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on 19 February 2015
I chose this watch because of its looks and simple styling.

The watch arrived pretty quickly, but I soon realised that the item was not new - it had signs of use and was impossible to configure. I immediately arranged for a replacement - I was quite angry about this. Returning the watch was very straightforward and a replacement was soon received. However, there was no apology offered.

This time the watch was obviously new and was a synch to set up. I am now a happy bunny with a great looking watch. Some reviews say that the strap did not adjust far enough for a slim wrist, well, I am very light boned with slim wrists, but was able to adjust the strap enough to get a perfect fit on the last notch on the strap.

One of the previous reviews mentioned that the watch face is only readable in good light - this is true. However, the white dots on the outside of the face are actually luminous. Unfortunately, while it's easy to read the hour positions, the hour and minute hand are not luminous, so it's still impossible to read the time in the dark - this is a mystery - why have the luminous dots and then leave the hands impossible to read in the dark - this is definitely a minus point.

Overall, bearing in mind the first delivery probably being a returned item, and the lack of luminous hands, I can only give this item 3 stars. Such a shame for a great looking watch.


One aspect that slipped my notice until now. The date window on the watch I received is much smaller than the example image featured on the amazon page. This makes it difficult to read.
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on 5 April 2013
Bought this watch and everything was fine until I pressed the buttons at work and the time went haywire. I downloaded the watch manual as I didn't have the one that came with it to hand. I had to reset the hands and managed a time update.
When GMT ended and BST started this watch was next to my old Casio radio controlled watch. The Casuio had updated and was correct the Braun had not. Tried a time update and it did not change, still an hour slow. I checked the time zone and that was not the problem. Tried another time update and the hands went about three hours out so I decided to return it. Amazon were very good about the return and that was hastle free. Maybe the one I had was a rogue but too easy to muck it up by briefly pressing buttons. May try again looking for a replacement for the old Casio.
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on 9 October 2012
This watch has a clear, easy to read face with white numerals & hands (yellow second hand) on a grey background. The date is also easy to read. Found the strap a bit fiddly to start with but soon got used to it and is easy to adjust for size.
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on 15 March 2013
Prospective purchasers would be advised to note this watch's dimensions: it is large and correspondingly heavy. This may be reassuring but disbars it for evening wear. Although radio-controlled, time zone adjustment, if required, could frustrate anyone preferring life to be simple. But then, if you have managed to remove the watch from its presentation packaging without resorting to a knife, you will have already demonstrated considerable patience and dexterity - which will also be needed if the bracelet's length needs adjustment. Perhaps Braun sees this is as a bonding process as a result of which separation becomes impossible.
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on 12 November 2013
Eventually I was disappointed, couldn't unpack the watch properly and I had to adjust the the seconds dial since it was two seconds of sync... The manual leaves much to be desired and adjusting the time or dial or anything will get you a bit puzzled like I was but the watch is very nice to wear and extremely comfortable. Today I got my first compliment and I notice people looking at it so as a watch freak, I'm very pleased. Waiting for the summertime to jump in and so will this watch then, I trust :-)
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on 8 March 2013
Brilliant Braun understated design, with neat strap and clasp, love the radio-controlled time, plus half the manufacturer's stated retail price..
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on 19 March 2016
If you like the look of it as I do, this is a great watch. Beautifully finished and well presented in its packaging if you were to give it as a gift. Naturally, it keeps perfect time as it is locked to MSF from Anthorn Radio Station in Cumbria with the option of two other transmitters in Europe for CET. It has the ability to operate in non-locked quartz controlled mode, if you are further afield, where the luxury of a broadcast caesium atomic clock time and date signal is not available.

Some people have complained about the strap. It is actually very easy to use and has infinite adjustment to really fit your wrist.It is a standard type of watch strap adjuster, but maybe some have not come across this design before. The adjustments on the watch mechanism are very comprehenisve, enabling you to set the exact position of the hour, minute and second hand so that they are perfectly synchronised, very common on good quality timepieces. Of course, once set the time and date will self adjust to BST and GMT.

I have only given this watch 4 stars and that is because of very poor instructions. The supplied instructions are over complicated and it took me several hours of trial and error to find out how to adjust the watch using only the two push buttons provided. Naturally Braun expects its dealership to set the watch up for the customer and explain how the rather complex system of button presses works. It needs to be done every time the battery is replaced, although, presumably in a Braun dealership they will again do it for you. You should always ask for this to be done by a dealer, as you are paying well over the battery price to cover the cost of a trained watch technician.

Independent souls like us on Amazon do not get dealer service, so we must expect to be more self reliant and patient as we are getting a precision watch a lot cheaper than a dealership will sell one for. BTW there is a help line you can ring if you are completely flumoxed by it all and I am sure Braun will walk you through it.

So, an excellent watch and well worth the money. It is almost out of circulation now and Braun tell me that they are looking to release another radio controlled watch in the near future. They are nice folk to talk to and very helpful.

I have had the watch for about three months and I think it is one of my best purchases.
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on 7 November 2014
This is an excellent watch that has the added benefit of being radio controlled and therefore spot on accuracy. I bought it because for the third time my expensive Junghans RC watch has had to go to the repairer. The outer ring of minutes/seconds is slightly disconcerting at first but the face is absolutely clear and easy to read and excellent for those with spectacles. One reviewer mentioned that the second hand casts a shadow and therefore makes it difficult to red. This is compensated for by the fact that the second hand is yellow and therefore a mistake cannot be made. The date is also easy to read. The watch can be easily set for the different European time zone and automatic time setting when the clocks change does work. It is an elegant blend of traditional and modern design design and looks splendid on the wrist.

If I do have a grouse it is about the fastening. The instructions do not identify how to unfasten the watch and as a consequence I had a performance getting it out of the sophisticated box, this not helped by the fact that the supplier had assembled it incorrectly after a pre delivery inspection. This is a detail grouse however, once in use the fastening is easy and secure but other braun watches do include instructions for adjusting ad opening and closing the fastener..

Overall I am as pleased with this purchase as I have with any in recent years. Not least is the fact that the price is well below that published on the Braun website.
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on 3 September 2013
At first I thought the watch was less subtle than expected from Braun, and it took me some time to figure out how to properly set the time, but its really a nice, both functional and aesthetic watch.
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on 3 December 2013
I think this watch has an issue with the radio controlled movement. I believe it is equipped with a Junghans movement which is normally rock solid and reliable, but not in this case. I had two different items and both stopped working after a few days with the same issue: Could not locate radio signal and stopped working properly. I had to return both. It is a shame because the watch is very nice. Be careful with the new line of Braun watches. The quality can not be compared to the old Laco-produced items.
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