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4.4 out of 5 stars69
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2002
First of all, I'm a huge Bon Jovi fan so I might be a little biased but I'll try and be as fair as possible.
This is a good album. Lyrically it is as good as usual (no These Days but everybit as good as Crush) and musically it is more varied than any of the previous Jovi albums.
The 12 tracks are about an equal mix between out and out rock (Everyday, Bounce and Undivided) and the now-familiar ballads (You Had Me From Hello, Open All Night).
Opening track Undivided is the song most inpsired by Sept 11th but displays the bands optimism for the future instead of dwelling on the past like some songs have. It's a good rock track and I think most fans will love this track.
On the other end of the rock scale is Open All Night - inspired by Jon's character on Ally McBeal - this is an honest and heart-felt song with simple but effective music.
Joey is a good piano led song which is perhaps a little too similar to Elton John's Levon.
Finally, Right Side Of Wrong - I don't know why but I love this song. Great movie like lyrics and good music with some great guitars from Sir Richie Sambora ("We're not worthy!")
Overall, this album is less rock that Crush was, but probably better for it. I felt the ballads on Crush were not up to the usual standard but Bounce more than makes up for this.
A note for fans of Dave Bryan is that he seems a lot more prominant on this album than any of the previous ones.
Anyway, I doubt this will convert many non-Jovi fans but all Bon Jovi-fans should like it at least.
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on 25 June 2004
Once again a fantastic, mind blowing collection of the best rock songs out there. I'm a relatively new Bon Jovi fan and I just can get over the variety in the albums and the songs. Bounce is a fantastic example of this, you've got the mind blowing, head banging, 'just get up and rock out!!!!' "anthem" style that they are famous for in songs such 'Undivided'- (a heart felt response to the events of 9/11) and the more softer "ballad" style songs like'Joey' or 'Right side of wrong'. As with all Bon jovi songs they become deeper as you listen to the words and come up with your own views on the meaning and inspiration behind them. In a time of manufactured pop and songs that mean nothing, laying back and listening to Bon Jovi reminds you that there is real talent out there and real songs about real life for real people. I bought this album yesterday and have already listened to the whole album twice, But as with any Bon Jovi album -WORDS JUST DON'T CUT IT- Listen to it and you'll get what I'm on about.
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on 29 September 2002
I know I wasn't the only one disappointed with Crush - but fear not, this is one hell of an album. To put it quite literally, it rocks !
'Undivided' contains subtle references to September 11, not soppy, sentimental or lucid but moving. 'All about lovin' you' is another beautiful ballad, which Bon Jovi specialize in. 'Bounce', the title track and 'Everyday' are both good rock pieces, my personal favourite being 'Hook me up'. This album contains some seriously heavy guitar work. Another of Jon's moral stories is 'Joey', whilst 'Wrong Side of Right' is another song that brings tears to your eyes, invoking the legendary cowboy relationship.
Jon seems to have regained the power in his voice and Richie is, as usual, simply amazing. Forget the temporary blip that was Crush, this is Bon Jovi back in full swing. Buy or regret it. Bon Jovi are just getting even better!
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on 21 October 2002
After skimming through the other reviews on the header page, i thought i should defend the band, and try to give people a bit of balance to the argument of what is proving to be a contraversially good album. Bon jovi have had a history of phenomenal tracks that stay with you for years. Such creations do not come easily, or frequently, and just because Bounce isn't crammed full of these, it does not make it a poor release. Classics take a while to be appreciated, who knows, maybe some of these tracks will remain in the memories of many people as great songs. As for Bon Jovi trying to be the next Springsteen (as said in the Amazon official review) then i think that is a non-fan talking. Each to his own they say, and so this comment is not relivant in my opinion. I appreciated all of the songs, including the emotive ballads, which may indicate a transition in their life as a rock band, which i hope and believe will live for a decade or 2 yet. The more lively and pulsing music that gets you hyped is always going to play a huge part in any of their albums. To me this is a mature album that pays tribute to them. If they didn't change the style a bit now and then, it wouldn't be as appealing. Good work i say.
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on 23 September 2002
A fantastic selection of tracks from heavy rock to a more mellow acoustic sound would delight all Bon Jovi fans and music fans alike. Surprisingly the album is quite weak on the ballad front as this is one of Bon Jovi's main forte. This is no bad thing, but it's traditionally the slow numbers which do well in the singles charts in turn promoting the album. Perhaps it's to be expected but some of the songs such as Undivided and Bounce have been influenced by the atrocities on Sept 11th which by the way, both tracks are absolutely awesome in creation and execution. As are Misunderstood, The Distance, Everyday. Lyrics are angry yet hopeful, music is heavy yet sweeping making good use of Richie Sambora's guitar and David Bryan's keyboard as well as an unashamed orchestra. Conclusion: an awesome addition from the band showing once again the ever maturing songwriting abilities of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Can't wait for their live shows!
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on 3 September 2006
I just, kind of, want to marry this album, i love it that much! fave songs are:

1. 'Joey' love it. words are brill, and it has meaning. a lovely song.

2. 'All about lovin' you' what can i say, so beautiful.

3. 'Open all night' again, beautiful song. opening words are gorgeous.

4. 'You had me from hello' i cant listen to this song enough, i just love it. the title alone is gorgeous.

