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4.9 out of 5 stars767
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2013
BB just gets better and better. Walter the magnificent manipulator excels in this season and is getting badder than ever. Fabulous!
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on 8 April 2014
NOTE: although I am not planning to reveal any plot details, I cannot review this product without writing about what I perceived as a general change of tone in the series, so if you don't want to know *anything* stop reading now.

What I really enjoyed about the first 3 seasons of BB was the fact that Walter came out as a really smart, really nice guy who's being dragged to the "dark side" by a combination of two things: the failure of modern society to recognise and use his talent (as brilliantly illustrated by his being forced to wash one of his student's car to make ends meet) and sheer bad luck (his lung cancer).

However, as could already be felt toward the end of series 3, Walter is progressively embracing his new career as a criminal and slowly adopting the values of his drug-dealing partners (e.g. "kill or get killed"). Perhaps the writers' intention was to demonstrate that anybody can "break bad", in which case they succeeded brilliantly (not to mention that, as unfortunate as it is, they may well be right). Nevertheless, it came as a mild disappointment to me, because after a while, I could no longer empathise with Walter as much as I did at the beginning of the show.

By contrast, I found myself warming up to Jessie, whom I initially disliked as a bit of a yobbish idiot. He at least remains true to his questionable but honest values and, by virtue of essentially remaining the same, gradually becomes the most sensitive and least ruthless of the pair. Again, this might have been the writers' intention but, again, it contributed to the show losing some of its appeal in my eyes.

In conclusion: BB remains great entertainment, with a brilliant script, top class acting and some useful lessons in life and human nature. I just wish these lessons had been slightly different...
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on 25 November 2013
This is one of the best productions I have ever seen - absolutely superb acting. Good quality DVD as well.
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on 14 January 2014
Just a word of warning. This whole series is seriously damaging to your health and will cause you to sit in front of your TV for hours on end forsaking anything else that is happening in your life. You have been warned..........
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 March 2013
Season 4. It gets better and better.

Gus and Walt are like two chessplayers in combat. Gus is rational and clear headed. He sees the demands of the position and makes his moves accordingly. He tries to minimise the friction by keeping his emotions out of the picture. He will be ruthless, but only when he needs to be. When the demands of the position call for it, blood will be spilt. But when the position calls for quieter measures he will do this too - such as waiting on customers in his restaurant business.

Walt sees himself as cast in the same mould. But he is deluding himself. He is fully rational only in his own mind. His days of being a carwash cleaner are over for good and there is no going back. He has never felt more alive than when hatching his adrenaline fueled plans. In reality, he is in touch with his own inner psychopath. It's the game itself that now turns him on.

By contrast, for Gus it's mainly about the appreciation of capital. And the sacrifices that must be made to get at it. There is something almost noble about him.

Walt is more of a terrifying suicide bomber. When his back is to the wall, he becomes very, very dangerous. He cannot be controlled. The mistake Gus makes is to think he can control Walt. Nitroglycerin is useful for clearing obstacles, but not if there is a bumpy road ahead.

Gustavo's initial judgment is the correct one. He once rejected Walt as being unsuitable for the business. He should have stuck to that decision. But then we would all have been deprived of the ensuing drama.

This is the end of Season 4. Season 5 is a mystery. How will it all end?

Amazon Update: 24th September 2013 - Breaking Bad has just won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. My heartiest congratulations to all the Cast and Crew!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 December 2013
What can be said about this spectacular saga that hasn't been said before? One of the very
few series that competes with the best films in history for achievement in cinematic storytelling.
Like a great novel slowly unfolding, it's funny, heartbreaking, incredibly tense, deeply disturbing,
full of brilliant plot twists, rich, compelling characters and a pitch-black sense of humor.

A nebbishy high-school science teacher finds he has lung cancer, so becomes a meth dealer to
make money for his family before his death. Often visually stunning, with a breathtaking
performance by Brian Cranston in the lead, and great work from all the supporting roles,
this portrait of a man's decent into hell couldn't be much better, and it just grows darker and
more disturbing each year.

In a way, thematically it recalls "The Godfather I and II" in how that epic charts Michael's journey
from innocence to darkness, along with the moral murkiness of the endless drive for money
and success - how we lose ourselves, so that succeeding and having ever more becomes an
end in itself for which we will pay any price, rather than a route to happiness, trapping us in a
game we can never win.

This fourth season take the form of an epic battle for control between Walter and his
nemisis Gus. Along the way Walter's morality crumbles even as he becomes ever more
brilliant at manipulating the people and situations around him. And just enough of his
remaining humanity pokes through to keep us caring in spite of ourselves.
This is powerful, important and utterly enthralling stuff.
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on 30 January 2014
Once hooked into Braking Bad, every season seems to surpass the one before; no exception here; can't beleive Walt will still be alive for seasons 5 & 6!
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Walter White such a likable guy:) We have a love/hate relationship with Walter, a murder or two under the circumstances seems acceptable, well, sort of.

Walter, Jesse, Gus, the trio that made the money. Walter and Jesse cooked, and Gus led the meth to the money. These three lived under the threat of death, and in the fourth season we realize it is either Gus or Jesse and Walter. The episodes leading to the finale were tough, tense and violent. When the big bang came, it was so unexpected. It was an exquisite set-up, Walter hiding at the Senior Nursing Home, outside the the window, and the cute little white haired lady yelling hello to him. Gus arriving with his entourage, and then leaving in that fashion. Kudos!

Skyler knows the story, and now she is implicated, big time. Walt Junior goes on trusting his dad as the best there is, and wondering what is wrong with his mother. The baby oblivious to everything. Hank will be vindicated at the end, the lab burned down and he realized something was there. Hank alone suspected Gus. Here is a man who can't see inside his own family, but everything else seems pretty clear headed. Mike, alone in Mexico recuperating, will come home to what?

We have a series five about to start, and we are all anticipating what we will behold. Can Gilligan live up to this past season? Oh, we all think,yes. What a ride we have in front of us!

Recommended. prisrob 11-01-13
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on 9 December 2012
I have watched a lot of TV shows, some that at the time I said to myself 'TV can't get any better than this', The Sopranos being the first one that comes to mind. I won't dispute how fantastic a show it is, but for me, at the end of season 4 of Breaking Bad all I could do was marvel at this show, and at how wrong I had been on my earlier assumption. Never have I watched a TV series that has blown me away episode after episode like this show does.

The writing, acting, filming, and locations are perfect. Bryan Cranston is again exceptional when it comes to playing Walter White. Aaron Paul, however, particularly in season 4 is on power with him in portraying Jesse Pinkman. This season definitely showcases the full extent of Paul's talents as an actor, he is fantastic. As are all the supporting cast, but this comes as no surprise. The acting in this show has been of the highest level since season 1.

As for the story to this season, I won't spoil it by talking about it in detail, all I will say is Vince Gilligan and his team of writers are geniuses, and I have never enjoyed a season of television as much as I enjoyed season 4. Episode 11 'Crawl Space' is one of numerous highlights of this season. Cranston not receiving an Emmy for his performance in this episode was laughable, no pun intended.

If you haven't started watching this show, start. It's not too late, hell even if you are reading this in 2018 it's still not too late, this show deserves to be watched. In the UK where I live, Breaking Bad is not on TV so many people are unaware of this show's existence, which is a travesty. I came to this show only a few months ago mainly because I didn't know anything about it, but I have flown through it in no time.

Awesome television!
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on 8 December 2013
Having watched the previous 3 seasons I couldnt wait to start watching season4.Oh my goodness one minute you are laughing the next you are shocked and speechless.I ended up watching 6 episodes in a row, I couldnt stop!!
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