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4.7 out of 5 stars308
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2014
I'm so glad I chose to buy this brand over the cheaper alternatives that were available. The strength and quality of all the pieces are very good - for example, just look close-up at the size and heavy-duty weight of the end clips on this product compared to the illustrations of lesser quality items. The door-anchor (bottom left in photo) does work very well, pushed through the hinged edge of your door, although I found only one of my doors had a big enough gap when open (5mm required) to thread the flat but padded loop through, so it was a little bit fiddly.
Being a cyclist, I overcame the need to buy a second door-anchor (to vary the height used in different exercises) by looping a punctured and deflated bicycle inner-tube over the top edge of the open door and then firmly closing the door, with about 12" of the tube hanging down in a loop in the room where I'm exercising. That works a treat in my set-up but you'd have to decide what's best/safest for you. I certainly think a second anchor is a very worthwhile investment, rather than having just the one and needing to move it each time.
A few reviewers, bemoaning a lack of enough resistance in the bands, don't seem to realise that you can combine two or more bands together to increase the strength of pull required.
These bands are so easy to use, store and transport - much easier than using various free weights and just as effective. Resistance bands are the preferred equipment recommended by my personal trainers, Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie, (on their excellent DVD 'Never Grow Old Fitness Program', demonstrating a number of incremental exercise programmes, all geared for maintaining functional strength, flexibility and balance in users in their 50s, 60s & 70s+). Personally, I am much more motivated by the 'live' training sessions on their DVD, which I bought, rather than by just following the illustrations on the massive wall-chart that's included in this kit, but I'm sure the chart would prove useful, describing many alternative exercises, if that was your starting point. So far, I've not bothered to sign-in online to check-out the 2-month trial of exercises that were part of this deal from Bodylastics as Cody and Dan are enough for me at present.
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on 15 April 2014
I can't really add to the excellent reviews given already. But I'll try.

I ordered two sets, that gives me more handles and the extra door anchor. More than enough to see me through for quite a while. Any beginner will manage fine with one set though and if you watch the online videos and don't rush it, you'll be fine.

I've been using them for about a week now on alternate days and I'm seeing small improvements already. By that I mean I've moved up a band for some exercises and the aching is a lot less as my body gets used to weight training after a long lay off. I selected the exercises I wanted from the wall chart and then watched the online videos to accompany them. Just a few minutes each they are worth watching so you know you're actually doing it right with correct form.

I can't stress how important it is to start slowly. Depending on your general fitness, age and health you might want to start by just making the movements of the exercise and then add the yellow band. Unlike being at the gym there's no feeling that you're being judged by the constantly constipated grunting specimens in the corner. Don't worry, you'll soon notice that you need to try moving up a band.

The bands appear to be good quality, the carabiners that snap on to the rings are strong and well made. The rings themselves welded closed so no fear of anything failing, Placing the anchor through the hinged side of the door ensures that it's going nowhere and the cord that they place inside each band stops you over stretching them.

After using the bands I certainly feel as if I have done a decent session. I've used free weights and machines and these beat the machines and for the level I intend to use them for are at least as good as free weights.

If you want a way to add strength training to your life without a costly and space consuming home gym, then these bands are perfect.
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on 10 May 2013
These resistance bands are great for keeping in trim. The quality of the bands and the fixings are very good. So far they are still in perfect condition after over 8 months use.
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on 17 May 2015
These are a great alternative to free weights since they aren't heavy. I'm a student and getting weights between my accommodation here and my family home would be difficult with textbooks etc.

I can't see any difference in the force they produce in comparison - force is force and if you can do little more than 15 reps in a set then you're on the right track.

I took a star off because I don't find the range of exercises as useful as they look in the instruction set. A lot of them are awkward to set up and it's a better use of my time to just get on the floor and do some bodyweight exercises.
They really excel for bicep curls, which is what I use them most for.
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on 4 October 2015
Really happy with this. Scroll down to see the various sections about quality, weight, comfort, speed of use, safety travel and my conclusion.

Really pleased with the quality so far. Not 100% perfect but feels like really decent materials that would last a long time.

I'm pretty strong (about 70kg, 5.5ft and lift weights or do other sports almost daily) and for me this is a really good kit for varying degrees of resistance for different exercises, with room to get stronger too. With every workout I tried I was able to vary the resistance to the amount I need.
For example: I can do about 5 bicep curls with all 5 bands together if I'm using the handles. Or I can get about the same 5 curls if I use only the black band without the handles since it's much shorter this way so takes a lot more effort. Same goes for other workouts. Increase the distance and you get much more resistance.
When using the door connector I was mostly just using 3-4 bands.
In my opinion this would be a great kit for most people, even strong sporty people, but big bodybuilders would definitely want a bigger kit. The same company sells larger kits which I assume are also just as good quality.

The bands are very smooth so they don't pull body hair or irritate the skin. I have lots of other flat bands (no idea what brand) which are absolutely awful, I had to use gloves with them because they would remove skin from my hands from the the friction.
With the Bodylastics I can comfortably hold the bands with my hands if needed for some workouts, or if the band rubs on my arms or body it's not uncomfortable.

I find it super quick to switch between various workouts. The bands don't tangle so it's very easy and enjoyable.

