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4.3 out of 5 stars268
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 June 2012
Now I've had my Bosch Mum Food Mixer for almost a month and have used it extensively, I feel I can write a helpful review to lay some ghosts to rest.

First up, I was very nearly put off buying this wonderful device because of a couple of negative reviews. I'm so glad that I ignored those comments and decided to give the Bosch a try.

To call this just a food mixer is almost an insult to all the functions this kitchen gadget can successfully carry out. I'll admit that I was just looking for a reasonable stand mixer when I purchased this but I liked the idea that the Bosch Mum had the other attachments as well. Had I just gone for one of those glossy stand mixers that I was tempted by, I'd really be missing out now. Here's my pros and cons:


1) More than just a stand mixer - you also get a blender/liquidiser, citrus press and continuous shredder/slicer accessory.

2) The mixer DOES mix small batches properly, the bowl is raised in the middle and the whisk attachments move all around the sides of the bowl. I have whisked the contents of 3 small egg whites into meringue with no problems.

3) It IS POWERFUL ENOUGH for the average home cook. I don't kid myself that I'm some amazing chef. I'm a home cook with a small family, I love to cook and I cook meals daily. This machine hasn't struggled on power with anything. Someone cooking on a professional level will probably require a machine with a motor more powerful than the 550 watts this one provides.

4) The size of the bowl is great if you're normally cooking for 2-6 people. I normally cook for 3 and require smallish quantities for which the bowl is never more than half full. But I've also made food for 6 with no issues at all.

5) Small and light enough to keep out on your worktop at all times. I have the Bosch out permanently and I also have all the accessories out on the worktop except the juicer which is large and isn't something I tend to use. The accessories do take up quite a bit of space but are very useful which is why I keep mine out because they get used a lot.

6) Looks quite smart - not as smart as those glossy mixers but smart enough for the average kitchen and luckily our accessories are black. It all seems to be well made from sturdy plastic (shredders and cutters are metal) apart from the bowl splash cover which I've never yet needed to use.

7) Mixer has been used to make meringue, sponge cakes, rich fruit cakes (use the dough hook when all the fruit needs to be mixed in,) batter, cookie mixes and loads more. Not had any issues. Yes you might need to scrape mix off the whisk if it's sticky - I imagine this would be the case with any mixer. I haven't made any bread dough because I have a bread machine but if it doesn't struggle to make a huge and thick fruit cake, I can't imagine it would struggle with dough either.

8) Blender has been used to make curry paste, soups and milkshakes. As I've never had a blender, I'm loving this feature. You simply push the Bosch Mum arm so it's pointing right down, take the cap off and push and twist the blender on. It makes delicious, frothy milk shakes with ease. Yum.

9) Continuous shredder/slicer attachment - essentially this is like a dumbed down food processor. I love the fact that you can shred or slice things right into the supplied bowl or another bowl or plate. It's easy to use once you know how it all attaches together (tip look up bosch mum videos on youtube) and I use this feature loads. It grates and slices everything I need for pizza toppings, quiches, curries, fruit pies and more - and fast. Pizza toppings and quiches are so easy now because I just slice and grate all the items in a flash. You can grate cheese on the coarse side of the shredder blade (there is a fine and coase side for each blade) but as cheese is sticky, leave it till last as it can clog it up if you're doing loads. You will probably need the coarse side for most items although I made a delicious Apple Tart with ultra fine sliced apple. It doesn't cut chunky chip shapes but I think you can buy a blade which does.

10) I love this device so much I'm doing more home cooking than ever and now having to watch my waist line!


1) It doesn't look quite as attractive as some of the (more expensive) food mixers. If you're more interested in how a kitchen gadget looks than its actual usefulness, this could be an issue.

2) Although the machine itself is pretty compact, you'll need some storage space for all the accessories because they do take up some room.

3) The instructions are not the best. However, I picked up lots just by watching a ton of youtube videos on Bosch Mum - most of the Mum devices work in a similar fashion so don't just look up this specific machine.


Love, love, love this Kitchen Machine/Helper. I'm so thankful that I decided to give it a try. It's been brilliant to use, a joy to use actually and yes I would buy another Bosch Mum again if I had to. You can buy other accessories (different blades, mincer etc) for this and a spare bowl from a UK Bosch website by the way.

