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4.4 out of 5 stars415
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2011
This is my second Bodum travel mug, lost the first. I have carried out a lot of testing of other makes of travel mugs but the Bodum stands head and shoulders above the rest. Keeps drinks hot for a good length of time and is fitted with a lid that stays closed. With the addition of a press lid the drink options have increased. I drink lot of loose leaf green and chinese tea so with the addition of a press lid it eliminates the bits you don't want to drink. Not cheap but well worth the money.
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on 22 July 2014
I don't usually leave reviews for products, but I'm so happy with this that I just had to. For a while now I've been looking for some way to have good coffee at work without having to choose between paying high coffee shop prices or suffer drinking the terrible machine coffee/making instant, but also something that fits with my fairly limited budget (so no fancy pod machines or the like). I've tried lots of different methods and gadgets until I found this one yesterday - I was a little skeptical, but a colleague loves his so I gave it a go.

And it's fantastic! I made coffee about an hour before starting work, and 2 hours later it was still hot. It was easy to fill, use etc - 3 scoops of coffee was ideal for me, though of course you may need to adjust for personal preference. The coffee it made was delicious - strong and smooth without being over-stewed (though of course this may vary depending on your brew and its coarseness etc). I was able to add milk easily through the drinking hole, or you could add it with the water before screwing on the lid. If the coffee stays too hot to drink you can always pour it out into a cup and add milk the regular way.

I can't speak as to whether it spills or not when tipped over as I carried it rather than putting it in a bag, and to be on the safe side I probably will continue to.

It also comes with a spare "regular" lid for any drinks, and you can also use the press for loose-leaf tea.

All in all I love this press, and will be getting a great deal of use out of it!
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on 4 February 2012
I have to point out in advance that I'm not prone to being over-enthusiastic about kitchen goods, but this is now one of my favourite possessions. I love freshly brewed coffee, and have a true dislike of over-stewed filter coffee. I wasn't sure whether this was just a gimmick or whether it would actually be a useful gadget, but IT'S BLOOMING MARVELLOUS. It makes fantastic coffee that stays hot for 2 hours - I made mine before delivering a baby at work, and it was still hot after I'd finished! If you put hot water to heat the metal up before you make your coffee it stays hot for 4 hours. And in case you were wondering, I can't drink coffee once it's cooled down too much, so I'm quite picky.

This really is a superb product and I now plan to buy them in bulk to give to many of my coffee-loving friends as presents. They aren't cheap, but they are so worthwhile, and when you compare the outlay to the cost of a mug of coffee from a Barista, it's pretty reasonable. Buy one now, then buy one for each of your friends. They'll love you forever more!
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I bought the old version of Bodum's Travel Press a couple of years ago and while it was undoubtedly a handy piece of kit (and one that I still use occasionally), it wasn't without its faults. At 0.25 litres, it didn't hold enough water to make what I would consider to be a full mug of coffee and I had to fill it almost to overflowing to get enough of a drink from it. It was a double-wall plastic design, and the two sections came apart after only a few months - although it was still usable, it wouldn't keep drinks warm for any period of time. The plastic that the inner section was made from was plainly not substantial enough to hold hot water and this was proved when it cracked and started leaking not long after the inner and outer sections had separated.

This version of the Travel Press is plainly an immediate improvement over the old one. Not only is it made from double-wall steel rather than plastic - so hopefully preventing the leaking problem - but the volume has been upped to 0.35 litres, which is more than enough for a mug or large cup. A rubber gripping band is secured to the outside of the Press to make it easier to hold and while it does work I don't particularly like the feel of the rubber or the knobbly writing on it. The base of the Press has a similar rubber patch stuck to it and this is really quite effective at stopping it from slipping about on a smooth surface like a desk or worktop. All in all, it's a far better design than the original Press, so it does seem that Bodum have been listening to owners' comments and have acted on them.

There are a few other small design changes but in pretty much all other respects, this version works just the same as the old one; you unscrew the cap, put the desired amount of ground coffee into the press, fill it up with hot water and then put the cap back on. Then, after having left your drink to brew for a few minutes, you press down on the plunger on the top, then open the pouring spout and either pour your coffee out or drink it straight from the Press. You can't fully open the spout while the plunger is up as it flips out over the plunger top; this isn't much of a problem as you won't be opening the spout while the plunger is up, but you may decide to close it while the coffee is brewing and before you press the plunger down, so making sure that it's closed before putting the water in is a good idea.