(Disclaimer. I'm not a doctor or safety expert of any kind. This is obviously just my opinion.)
I think you definitely need to be careful with this. Personally I will definitely be wearing safety glasses when using this. (Not safety goggles, those fog up in seconds because they are sealed around the sides. Safety glasses don't usually fog though.)
Compared to weights this does feel safer as long as it's connected very securely at the side that's far away from you. It is a little unnerving to see what is essentially a huge slingshot aimed towards you.
In my opinion as long as you protect your eyes and follow the manufacturer's safety instructions then this is a fairly safe product. I mean, it would be fairly easy to accidentally smack yourself with a band, which wold hurt like hell but in my opinion likely won't cause any serious injuries (But for the love of elasticity please wear safety glasses!).
I would say that this is a pretty safe alternative compared to big metal weights which could easily break your foot/face/cat with one false move.
I feel much safer using this when my cat is in the area, whereas I don't feel safe using my dumbbells when the cat is in the same room, in case she walks under me or whatever. I also don't feel safe using weights without shoes, whereas with the bands I'm very comfortable barefoot.

The current weight of the complete 12-piece kit is just under 1.5kg, which is fine, just not ideal for those wanting to travel ultra light. I mean it would certainly be noticeable in a backpack. Most of this weight is all the thick metal clips, which are great for strong usage but not ideal for travel. As it is right now, I would likely get good use from just carrying one or two belts without all the accessories, which would keep the weight down, but it would be much more limiting in what you could do.
Personally if I'm just using one or two bands I would be happy with just holding the fabric piece at the end of the band, but I would only do that if it was really important to travel light.
It would be great if this company sold an ultralight travel kit, but I could easily just buy another kit like this then cut off all the metal bits and attach my own lightweight fabric handles to it. This wouldn't be as nice to use though.

Certainly recommended. A+ product. Very happy I spent the extra £8 or so over a cheaper set.
Dispatch took a good few days but after that the delivery was quick.
review image
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on 13 April 2014
I bought this item as it was cheaper to replace parts from an earlier purchase than buying individual components.
I am not a body builder or fitness freak and this system is used daily on a medium 10-15 minute workout for an oldie.
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on 6 January 2012
Took advice from my sporty children who implored me not to buy cheap resistance bands. They all recommended Bodylastic and now I see why. Well made, nicely designed and well presented with a handy carry case , instructional book and DVD. The door device is simple and amazingly effective. As others have remarked, you get what you pay for and these are well worth the extra. Highly recommended.
Now how do I stop the kids "loaning" them?
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on 27 July 2012
First day with this. great product, great value for money and great accompanying DVD/Manual, I love the door anchor - genius. My only gripe is with the distributor. 5 stars based on product quality only. Distributor gets 1 and should refer to the trade descriptions act to avoid disappointing customers in the future my taking remedial action.

It's supposed to be 12pc right? That's what the title says. But there's only 10 pcs displayed in the picture and 10pcs sent. However, if you view the user manual you find out what's missing. two of the most valuable accessories, the "anywhere anchor" and the "small anywhere anchor". The anywhere anchor is sold separately for around £13 when it should be part of this kit according to the manual and product description. Either they should include these accessories or they should remove them from the product DVD/Manual to avoid disappointing customers.
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on 29 June 2012
Having seen the bands on p90x and used one that my friend had purchased with 10 minute trainer, I was impressed enough to take the plunge and commit funds. I've not worked out properly for about two and a half years due to a house move away from my local gym and have been meaning to set something up at home for some time. Given that these bands were touted to cover all the excercises I would ever need, I decided to get this set to re-start my "training programme".

Two things struck me first off -

1)it was very easy to change bands (level of resistance) and position of the door anchor (you need to "fix" the bands at different heights to effectively and safetly do different exercises). Compared with free weights, where dropping 10Kg off dumbbells seems to eat in to your exercise time and be a right game, unclipping one band and replacing it with another couldn't be easier, especially as they weigh next to nothing. Moving between bicep curls, to chest press, to tricep extensions to squats takes seconds, even when adjusting the positioning and level of resistance you need to optimally perform each exercise; and

2)as it's a piece of elastic, it's smooth - really smooth to the point it feels a little strange. I've read that you can exert more power as your muscles contract, so for example as you do a bicep curl you can handle less weight when your arm is straight than when it's at 90 degrees. With free weights this is a problem, as to workout your bicep you effectively need a heavier weight than you can lift at the start of a curl. Your form suffers and you end up getting less out of each rep. With these, the resistance is progressive, and seems to match your curl. After one or even a few curls it feels like you're not doing anything - but get the resitance and/or the reps right and it feels like you've had a proper workout.

The routines are quite shoulder orientated, but I'm guessing that the moves also engage stabaliser muscles which will help with building "real" strengh rather than "gym" strengh - and you can definelty feel it working your core. I was worred that the resitance wouldn't be enough - I have been managing 3 sets of 15 reps (bicep curls) using 15kg dumbells these past few months, but slap a couple of bands together (black and blue) and it feels about the same after you've finished the three sets. Seem good quality and well made. Oh, and aparently 99% snap resistant, which is nice.
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on 28 November 2013
I'm a gym regular costumer specially to increase strength and size. So, at the gym I lost myself in the free weights area mainly. This bodylastics are very handy if you don't have time to head the gym and you do not want to loose your mass that you built at the gym. Plus, they are very practical, as you can do numerous exercises with it. Plus they are very easy to store, not like buying different weights to do the same exercises that you can do with this bodylastics.

They are not gonna build you up but they will help you to maintain. Very pleased
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