If you class yourself as a home cook who enjoys cooking for a small to medium sized family, you should love this machine. Hope that helped.
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on 31 October 2011
Took ages firstly deciding if I wanted a food mixer or food processor-decided food processor was more for chopping and i wanted to mostly bake. Next decision was Kitchen-Aid or Kenwood Chef-both excellent with great reviews but quite hefty both in weight and price. I wanted to be able to leave the mixer out on the work surface where I knew it would be used more if at hand rather than having to keep putting it away and getting it out of a cupboard when required. I then came across the Bosch Mum quite by chance and immediately was attracted to how different it looked and how it would take up no more space on my worktop than the chopping board I had in place all the time-and it wasnt too heavy. I am so glad I chose the Bosch Mum-have tried every accessory except the juicer. Made 3 christmas cakes and it was so nice not having to mix in the fruit and cherries by hand as just put the mixer on lowest setting and it stirs the fruit in without crushing them. Made so many different types of cup cakes and the icing sugar for the frosting doesnt fly around the kitchen because the cover is so effective. I made bread using a bread mix as I didnt know what to expect, and it made a great job using the kneading attachment so next time I will make bread myself instead of out of a packet as I am sure it will be very easy and cheaper than shop bought bread mixes. I even tried mashed potatoes just because I could-again, great results. Once I fathomed out how to use the attachment for slicing, I sliced all vegetables for soup straight into the pan with minimal waste and was impressed that I didnt even have to use the pusher as it grabbed the vegetables without any force. It is very quiet and this gives the impression that it may not be very powerful, but it has done everything I have asked of it, and I havent had to scrape down the bowl because it mixes every last bit. Washing is no problem and I store the mixing attachments in the bowl with the cover on ready to use and now find myself thinking-what can I make today......? I highly recommend the Bosch Mum food mixer and infact have persuaded my mum to buy one too as she has been trying everything I have made so far-just as well as I am in danger of putting on weight due to all the baking! In my opinion, this is great value for money, performs well and looks attractive on work surface when not in use and wouldnt hesitate buying this over the other more expensive and heavier food mixers.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 October 2011
Style Name: Anthracite|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What to say about this great piece of kit? It would be sooooo easy to just say 'its a Bosch'and just leave it at that as we all know that Bosch is far and away one of the better Electronic brands on the market.
However my wife does already own a Food mixer which was roughly in the same price bracket as this one...well actually a good few pounds cheaper! but it does not have the capabilities of this one, ie. no liquidiser,slicer,shredder or citrus press and to me that makes me think that this product is surely well worth another £25.
Next point does it work OK?.....Yeah! it certainly does, and as another reviewer pointed out you do not need to keep scraping the ingredients back down the bowl while mixing (A huge and time wasting fault with our original mixer)because it is specially shaped to keep the ingredients on the blades!
The mixer is well powerful enough to cope admirably with all your mixing needs and also does it reasonably quietly too!
Right this has now reached the point in this review where I say that this product does everything it says on the box (it dont come in a tin) but that is such a hackneyed phrase that I'm not going to finish on it....Joking! of course I am!!
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on 12 October 2011
This mixer does not require you to scrape the side of the bowl when beating egg whites, butter, etc. The motor is pretty powerful so be careful not to overbeat.
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on 19 December 2012
Since recently purchasing this I've made; pavlova, mince pies, cakes, chocolate yule logs, cookies, bread & smoothy; so time to give an opinion of pros & cons:

Does these with ease;

-Whips egg whites fabulously.They came out perfect for the pavlova! & used attatchment to fold in whites for other recipes.
-Mixes cookie dough easily -infact all the doughs I've done this lil 'mum' did it with no problems.
-Thought bread may be a toughy but it was a breeze & every bit came off the sides when it was ready, just put it in tins after to let it rise -it was that simple!.
-Cake mixes were so easy.
-Did a fruit smoothy with frozen fruit & it was fine.
-Doesn't 'bounce' around like some in the past when I've had it on full speed.
-Gadgets neatly in the wall unit thing which makes them easy to get and use regularly..big bonus!!
-Sits on kitchen countertop very nicely; Looks absolutely lovely, mod and doesnt take up loads of space.
-Very quiet, which admittedly I was a little anxious about. I could make cookies etc at midnight and know it wouldn't bother or wake anyone!!
-Nice solid, strong bowl and I know if I drop it it's not going to break.

Splatter guard tends to 'rattle' when using on higher speeds..& doesn't really click in sturdily enough....I used this to test it when doing the bread & ended up taking it off. I just put it on slow/medium until the flour was mixed..because I didnt use the guard some of the flour did flip over the side, but considering the mess when I did it by hand I've no quibs with it & no comparison in the difference in clean up after (i.e. by hand at least 5-10 mins cleaning flour from everywhere; w/mum 1 min!!

Did quite abit of research for approx 6 months before finally purchasing and I gave this a 4/5 only 'cause of the splatter guard. I enjoy making/cooking things now cause I know I haven't got to do it by hand. BUT I am absolutely delighted with the 'mum'. I thought the price was enough, in fact more than enough for a food mixer, any more and it would then go over to 'Mr & Mrs Jones' ;)
Amazon delivered really quickly and it was packaged extremely well in 2 boxes! Very impressed thankyou. Well, I hope this review helps and so far this 'MuM' has done everything she wanted it to do! :)

NB: I haven't used the cutter discs, or the lemon/juicer thing yet, but when I do I may add to the review/do another or even do a video, there don't seem to be many actually using it to make something which I'd looked high and low for on the web (other than vids 'unpacking', using it with nothing in the bowl & Bosch's ad vid.
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on 3 March 2012
I too was dithering what brand of mixer to buy, and I did a lot of research. I bought this in the end (from John Lewis, though there wasn't even one on display - I bought from them for peace of mind) and am really pleased. It's my first mixer and I wanted it mostly as I make sourdough bread every week, and wanted the process to be quicker and less messy to clean up (I have no dishwasher). This mixer deserves to be much better known as a high-functioning but low price machine.