In both form and function, the Travel Press operates very much like a cafetière - a rubber-and-plastic, sieve-like disk at the bottom of the plunger pushes the coffee to the bottom of the press as you press down on it, holding the grounds at the bottom as you drink or pour the coffee out. Like the old version, the finest granules do get through the mesh of the sieve so as any seasoned user will tell you, it's best not to drink the bottom centimetre or so of the coffee you pour out unless you really like the taste of `bits'. I use my Press really only as a way to make `proper' coffee at work rather than as a way to transport it out and about, mostly because the spout isn't quite as leak-proof as one might hope and some coffee will come out if the Press is held upside-down. Bodum supplies a second, plunger-less top with the Press that's equally as ineffective as the first at keeping the drink contained. This is a shame, because the Press will keep coffee hot for a good couple of hours; the exterior is cool to the touch even with near-boiling water inside, so the insulation does seem to be quite effective.

When I reviewed the original Travel Press, I gave it three stars because while it was pretty good at the job of making coffee, it was evidently less tough than it should have been and this became apparent when it started leaking after relatively little use. This version is a far better design with a couple of small issues that detract only slightly from the overall experience. It's a better proposition than the original and a fine thing if you only want to make, as opposed to carry around, a nice cup of coffee.
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on 15 January 2016
The version of the mug I received came with both a press lid and an ordinary lid. The ordinary lid seals completely when closed. The press lid will leak from the area around the press where it enters the cup, even when closed. Both lids screw tightly down when closed but I suspect it would be easy to 'cross thread' the plastic lid on the metal threads of the cup body, diligence must be exercised to avoid this occuring.
The mug is deceptively small. The thermal base of the cup takes up about 1/2 inch of space in the mug body itself thus maing the interior of the mug smaller. The plunger when used sits in the up position about 1 inch below the lid of the mug. To avoid overspill you can therefore only fill it with any fluid up to this point. The plunger does not 'plunge' right to the bottom of the cup leaving about 1/4 inch of space, and if you follow the guidline of 1 desertspoon of coffee/ person then the plunger does not compress the grounds in any way (Coffee purists may say that this is how it should be). Consequently it will only make about 4/5 of a standard cup of coffee despite outwardly appearing to be quite large.

On a more positive note it keeps drink warm for a decent amount of time, is easy to clean and looks quite good (in my opinion) the variety of colours will certainly add to its suitability for all tastes.

Desite the small capacity and lack of watertight integrity when in caffetierre mode it has thus far been suitable for my morning coffee that I carry on my walk to work. I would not use it in a car if I was driving alone. I suspect, however, I will be seeking something with a larger capacity in the future.
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on 21 August 2015
Steel vacuum flasks/tumblers review.
Rather than review individually, reckon it more informative to provide comparison of all the ones purchased on Amazon website and are being used. These are :-
Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 470ml
Primus Commuter Mug, 300ml,
Contigo Aria - Travel Mug with Lock, 600 ml,
Bodum Travel Press Set Coffee Maker, Purple, Lime Green + Off White, 350ml,
similarly, Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug, Stainless Steel with Black Lid and Band, Small, 0.35 l, 12 oz
Which keeps the hottest for longest ? Best one at number 1 below :-
1. Contigo Aria - Travel Mug with Lock, 600 ml (obvious really as it has largest volume of hot water to begin with in its container.
2. Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 470ml
3. Primus Commuter Mug, 300ml
4. All the Bodum's are the same and ranked 4th. The lids are not sealed (there is a tiny vent).
They each claim so many hours of keeping hot and so many for cold. I beg to differ and reckon it all depends on ambient temperatures. On average on a winter's night in Southern England 3 hours is maximum of what you could possibly stretch to, to say kept hot in the 470ml Contigo.
Although the Contio 470ml juts out the side elasticated pockets of a PacSafe Shoulderbag VentureSafe 300
(, it stays in while the bag is worn while walking around and shopping. However, its size got in the way when inserted into the cup holder of one of our cars. (The holder was in front of the gear stick and it was difficult enough trying to insert the tumbler into the holder while the car was stationary - it was too tall and the console below the dash board prevent it from fulling sitting into the holder.
This prompted the purchase of the Primus Commuter 300ml insulated tumbler. The short height and the narrow base allowed it to go inside any of the bup holders in any of our cars and could be access with ease while driving. However, the design of the seal in the lid was a problem. It wasn't quite as easy to use as the Contigo but worse, after a zip of a drink, the design of the seal meant a bit of liquid always present in the mechanism (due to water's surface tension etc.). Upon closing the seal, this inevitable liquid shoots out of the hole for drinking. After coffee dropplets spray out of the hole onto steering wheel and dashboard, I gave up using the Primus inside any of the cars. It is relegated for walking trips where it is held in external side pockets of backpacs.
The 600ml capacity Contigo was bought for longer car journeys. It has advantages and disadvantages over the 470ml design. The seal is improved with a lock. The button to open the seals now also slides to lock (should you want to) after the seal is shut. The base of the flask has a good silicon rubber ring such that if you accidentally slam it onto a table top too hard, there won't be damage to either. The rubber also makes it less likely to slide of a table on a rolling ship where I often work. But, this rubber and the wider diameter of the flask base (compared to the 470ml Contigo) makes it less easy to slide in and out of the main cup holder (behind the gear stick) although it goes in ok at the big cup holder at the door in another of our cars.
The difference between the Bodum Travel Press and their mug is the inclusion of additional lid which has a press - great for coffee drinkers. Works for tea leaves also. In fact, we bought more travel press than mug because they were discounted to lower price than the mug. These Bodums are mainly for indoor use as they are not leak proof. Bought these because they are insulated but also to replace ceramic mugs which kept leaking and cracking. The Bodums all have rubber base. Need a long tea spoon to fish tea bags from the bottom of these mugs. I would say these Bodums are good for about two hours for hot tea. The wider, rubber base makes these lease easy to slide into the main cup holder as compared to the 470ml Contigo
If I had to choose one model, then I would choose the Contigo 470ml (with the narrowing base (because noticed there is a newer 470ml design with base diameter about the same size as the waist)) because the size and design is suited to most situations /cup holders.
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on 10 March 2015
Excellent travel mug for me to use as a trainee doctor on the corridors of my hospital. Does not spill, keeps the drink reasonably hot and looks great.

