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If you look at the speaker they have almost a D shape on the attachment this sits over the top of the ears.
8 May 2014 by Mr D Moss
Yes as long as your laptop has Bluetooth or plug in a Bluetooth dongle
14 Mar 2014 by R. A. Smith
They are excellent earphones but I've never worn mine in the rain.
4 Jun 2014 by Mr. Robert W. Rosamond
Not sure of its ultimate capacity tho I can tell you we live in a 3 storey and my son listened to what ever was playing on top floor from ground floor
2 Jun 2014 by Linda G.
I use this with a samsung. But the headphones stoped working past a month
31 May 2014 by Ricardo
I think you may find it if you use the search tool on the windows start feature and type in driver. It should come up under Device Manager. Thank you.
15 May 2014 by TheSagaContinues
As long as its Bluetooth compatible and your t.v. Accepts headsets
17 Apr 2014 by Tanner
What are you trying to charge them from?
10 Apr 2014 by ICJW
As long ss it has bluetooth you can connect them
14 Mar 2014 by kate
It works Bluetooth with my iPhone 4S, so I would imagine it would work with the iPod also. They're worth every penny and the battery life is phenomenal.
18 Feb 2014 by SDK
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