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grow a beard! :D or you could check out this video, seems to have some good info, might work for you, personaly i prefer just to shop around, you can find good prices for the catridges if you buy in bulk at the right times.
23 Oct 2014 by Dominic
Doesn't answer your question, but they are suitable for Series 7 if that helps
28 Jul 2014 by sdm1214
Hi there Mr W, yes it does clean series 3 I have just bought a series 3 390cc shaver and wanted some spare cartridges long before the first one ran out. It seems to be doing very well and leaves a nice lemon smell after.
31 May 2014 by Bigh
They are specific to the CCR3 to my experience. The shaver will charge up without them, and even a specific shoe charger to charge it up. Bought my original Braun on a flight to Brisbane. Wonderful in the heat, but good hear to avoid razor rash without unguents.
6 May 2014 by Nike
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