book will unravel some of the mysteries of Ethan's gift.

Similar books:

if you're interested in this subject I recommend an excellent trilogy Numbers by Rachel Ward to read next.
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on 7 October 2013
This was on a list of books that a friend and I decided to read this year and I was surprised to find that it was free for the Kindle. It had some great elements and I got through it really quickly once I got into it. I have also read the second in the series which I enjoyed more than the first so this one is well worth a read to then go on and read the next one. All in all, I downloaded it for free but would have been willing to pay.
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on 5 May 2014
I've spent hours reading this, but find myself at a loss to explain what was going on. Nara and Ethan suffer from weird happenings - every night she dreams the next day, like a preview while he soaks up negative energy from anyone he touches. Lots of dangerous (albeit imaginative) things happen and they both try to stop them. He kind of talks to dogs plus he has a tattoo that keeps growing in his sleep.
I liked the sweet YA love story element, but it was very YA so they didn't even get past first base. The threats to them and their friends were exciting to read about but began to get a little repetitive following the fourth or fifth highly improbable yet imaginative threat to her life. Let the girl catch a break. There were quite a few elaborately horrific dream sequences too, but I don't think there's anything more boring than hearing about someone's dreams...
It ends without any resolution or any answers but this isn't really my cup of tea so I'm leaving it here. If you like paranormal this is probably more for you.
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on 1 February 2015
I've had this book on my kindle for ages but only just decided to read it. Really glad I did ! Really interesting and different story, about Nara - a girl who dreams her entire next day every night - and Ethan - a boy who dreams other's nightmares. Drawn to each other but unwilling to reveal their secrets, in getting to know each other better they start to realise they are connected even if they don't understand why or how.....

Really enjoyed this so went straight out and bought the next three in the series and the freebie prequel "Ethan" which is great either as a companion book to this or a good place to start before BKOD1. Definitely recommend.
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on 14 April 2014
To anyone out there who may be considering getting this book, I urge you to do it now! I thought when I purchased it that it'd be another paranormal soppy teenage romance. However I was very much mistaken! I have now completed the entire series within a matter of days. The plot line and characters are extremely unique and fresh. I've fallen in love with each of the characters. I plan to study literature at university in September in the hope of becoming a novelist. If I can write a book as compelling and exquisite as P.T Michelle then it'll be the best thing in the world!
So buy this book!!!
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on 18 January 2013
Really enjoyed this book, its full of suprises. didnt like the similiarities to final destination to begin with, but that soon changed when the book took a different route. I agree that the book ends too suddenly, but then again, this book is one of those little gems that u think is so predictable, then the author throws a spanner in the works and u just have to keep reading because it really isnt what u expected. this is definately a book i will be recommending to my friends. im just about to start book 2, and if its written the same way as this one, im expecting it to exceed my expectations.
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