Bratz Facts

Over the last five years, 100 million Bratz dolls have been sold worldwide, showing just how popular Bratz are across the globe. See the collection for yourself.

Bratz Names

Did you know there are currently around 72 names for Bratz girlz and boyz? Meet them all here.

New Bratz

Meet the new Bratz Babyz Mermaidz, a water-loving bundle of joy with colour change tail and hair. Squeeze her tummy and she squirts water, and she comes with a sea creature friend who squirts water too.

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Bratz fashion dolls have taken the world by storm, and now with Bratz, Kidz, Babyz and Big Babyz there is a doll for all ages. Have some funky fun with the girls who have a passion for fashion!

The Bratz girls have been working hard, with several DVDs under their belts and even their own big screen adventure in Bratz: The Movie, their first live action film to hit cinemas worldwide. Bratz Babyz have also joined in the action, getting superhero powers in Bratz Super Babyz available on DVD. Check out the full super stylin’ Bratz range here in our very special store, bursting with toys, games and DVDs to keep even the most demanding Bratz happy.

Bratz Store Bestsellers

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Bratz Sportz
1.Bratz Sportz - Fitness Yasmin
2.Bratz Sportz - Dance Tess
3.Bratz Babyz Lil Dancin Diva - Yasmin
4.Bratz - Ice Champion Vinessa
5.Bratz Movie Starz Yasmin

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Bratz News

You might think two new Bratz animations out on DVD this year is exciting enough, but there's more... the girls' first live action film to hit cinemas, Bratz: The Movie, is now out on DVD. See all Bratz DVDs here.