5. 'Right side of wrong' beautiful song, and it has emotion in it, and it's rocky but in a gorgeous way. just a class song.

Fabulous album. well worth been in your collection!
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on 27 September 2002
Bon jovi have been around for just under 20 years now and have gone from strength to strength in their albums, there first hit album bieng Slippery When Wet with the smash classic livin' on a prayer. But throughout their career they have stuck to two rules that have created the Bon Jovi sound, they have always avoided tampering with their music in the recording studio or using specialist equipment in their songs, the later of which they seem to have broken in this album.
It's still a great album but it's just not Bon Jovi, crush seemed to go off in this direction but not to the extent shown in songs like Everyday and Bounce. However these are great songs and deserve much credit for the lyrics and the ever present superb guitar chourus'
I love this album and if you are a bon jovi fan then you have to own it, but if your looking for classical Bon Jovi then it may not rock your boat, other that the above gripes all of the songs in this album show great songwriting and Jon and the band have lost none of their talent and are still the best rock band out there. A great album!
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on 23 April 2003
This album is Bon Jovi back to their previous greatness. I have been a Bon Jovi fan since childhood and have loved almost every song they have ever done. People keep seeming to want them to change the music they write but why change something that isnt broken!!! They have written some of the greatest songs I have ever heard and some of the tracks on this CD could go down among some of the greatest they have ever written. No one and I mean no one can wirte a Rock Ballad like the Bon Jovi/Sambora partnership!!
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on 24 September 2002
This album quite simply swept me off my feet. From the opening chugging riffs (Undivided) from Richie Sambora to the closing soft words of Jon Bon Jovi(Open All Night) this album keeps you listening, singing, dancing, crying & feeling good about life & the world.
This album was made on the back of the 9-11 situation, but picks on the positivities of a global, universal, one world, one hope future for all of us. At times the band sounds aggresive with crunching, power chords & heavy chugging that is reminiscant of a Metallica intro .... and Jon snarls at times into the mic which demonstrates another side to his normally chorus laden voice
UNDIVIDED is a shock opener & is really heavy in lyric & music but its sweeps you into the emotional wave with a really strong chorus and is the 'bring people togethter' song
EVERYDAY is another heavy song by BJ standards but has a good chorus that bears the trademark BJ commercial appeal. It is really ITS MY LIFE PART II
THE DISTANCE see's BJ slow down slightly but the guitarring is still powerful & is the 1st of a few stories on the album
JOEY must be heard with headphones on, lying on the bed, reading the lyrics sleeve in the CD..remember those days? Its a simple story but donbe to great effect with a beautiful accompanying piano
MISUNDERSTOOD is another cool story about how people let the small stuff matter when it shouldn't. The chorus is catchy & the music is mide-tempo
ALL ABOUT LOVIN' YOU is what the girls will cry & swoon to. BJ always write a gret ballad & this is in the same vein as BED OF ROSES & ALWAYS...this will have lighters aloft when they hit the saatdiums & arena's next year. A nicely made love song
HOOK ME UP see's the guitars again & the chugging riffs are back! Not sure if this about internet dating or telecom's but it is BJ disguised as THE CULT. This zips along at a fast pace & has you singing & opunching the air..."hook me up, come on!"
RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG is the 3rd story & this could be thelma & louise or any other bandit's on the run western...BJ return to cowboy roots which had been missing since New Jersey & Blaze Of is no Wanted Dead or Alive...but has that outlaw feel to it
LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE is possibly the wekest song in a very strong album. It is more mide tempo than the other ballads but is perhaps 1 ballad too much for the CD. Fairly average but with a good guitar sounds to compensate
YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO is another love song, but with some originality & an acoustic feel that stands it out from the previous one.
BOUNCE is THE BEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM AND DESERVES 10 STARS. For the guys n girls who have had the hard knock life..this is for you. Its against all odds...up against it...fighting back...knock me down but get up again...The song is 3 minutes of catchy guitars, sweeping verses & jumping, catchy most sing a long chorus you will hear for ages....the only downer is that it is so short. This wil lhave the whole crowd on it's feet & will have peole in the aisles jumping and bouncing to it. A classic piece of hard rock
OPEN ALL NIGHT is a soft album closer but brings you down gently after the energy of Bounce. A friendship turns to love song.
Overall BOUNCE re-affirms BON JOVI as the hardest working & best rock band on the planet. They have 8 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 best of album, 4 solo albums, have sold 92million records, played in 47 countries on a world tour & are still going strong
If anyone is new to BJ then I strongly recommend they buy Slippery When Wet, New Jersey. Keep th Faith & Bounce.
Buy hey don't listen to me...just read those facts above & i gurantee you will have faith in the power of music again
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2006
Its predecessor 'Crush', although slated, was a much better album than this. I just can't get into 'Bounce', there are too many mediocre songs on it for my liking. The first track 'Undivided' is superb but it's downhill immediately from there with only 'Love Me Back To Life' picking up the slack - and that comes in at track no.9 !!! The title track 'Bounce' is pretty good and that's it. Three good songs on the album and a whole load of mediocrity. The rest aren't just average songs, they're cheesey and skippable which for a Bon Jovi album is heartbreaking. Sadly the follow-up album 'Have A Nice Day' isn't much better than this.
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