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on 15 April 2013
I needed some wireless headphones for jogging as I hate the wires jumping about. Was torn between these and another pair, but went for these for the battery life. Excellent headphones, I've not got the best hearing so can't really give a detailed view on the sound, I personally don't have an issue with the sound at all though. There are buttons on the right for play/pause and take call (I turned off the use headphones for calls option off on my phone), an on/off switch, and a little "dial" for skipping tracks back and forth, which also doubles as volume if you hold it instead of flicking it.

Connection is good, connects to my Nexus 4 very quickly and never had an issue, just turn on, hear two beeps, and connected.

Battery life seems good, I used them for a run yesterday and forgot to plug them in to charge up when I picked them up today, and used them for 2 hours today no problem (the other pair I was looking at had a battery life of 3 hours), I think chances are my phone battery will die before these do.

Hope this has helped a bit.
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on 8 June 2013
Brilliant product, brilliant price. Sound clarity remains at a high standard regardless of the genre of music. Definately the best headphones in the low price market!
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on 16 May 2013
Item and packaging exactly as pictured above. Paired and connected with my "phablet" (ASUS fonepad) with minimal drama. I had to have two goes, but this is down to me not reading the - limited - instructions that came with the headet before jumping in. You need to make your phone or tablet discoverable, then hold down the play/pause button on the earpiece of the headset at which point your phone/tablet should find it. Connection was straightforward and when I fired up the tablet's music player, the music transmitted to the headset without further ado. I walked around with the tablet in my bag and experienced no dropouts. The controls on the headset (pause/play, skip foward and back, volume) also worked fine at controlling the tablet remotely. Seems to be a range of say up to 8 metres, but this was in my house with several walls for the signal to negotiate. In an open space I'd suspect the promised 10 metre range is not unachieveable.

Sound quality is quite subjective, but I found the sound to be quite rich with a decent bass end but a little muddy in the higher frequencies. However, I've not had the chance to play around with the graphic equalizer so tweaks here may even it out. Certainly sufficiently good quality for "walkman" purposes and the phones do block out a lot of extraneous street noise etc (down to the full and cushioned earpieces, I believe, rather than any advanced technology).

The headphones themselves are reasonably comfortable, fairly lightweight, and tolerably sturdy despite being all plastic. I wore them for about an hour without them starting to feel uncomfortable. A few years back I would have felt a little odd walking round wearing "cans" rather than in-the-ear phones, but it seems to be socially acceptable nowadays. The plain and practical styling of the headset is unlikely to impress the fashion-conscious, but it also doesn't look overly cheap. The headset may be a little big for those with small heads - the band fits me on the smallest setting and I'm about average size, head-wise.

I had some trouble linking them to my PC (Win 7 64 bit with one of those cheap little bluetooth dongles which is probably linked elsewhere on this page) . The items paired successfully, but when Windows started installing drivers it threw up a problem - one driver failed to install successfully and despite much Googling I couldn't find a solution. In fact, a set of drivers I downloaded to try to fix the problem instead messed up my dongle and I had to uninstall them from the dongle. (Device & Printers > (right click device) Properties > Hardware > highlight the driver with the problem (yellow exclamation mark icon) > Properties > Change settings > Driver > Uninstall !!). This led me to check the properties for the headset drivers and I found it had for some reason tried to install the mono audio driver twice. Uninstalling the one of the two that was marked with the yellow exclamation mark resolved the problem. Unclear if this was a fault unique to my PC, but if anyone else encounters it, I hope this info helps. I then banged my head for some time getting sound to play through the headset not through the speakers. You need to set the headset to act as an "audio sink", "remote" and (surprisingly!) "headset" by right clicking the icon in Devices and Printers, choosing Properties and then the Services tab where there are check boxes. (One or more of these may already be checked). This wasn't enough though, but eventually I discovered (Googling did help this time) that I needed to make the headset the default playback device (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > highlight the headset icon and choose "Set default"). This means that you're turning off your speakers or wired headphone plugged into an audio port, so you'll have to toggle between the two depending on which you want to use. I found it liberating to be able to walk around the house listening to music on headphones. (My neighbours will probably appreciate this too as I have a habit of cranking up the speakers on the PC so I can hear the music playing from the PC elsewhere).

One other tip for an issue which had me scratching my head for a while (which may seem most obvious to others!). If you've connected the headset with one device - e.g. your PC - you'll not be able to connect it to the other device - e.g. your tablet - without shutting off the Bluetooth on the first device. It took me 10 minutes to work that one out!