Really good that you get the two tops as it adds versatility to what you drink - the coffee press works well.

It lost a star for two reasons - first is that it does leak when you are carrying hot liquids. This is because of the pressure build up (due to heat) forces bubbles of liquid through the rubber drinking hole cover in the lid. So don't make a drink then lay this mug down in your bag while travelling. If your holding it up then its fine.

Secondly I bought this with other reports saying it stays hot for hours - while is certainly stays hot for a long time, the fact the lid is not insulated (just plastic) means heat is lost through the top. Keeps drinks hot for maybe 2 hours, but I can sure tell even after 1 hour the liquid has lost a lot of its heat (say from scalding freshly made coffee to moderately hot but still drinkable). Some of the reviews I read before buying claimed it was keeping things hot for 4+ hours, and I cannot seem to make this work in that way for me.

One great feature though if the longer spout you sip from, the little big of length means you can sip without burning yourself - you know how you do when you drink though one of those cup covers without knowing how hot the coffee is inside? Well with this the liquid comes our a little first rather like a normal cup, so you can kind of sense its heat and slurp rather than taking a scalding mouthful!

Lots of the young doctors have these now so It seems to be the thing to have!
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on 30 January 2015
Really effective at keeping your drink hot. I made some tea in it and it was still too hot to drink after over an hour. It has an attractive and practical design and is easy to drink out of. This verson has a cafetiere style plunger and I have been using it for coffee and leaf tea. That side of it works well so far. It also has a standard lid if you just want to use it as a standard cup/mug. The lid can trap muck and I think it is important to clean it properly, maybe with a brush. For what it is and its price, I think the quality is good. The plunger and sealing flap on the lid will wear out eventually I suppose and there are also silicone rubber seals that will go but I hope that as long as it lasts a couple of years, I'll have had my money's worth. Got it at a good price from Amazon. I'm using it every day and my daughters all swear by their regular Bodum vacuum cups (like this without a plunger) so I recommend it. Do check out the different colours and purchase options for the best price.
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on 18 June 2012
Bought as a request for someone who works in an office environment. From their response. Excellent product, enabling to maintain the work schedule, whilst not allowing the drink to go cold. Good value for money.
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on 11 November 2015
Had 2 of the the plastic version, both cracked, thought the steel one would be stronger (which is may well be) but the lid just leaks - you can't drink from it without getting a shirt full of coffee.

Reason for the 2 stars rather than 1 is that it does insulate well (outside of cup is cold to the touch, inside stays warm for hours), so maybe useful if you plan on pouring coffee an hour after you brewed it, and over a sink?
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