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4.1 out of 5 stars9
4.1 out of 5 stars
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If you want to witness - alongside some great gory moments and hilarious satire at the expense of health resorts and dietary fads - Harold Bishop from Neighbours going crazy with a gun and swearing like a trooper, take a look at this little film. It's worth it for that alone, and is an overlooked classic.
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Given the right combinations of vitamins/cognitive enhancers, there's no telling what the human body is capable of. Of course, if the formulas of such super vitamins aren't exactly right, you could be in for one bloody mess - and Body Melt is Exhibit A all the way. Some critics see the film as some sort of satire of suburban life, but all I saw was a really weird movie with bad - albeit gross - special effects. It would certainly be possible to impart some kind of actual message into this type of storyline, but I don't think the writers and director of Body Melt set out to do anything like that. I don't even think the movie is all that gross, but that's partly due to the fact that the special effects are so unrealistic.

Let the opening of the film be a lesson to you. If you're planning on flooding the pharmaceutical market with a potentially dangerous, inadequately tested super vitamin and one of your scientists sees what is happening and sets out to reveal your dirty little secret, just chop his head off or something. Obviously, you have to kill the guy, so don't take any chances of him living long enough to drop a few clues pointing back at you. Our would-be hero doesn't actually succeed at warning anyone in Homesville that the free vitamin samples they are about to receive are dangerous, but his actions do point a finger of suspicion toward Vimuville when residents of Homesville start dying in exceedingly unnatural, disgustingly painful ways.

Obviously, given the title, you can expect to see some bodies melting in this film, but that's not even the half of it. You also have certain body parts basically exploding, nasal congestion of the most disgusting kind, projectile vomiting all over the place, and a pregnancy that goes very, very wrong. For me, though, most of the mess was far too amateurish in the special effects department to bother me in the slightest. The weirdest part of the whole movie, though, takes place at a "middle of nowhere" service station. It's not so much the fact that the resident "family" is hideously deformed and absolutely mental (and they are both - in spades); what I didn't get is why these two lost blokes that stop there actually have a gay old time with these characters. It's not surreal as much as it is just plain weird.

Most people who come to watch Body Melt will undoubtedly have been lured in by the gore factor. Many will indeed find the film rather disgusting, while a few (like myself) will undoubtedly find the special effects little more than yawn-inducing. Since there aren't really any surprises along the way, the story itself is not a particularly strong draw, either. All of this adds up to a movie that, in my opinion, just isn't very good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 March 2012
Body Melt is an `Ozploitation' flick about an evil old company who gives experimental drugs to a community and ends up getting more than they bargained for.

If you watched Neighbours in the early nineties, you may enjoy playing `Spot the Neighbours star' as a handful crop up. It's certainly fun to see Ian Smith (better known to us as Harold Bishop) in a slightly more nasty role than a tubby loveable doddery bloke next door.

There's a reasonable amount of gore in Body Melt. The special effects are cheap, but utilised well and are quite inventive - expect varieties of bodily deformities.

However, these effects are not as constant as they might be, leading to large chunks of film with little going for it. Most of the actors are not that great and the characters they play are pretty unlikeable. You may be hard put to it to decide on who the `hero' is, as there's a fair few characters, none of which get enough screen time to really expand their personalities.

Plus the story - what little there is - is a bit all over the place. It's a nice idea, but could have been scripted a bit better and with the use of more professional actors.

It's not the worst film of its kind, but it's certainly not the best either. The nice gore and odd bits of humour are probably enough to make you think you didn't completely waste an hour and a half of your life. Braindead is definitely better though.
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on 6 February 2005
A little known about gem. get ready to laugh - and laugh hard. This film has it all - extreme gore at certain points, hilarious comic moments (i won't say too much but kangaroo...!!) some actual storyline - though the story isn't necessarily the reason to watch this film - basically if you like slightly surreal, funny and some original death scenes then this film is for you.
fun for all the family... except young children, the elderly and any easily offended or weirded out.
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on 29 August 2010
Well obviously the main reason for watching this is to see Harold Bishop from TV soap 'Neighbours' in a horror(ish) film.

The opening sequence had some weird bit where it looked like there was going to be some alien/creature type sub-plot. But it never happened. The budget probably couldn't quite stretch to that haha!

But yeah, Harold swears! Absolute highlight.
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on 26 July 2015
This is One of those titles that says it All.Exploding body parts along with Cannibalism.So you can see this isn't Jane austen we're talking about here.Really Sick and Really Funny.
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on 1 July 2002
Although it is a long time since i saw this film, i can tell you now that it is amazing. It is similar to the early works of peter jackson for example Bad taste and Braindead, but slightly less gorey. The setting is suburbian Australia where a virus created by a pharmeceutical company posing as a health farm, gets out and causes peoples bodies to melt. In true Australian horror film style (a la Peter Jackson) the film is hilariously funny, and the effects are gruesome, but amusing as they should so be. If you want gore and comedy as im sure you do, BUY THIS FILM ! AND BUY IT FROM HERE! AMAZON THE PLACE WHERE ALL YOUR CONSUMER DREAMS ARE REALISED!.
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on 8 February 2015
A classic Aussie 'splatter and snot' flick, for fans of all things grim, a treat to watch!
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on 27 September 2013
Body Melt is another gem from Scorpion releasing on their "Katarina's Nightmare Theater" banner. Body Melt is by far one of the most bizarre films I have ever seen come out of the horror genre. Mixed with wacky gore, electronic music, hallucinations, a bizarre storyline, and apparently Australian soup opera actors, Body Melt delivers for a truly original ride. An experimental drug for wait loss called Vemuville is being tested in a small community. The results are more than messy. People don't just melt but actually mutate. A pregnant woman's baby comes to life as a slimy mess after premature birth and attacks the father while the mothers stomach explodes open. A woman's tongue grows so grotesquely large she chokes to death. These are the type of scenes you will see in Body Melt. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this nasty, often funny Australian movie that's from the same splatter FX team that made us sick with "Dead-Alive."

Body Melt is something a little different and worth a watch for that reason alone, the over-the-top splatter gross out effect's will also stay with you long after you have forgotten about most of the rest of it. Definitely worth a watch but it does feel scattered & unfocused at times. The new dvd looks great here, with a nice clean print and colors that pop off the screen. Blood and other fluids have disgustingly realistic tones, while the overall definition is excellent. The stereo sound mix reveals the film's slim budget, though. There isn't much dynamic between the speakers, but dialog is always clear, the ridiculous soundtrack is good and loud, and there's little in the way of background hiss. Unfortunately here are no extras beyond the intro/outro from Waters and a trailer, which is disappointing given what the label has provided on previous releases.
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