CONS: Grating discs not very useful for coleslaw-type things as grate too finely, and, conversely, not chunkily enough for things like stirfrys. Attaching the stuff for grating and slicing could be easier, too. (It's worth pointing out, however, that most competitors don't throw in the grating/slicing capacity with their machines at all; you either have to buy this capacity as extras, or buy a second machine for the purpose.) The instruction book's pretty minimal, with hardly any recipes for different kinds of food you can make. And on the Bosch website the dough capacity it states is MUCH bigger than what the instruction book says. When I emailed Bosch to complain about this they didn't reply.

PROS: The price! ie significantly cheaper than the other, better known, brands of mixer. Really easy to wash bowl and mixing attachments. Sturdy stainless steel bowl. Makes excellent bread (I mix 1.5kg of flour in two goes and this makes a total of 3 large loaves to bake) and cakes (tip: always use the 'spready' kind of butter that comes in a plastic pot, or soft marg, or else the beater clogs up). Light and easy to pick up. Sticky feet mean it doesn't 'walk'. Quite quiet - you can easily carry on a conversation above its buzzing noise. Good liquidiser jug - this works better than the one I had on my previous Kenwood food processor, eg for chopping nuts finely (tip: do only small amounts at a time). Small footprint in your kitchen (though the gear for grating and slicing and citrus pressing takes up extra room).

OVERALL I'm definitely pleased I didn't shell out extra for a pretty, but much heavier, Kenwood or KitchenAid.
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on 20 February 2012
I must start off by saying I have never owned a stand mixer before so have nothing to compare this to! After much research I had initially wanted to buy a Kenwood kMix however after accepting it far exceeded my budget I decided to see what else was available on the market. I was immediately drawn to the look of the Bosch MUM as it is so different to all other stand mixers I have seen before! As the mixer already had glowing reviews and was a very reasonable price I decided to ask for it as a birthday gift. I took the mixer out of the box today and had it up and running within minutes! The first thing to note is that this mixer is a very compact unit and much lighter in weight compared to more expensive alternatives. These features mean it is very discreet should you choose to leave it on your work surface (which I have chosen to do as I feel I will be more likely to use it if I don't have to keep taking it out of a cupboard!) I was so pleased with all the accessories the mixer came with and I am confident I will use them all! So far I have made a batch of chocolate and marshmallow cupcakes (a wonderful recipe from the Primrose Bakery book!) and despite this being my first attempt at cupcakes I must say they were a dream to make and are absolutely beautiful! I will be trying mashed potato next and I am sure it will be a breeze! I cannot recommend this machine highly enough. Excellent value for money, compact size with a large full size stainless steel bowl, all the attachments you could think of made to the highest of standards associated with Bosch. I must also say I did call Bosch with a quick query and the girl I spoke to in the UK based customer service call centre couldn't have been more helpful! Please don't be deterred by the low price assuming you are going to get a sub standard product as this simply isn't the case! I've already convinced my Mom to buy one! Treat yourself, you'll be pleased you did!
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on 6 November 2014
I read the reviews regarding the item being a little rattely and all, I could live with that. However, one of my whisks broke - basically the plastic melted (see photo) as the part seemed too weak for my very runny dough... I called customer services but they stated that parts are not included in the warranty. It costs GBP 25 to replace! Obviously I would say that this is a manufacturing error but it seems Bosch sees this differently. Too bad. I cannot recommend this product.
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on 14 January 2012
I have not owned a stand mixer before, so no true comparative review here. Rather, a critical point I nearly missed: a stand mixer that is going to get used lives out on the kitchen worktop, where it is taking space from something else. This Bosch has a full-size bowl, yet its footprint is only half that of my 4-slice popup toaster. It's a really clever, compact design. When I'm rich and have a huge kitchen, maybe I will buy a Kenwood. Until then, this mixer is far better suited to my requirements.
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on 23 January 2012
Very pleased with the Bosch mixer. Was a liitle worried about overloading the motor at first as the machine seems a lot smaller than my old Kenwood Chef, but it copes well with quantities suitable for two of us, and the blades clean the bowl to the very bottom! The slicer and grater attachments function well, with no jamming in the chute.
I am following the quantities guide in the handbook and 500g flour whih is the maximum recommended for bread dough, makes a loaf plenty large enough for us. For a family a bigger capacity might be necessary but for a couple this is great.
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