Overall, pretty good for the low price (I paid £17.99), but I left off a star due to some fiddliness of set-up (perhaps down as much to Windows as the item), the fact the instructions in the box were very limited and the manufacturer's website had no useful documentation (and no drivers!), and the good rather than excellent construction/finish etc.
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on 16 November 2013
It's only day2 but I'm really happy so far. Setup instructions could have been a little clearer, but apart from that it's faultless.
I have been using them on my iPhone and my son has been using them for his iPad, no problems with connection as with some reviews. Sound quality would struggle to be beaten by any wired headphones that are available for double the price of these.
I haven't used the mic to make any calls yet but Siri has no problem recognising what I'm saying.
Can't emphasise how much of a bargain these headphones are. *****
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on 25 August 2012
These are really good considering they are a lower end product. They work really well with my iPhone, iPad and my partners Blackberry Curve. I am really impressed with the overall sound quality especially the bass range. A highly recommended item at a great price.
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on 22 April 2013
Note: EverythingI'm about to type should be read with "for a pair of £18 headphones".....before it!
I bought these to go along with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and wasn't expecting much tbh, but I was to be pleasantly surprised.
They feel sturdy, and of good quality. The Bluetooth radio signal/strength seems adequate, and I have not experienced any cut outs. Battery life is ok too. Sound is respectable, and I'm able to enjoy my music and films, and it's obviously a huge upgrade over the builtin speaker.

The seller was very good too, answering my question with a polite reminder to read the included instructions for details of connecting! A good buy overall, and I'll be getting a second pair.
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on 23 July 2013
Product arrived quickly and works Ok with my iPad and iPhone.
There is some electronic buzzing at low volume so not perfect but probably what you'd expect for the price.

Note that it doesn't seem to be possible to pair them with Windows 7 - there is no driver.
Of course they're not advertised as such so no real complaint, just that I was surprised by this.
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on 28 April 2013
I spent ages checking the reviews for all the bluetooth headphones. I spent a lot of time looking at the £60 price range ones as I wanted a half decent sounding pair. Then I found these and the reviews looked good even though they were cheap. I decided to give them a go a I thought, for the price it's not the end of the world and if I decide to go for better sound I can probably palm them off to the wife and kids!

When they arrived I took them out of the pack, switched them on, held down the 'pair' button and had them running off my iPhone literally in 1 minute! And it was great fun walking around the house listening to music.

I do notice when headphones sound poor, in the good old days I always used 'chrome' tapes to record stuff! This has a pretty good sound as far as I'm concerned, I'm sure it's not epic to those in the real know but it sounds good to me. I listen to heavy rock, drum and base, Radiohead, all pretty full on and it sounds great.

I just love no wires, I usually wear in-ear headphones and am always catching them on things and pulling them out. Now I cycle to work, catch the bus etc and just slip them on and off whenever.

I was also worried about how far you could go before you lose bluetooth connection. The £60 ones I was looking at, a few said it started to drop out occasionally when your phone was over a metre away, I thought this was just about ok as mine will always be in my pocket. I have a bluetooth speaker in the kitchen and it drops out after around 3 metres. But with these headphones I can put down my phone and walk around the whole house and they won't don't drop out. Now I even enjoy hoovering as I can listen to my music!

Battery time is great. It lasted a couple of hours out of the box but after a charge it lasted a whole week using it around 1-2 hours a day. I use it until it starts to drop out but then I just turn it down a bit and it stops dropping but I know I will need to charge it that evening.

I do occasionally push the buttons on the side by mistake and start calling people; it is odd walking around talking to people wearing just headphones, people looking at me on the street must think I am odd but the person on the other end of the line can hear me fine. The forward and back / pause buttons on the side work on ipod, iphone, youtube on the laptop etc. No problem.

And they're £18!
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on 20 December 2013
For the price you would expect this to be cheap and nasty and when you first look at it you certainly don't think "quality". I wanted to use this for making phone calls but there are some issues that make it no good for my needs. When I get an incoming call, my phone rings about 3 times before the headset turns on - far too long a delay. As for making outgoing calls, this appears to be impossible. You have to dial from your phone, but once connected, there is no button on the headset that you can press to connect you to the phone (I am using a Siemens Gigaset handset - this is not a mobile phone).
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on 9 April 2014
I wasnt going to bother reviewing these, but this is the third cheap far east imported headset ive bought recently that has turned out to be not even worth the few quid it cost, and Im a bit annoyed about it. At least these ones pair OK, but the sound quality is very poor, the volume is not great, there is a very noticeable "buzz" coming from the right ear during quiet moments, and they are very uncomfortable and painful on the ears due to what seems to be a very poor, inflexible design. You can almost see it in the picture that the ear pieces seem to be directed inwards. They are tight, too, with no give. It makes them unwearable for me for more than say 15 mins at most.

Im starting to veer away from the very cheapest imported stuff these days. I have been burned too many times in the last few years on all different types of product, not just electronics. the bargain basement stuff is just no bargain at all I am finding. I am 100% certain that if I had actually been buying slightly more expensive products, I would have spent less. I am not about to get ripped off by stupid brand premiums, but I have gone too far in the other direction with this bottom of the market cheap rubbish. Waste of money.

I cant be bothered with all the hassle of sending them back, or the other two headsets from other sellers, which just goes to show I could have afforded to spend a little more in the first place. Silly of me.
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